The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


8. Scene 8

I ended up calling Zoe to pick us up as Casper had bruised all down his face.
“I’m fine.” He said whilst clinging a bag of frozen peas to his cheek which had developed into multiple colors. Fae walked into the kitchen and dragged me out, leaving Aiden, Zoe, and Casper talking.

“We need to talk..” Fae said shutting our bedroom door behind us.
“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“I think I know how we can get back.”
“Why go back?! We were exiled and if we were to go back we would be outcasts, maybe even put in cells, plus this place isn’t so bad.”
Fae ignored my last comments and continued to talk.
“There is an eclipse in a week! If I harness the energy from the moon from where we arrived it should reopen the portal!”
I stood there silent as she went around the room packing everything in our bag.
“What do you think you're doing?” I said restraining her from packing anything else.
She struggled to get loose.
“I am going to go and check the place where we landed for any clues that suggest that the portal was activated recently as the location may change every time it is used.” She explained while kicking me. I dropped her on the floor, and her face started to return to its pale color.
“Fae that may not work…” my voice trailing off. I could see that Fae was really upset about what I said so I left her alone and headed downstairs. I didn’t underestimate her ability, but I was starting to see a future here already. Even with the big problem I had, it looked like it was possible to actually be happy here.
I stopped outside the kitchen door, eavesdropping on their conversation as I heard my name being mentioned.
“I have an idea about what you could do for Dawn.! Zoe said.
It sounded like they were plotting to kill me so I walked in disturbing the conversation.
“Plotting to kill me?” I asked. They burst out laughing while I was being serious.
“Why so serious Dawn?” Zoe giggled.
“I heard you talking about me,” I stated.
“Oh about that…” Aiden said nudging Casper, who’s face went bright went bright red. Casper stood up and took the bag of peas off of his face, it was still bruised but the swelling went down. His black hair standing up at the front.
“Dawn?” he asked, his hands shaking once again but this time worse.
“Casper?” I replied as he looked at me with puppy dog eyes.
“Will you…” He hesitated, staring down at the floor of the kitchen. Aiden nudged him once again.
“Will you come out like… on a date with me tomorrow night?” The words came out like music to my ears. How was everything moving so fast? Maybe my sense of style is obscured. Although it is common practice at home to pick a partner after only knowing them a few days. I stood there for a second speechless as Zoe jumped up and down whilst seal clapping. 
He was too shy to look at me so he continued to stare down at his feet. I walked up to him and lifted his chin up, his eyes looking straight into mine.
“Of course I will,” I said hugging him. He did a mini fist pump in the air at Aiden who high fived him.
“You're going to regret saying that.” I heard Fae say as she stood in the corner of the room, one of her legs up leaning up against the wall behind her and her arms crossed. She stood up straight, grabbed her coat and opened the back door.
“Where are you going?” Zoe questioned her as she stepped outside the door.
“Just for a walk, I will be back soon.” She said closing the door behind her. Zoe looked at me worried so I said I would go with her. I caught up with her after about three minutes.
“I see you came after all,” Fae said looking straight ahead of her into the darkness.
“Only because I am worried about you,” I replied.
“There is no need to worry about me, Dawn.”
“But there is. Why do you want to go home so badly?”
“I miss home. I miss everyone, the magic, and surroundings.”
“But here on what they refer to as ‘Earth’ is quite like our Realm.”
“Except they are hundreds of years behind in technology, they make look the same but they are not.”
“I like it here, you may not but I do,” I stated.
“But I don’t Dawn! Do you not care about what I think! How I feel?”
I stood there silent, Fae stopped walking and turned around, the wind flowing through her purple hair.
“You don’t care, do you! You are too tied up with those pathetic humans!” She shouted at me.
“Don’t call them pathetic.”
“Why shouldn’t I? They are so behind in everything such as technology. And that boy, Dawn. It’s been like two days.”
“And why does this matter to you?” I stuttered.
“Look Dawn. I just want to go home.” Fae said as a tear fell from her eye. I looked at her deciding not to comfort her. She started to cry as she realized something.
“You're not like how you used to be Dawn. You used to be a friend.”  Fae said as she continued to walk to the alleyway which we had arrived in. I walked silent, not able to speak. That last comment that Fae had said hurt me, a lot. We arrived at the alley way a while later. It was dusty and dark. An eerie presence seemed to haunt this place.
“Look for any clues,” Fae said as she started rummaging through a pile of trash.
“For what?”
“Any signs of activity, something to do with the portal or our realm would be ideal.”
I searched all corners of the alleyway, through the trash and even every inch of the floor. Fae was searching the cracks in the pavement near the alleyway when I heard her yell.
“I found something!” She exclaimed, clasping something inside her hand.
“What is it?” I asked, walking up to her and looking at her hands. Something shone from inside her hands. I knew what it was. It was a ring like the one that Fae had given me when we first met which meant that someone had recently gone through the portal. 
“Does that mean a vampire has come through?” I asked as she tossed the ring into my hands to inspect.
“Most likely. Smell it and see.” She said. I smelt the ring and noticed it had blood stuck in the engraved writing, which smelt like witches blood. I looked at Fae who was getting impatient as it took me so long to answer.
“It's not  a vampires- it's a witches.”
“How can you tell?” She asked taking it from me and inspecting it herself.
“There is dried blood in the engraved writing,” I stated pointing at the letter which was an E on the ring which had the blood in it. Fae let out a sigh of relief and pain. She didn’t know whether the witch was one she knew but was glad that it wasn’t a vampire left to roam free and plunge the land of its riches. 
“You okay?” I asked as we searched the alleyway for any clues on the identity of the witch.
“I’m fine. I will be better when we get home.” She sighed as she kept searching. I know that she loves Deephaven, but thought about the fact that I don’t fit in there. Here felt like home, even though I’d never been here before. I looked at her, so much life in her eyes since we’d arrived. The shadows crept along the alleyway as Fae continued to look for any other clues. I have to let her know how I feel. Here, I feel semi-normal, unlike back home where I am just an outcast. 
“Fae?” I asked her as she stood up, dusting her clothes.
“What Dawn? Can’t you see I’m busy!” She said continuing to look.
“Fae, I don’t want to go back to the vampire realm with you,” I whispered loud enough for her to hear. She stood up and turned around, staring at me.
“What?! Why don’t you want to come home? Is it because of that stupid boy Casper-” 
“Fae!” I shouted before she started to ramble on, “Partially because of Casper but not just that! I prefer it here…”
Fae stared at me, shocked. She walked straight past me, nudging me in the shoulder.
“Don’t walk away from me Fae,” I called after her, running up behind her. I could tell she was angry, her fists were clenched and she was trying to hold back saying something. I grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around, which was a big mistake. A huge ball of fire formed in her hand as her eyes mirrored the color. I had never seen anyone so mad before, but I had heard this could happen but it was very rare- and very dangerous. I stepped back off the pavement and put my arms in the air showing her that I meant no harm. The fire faded as did the color in her eyes.
She was weak and collapsed onto the floor. 
“Fae? Fae wake up!” I screamed in her ear, as I leaned by her side, trying to shake her awake. Her eyes opened but she had used all of her energy by creating the fireball a few moments ago and was unable to talk. I took off my coat and wrapped it around her pale, shaking body as I carried her home.

