The Story Of His Life

Reid and Nate are supposedly two different people. They think they are both nothing alike. That's when Reid actually learns about Nate.


3. Three

"Today in gym. Somebody threw a ball at you but you flinched." Nate smiled when he said that Reid flinched. Reid laughed a bit.

"I get it from my family." Reid chuckled a bit and Nate smiled. Nate got up and walked to another room which was a tiny closet. Reid hesitantly followed. He politely shut the door. Nate raised an eyebrow. 

"Your family is nice I like it." Nate said, looking at the books he had on the shelves.

"Well we seem nice. We'll punch you in the gut if you don't follow the rules." Reid exaggerated, laughing a bit. Nate smiled a bit and turned to Reid. 

"Open the damn door." Reid chuckled, stepping to the side. Nate smirked and left. 

"My father told me you got an A+ on a test that got lots of B's and A-'s as the majority of the grades." Nate looked up at Reid, who was genuinely confused. "You got the highest score." 

"Haha, yep." Reid chuckles nervously.

"You're really more than a cute face aren't you? You actually study?" Nate smiled and Reid slightly blushed.

"Heh, y-yeah." Reid smiled.

"Well, bye." Nate smiled as Reid took his stuff and left.


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