My Poetry Journal

Hi guys so if the material in her looks the exact same as My poetry journal written by Bookworm 35 that because I am bookworm35 and forgot my password so enjoy. I'm adding on more poems!


6. Mean=Cool?

What is being cool?

Not doing well in school?

Calling homosexuals, "fags?"

Or being rude to people who are rags?

Only liking girls because of their asses?

Or making fun of kids who are passing their classes?

Or sending nasty things like, "uhh" pics?

Of things really tiny like your 2 inch dicks.

Cause being cool dosen't mean being kind?

Because they are so blind.

Of their own stupidity.

That they obviously don't hide.

So answer me this,

Does mean=Cool?

If so, what a very stupid rule.

Be nice

Be loving

Be polite

Oh wait never mind-be cool.

Because you just love the spotlight.

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