I kicked open the front door and rushed Fae to the sofa. I laid her down and hurried into the kitchen to get her a drink of water. Zoe was in her pajama’s cuddled up with Aiden and Casper drinking cups of coffee when I entered the room. Casper noticed that something was wrong and followed me into the sitting room. He saw Fae and asked me if he should carry her to our room and I agreed. Casper took her upstairs and put her lying on the bed.
“What happened to her?” Casper asked as he sat on the bed next to her checking he temperature and tucking her in.
“She fainted,” I said sitting down on my own bed. Casper came over and sat down next to me. He pulled me close to his chest to comfort me. I pretended to be exhausted and acted as if my eyelids felt heavy, I yawned as Casper lifted me up and also tucked me into bed.
“Goodnight Dawn.” He said kissing me on the forehead before he left the room.
“Stay…” I called after him.
“What?” He asked as he walked back over to the bed. I patted the empty space next to me in the bed.
“Stay,” I whispered. This time Casper understood what I said and he laid down next to, his arm wrapped around my chest. He stayed there all night, asleep like a baby as I kept checking up on Fae.
As the sun rose up into the sky, Casper said something to me.
“What’s wrong Dawn? Are you okay? Is Fae okay?” He asked standing up and stretching his limbs.
“Nothings wrong and we are both okay,” I said as I walked over and sat next to him in bed. He stared into my deep blue eyes. I could hear Fae disapproving from her dreams.
“There is something about you Dawn. Something different.” He stated as he climbed back under the covers.
I hopped into the bed next to him as he fell back into a deep slumber. His warm arm wrapped around my cold frame, as he snuggled in closer.
“I don’t know what it is about you Dawn, but it's like it is not human…” He said as he drifted to sleep.




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