My Poetry Journal

Hi guys so if the material in her looks the exact same as My poetry journal written by Bookworm 35 that because I am bookworm35 and forgot my password so enjoy. I'm adding on more poems!


3. Mother

We are all born with a father and a mother

Lets just say mine weren't the smartest

Life was ok from years 1-3

Then my mother didn't like taken care of me.

Went back and forth til I was four

When my dad gave up on my mom 

and took me 

Years 4-7 were ehh

I only talked to my mom 0-1 a year

Then when I was 7 she left

But god gave me another mother

Years 7-12 were awesome 

I have a mother and 3 sisters

Year 12 life was fine 

Then  my mom called 

5 years after leaving

Saying she all the sudden wanted 

to be a part of my life

In my head I said hell no

Out loud I said something I knew 

 I would regret

"Yes" I've not talk to my mom since after my b-day.

She doesn't care she doesn't

It's that or she isn't trying

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