My Poetry Journal

Hi guys so if the material in her looks the exact same as My poetry journal written by Bookworm 35 that because I am bookworm35 and forgot my password so enjoy. I'm adding on more poems!


9. Beau

I had to wright a poem

A poem just for you

I don't really like it

And maybe you won't too

But here I go, I'll go quite slow

There once was a man named beau

He used to live in my home

He laughs and screams so you can see

He loves you and he loves me

Who is Beau you ask at last?

He is my guardian Angel

Was till he passed

When I was 1 to 3 he protected me

From Harm and Death

He helped me when my father couldn't see

I don't know where he is now

I do not know

But I do remember

His name is Beau



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