The Story Of His Life

Reid and Nate are supposedly two different people. They think they are both nothing alike. That's when Reid actually learns about Nate.


1. ONE

 Nate  was just some kid Reid had the majority of his classes with. Their parents were also both teachers and the kids liked to hang around because the hallways were emptier and you could actually do things in you

Nate was just like any other kid. He had blonde hair and usually wore something normal. He had twenty øne piløts bracelets on all the time and never really talked. 

Reid knew Nate didnt really have any friends. His Dad was on the other side of the school most of the time. That's because he was a junior teacher. Nate didnt know any of the kids that hung around the hallways. Reid decided to talk to Nate . He walked up to him and Nate smiled weakly.

"Hi, Nate !" Reid tried to sound optimistic.

"Hello, Reid." Nate rolled his eyes.

"At least you know my name." Reid said.

"Don't get too excited. I know mostly everyone's names." Nate smirked.

"Are you going to be playing saxophone for band? The year is just starting and you still have to choose between your instruments!" Reid smiled. Nate rolled his eyes.

"I might have to. My sister won't let me use her trumpet." Nate cursed under husband breath and Reid chuckled slightly.

"Hey! At least you have an instrument!" Reid laughed. Nate gave a tiny smile.

"That's true most students don't even have instruments that they bought." Nate laughed  tiny bit.

"So all you do here is stand at your locker and play on your phone?" Reid asked.

"No. I do other things." Nate smiled, walking away. Reid followed him.

"Oh! Like what?" Reid asked.

"I watch movies on the computer sometimes." Nate said. Reid smiled.







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