The Story Of His Life

Reid and Nate are supposedly two different people. They think they are both nothing alike. That's when Reid actually learns about Nate.


2. Two

"What kind of movies?" Reid asked. Nate liked Reid's curiosity. Definitely showed he was somewhat more than a pretty face.

"Nothing you would like." Nate smirked. Reid tilted his head and shrugged. Nate had been at school for so long that he had his own tiny room. It was an old, unused office. When Nate had finally reached his room, he went in and don't care that Reid followed. Reid shut the door and Nate liked his politeness.

"Your curiosity proves you're more than-somewhat more- than a pretty face." Nate grunted, smiling an evil grin as he fell on his chair. Reid started to blush but immediately shook it off.

"Are you implying you like me?" Reid gulped. Nate shrugged, picking up a Rubik's cube and started to fiddle with it.

"You never know. Also, be safe on the way home." Nate threw Reid a paper football and winked as he left.


At school, during the last class Nate was staring at Reid, suddenly noticing how his blue tipped hair really fit his outfit that day.

Reid didn't really fit his name. Reid had blonde hair that faded into dark blue. He had a white scarf on today, it was really chilly and he was wearing a white shirt under a flannel jacket. When the bell rung, Nate immediatly took his stuff to his room and Reid followed.

"You go to your room a lot don't you?" Reid asked when they were in there. Nate shrugged.

"You have bad reflexes." Nate blurted. Reid looked confused.

"Where did that come from?" Reid chuckled. 












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