Liquid Light

I was frustrated during my time spent in Cuba. I met Damon Santos. He is handsome I have to admit but very annoying, conceited, and very arrogant. He turns out to be my artifact. This made me not trust him and I wanted to kill him.


32. A Cure

There might be a cure,  I thought about it in my mind.  I had not been turned it had failed.  Did he give up on us and our love or did he just leave?  I escaped vampirism Damon might be able to also.  

No,  there is no cure said Aiden.  There is no cure for curses.  I could sense he wished there were a cure.  As his voice chocked and he had tears in his eyes.  Quit thinking you can be with him Angel.  Get it out of your head.

But I was stubborn and I would never give up.  I think there is a cure and I am going to find it.  So no Aiden I won't give up.  I will not leave Damon.  I will be with him one way or another.  

My mind is reeling as I listen to the witch.  I want Angel here with me no matter what it takes.  But at this time I can't bring her here and let her lose her life.  Plus I don't even know where the headquarter's are for the hunter's.  

You know I want her back and you also know why I can't bring her back yet.  I have to work on The Shade first and get it right again.  The humans have to be back at their posts.  

"  Suppose men start attacking again?  "

Then I will make sure there are Guards all around and no one gets hurt.  You mean to tell me you will have vampires watching over humans?  They will never agree to that at all.

"  I will not give them a choice!  "  I am their King!

But they can join your father.  Plus if you have Guards and Knights posted at the Vale,  who will guard the Emerald Forest?  We can't allow your father to touch it and you know it.

The maid was getting tired of waiting so I told her to bring the others to me.  

Her face lit up to be able to help me.  She jumped from her seat and went flying out the door.  

I asked the witch how do you want me to bring back Angel?  You know what will happen if I do.  She can't fix this now.

She looked at me like I was crazy like I had no brains at all.  She said you are a fool Damon.  Angel has power and you know it.  

I knew then she was right.  Angel had people where they trusted her and had affection for her.  All of the people the Naturals,  and the people of the Catacombs.  They would listen at her.

She said if Angel was here she could work her magic and all you have to do is keep the vampire in check and the work will be done.

But even if it would work.  How do I get her here without harm to her.  

The others came walking in looking at each other like they were ready for a kill.  Ash sat on the sofa and so did Sam.  Ash said so you are trying to bring Angel back,  it is about time.  We need her here to help you.  She said we work better together.  Well that is true. 

The people always like the fact that Angel and I are together.  There are only a few that do not like the idea.  We ruled The Shade together.

I was getting tired of talking about the same thing over and over.  I did not want to keep talking about it.  Unless someone had some ideas of how to bring her back with no harm.

Ash asked me if I knew where Hawk Headquarter's was?  I told her no that I had been blindfolded when they took me there.  I asked her if she knew?  She said no that she was blindfolded also. 

I remember when she was human and I lost myself to darkness.  I had attacked her and fed from her and I craved her after the first taste.  I left Angel because I was scared I would do the same to her.  

I told them now we have to stop this lock down.  I asked them what their thoughts were?  That we would talk more about Angel later on.  

The men looked at each other and one was ready to say something,  when we got a message that Nat wanted to see us.  When she stepped in the door I felt relief.  "  I said,  you are alright."  She looked at me with a warning not to say more.  

"  Your message? "

She looked at everyone and said you want everyone to hear this.  I said why not they will find out later.  It contains information about the security of this island.  Are you sure you want everyone to hear this?

I told her to go ahead!  She said the vampire leaders wants to meet with me.

I have a feeling this is nothing but a trap.  She was not warm and inviting.  This is not like her at all.  She looked guarded like she might say something wrong.

"  If I do not go? "


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