The Story Of His Life

Reid and Nate are supposedly two different people. They think they are both nothing alike. That's when Reid actually learns about Nate.


4. Four

Reid had not been at school for a week. If Nate hadnt become friends with him, he wouldn't care. But the day before he left he had been called horrible things and had been hurt badly. Nate had never seen Reid cry like he did that day.

"Hey, Nerdy boy!" A blonde headed kid walked up to Reid, his hands in a fist.

"Teach me some math! Oh or maybe teach me how to be unpopular?" The kid smiled and Reid tried to ignore him.

"You'll just fail the next tests we have, don't you know that? The lowest kids always get some high grade and are praised and then they fuck up and they lose everything!" The kid punched Reid in the cheek and Reid fell down. Reid had blood on his lip and a bruise on his cheek, the teachers came outside and the kid tried to act innocent. The cameras didn't work that day, how ironic. Everyone was too scared to say it was the kid so Reid was just taken home.

Nate realized Reid's sister was still here so he rushed to the commons area and ran over to her and Sarnoff in front of her. 

"Where is nerd-star?" Nate asked, trying to sound uninterested.

"He's at our house. He's depressed now since that fucking bitch punched him and told him he would never actually do anything good. He's coming tomorrow though. Why should you care, nerd-extreme?" She pushed him away and Nate walked back to his room.

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