The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


7. Scene 7

Tanya picked us up in her car at 4 o’clock. This time there was only 4 of us in the car: Tanya, Fae, Zoe and Me. I sat next to Fae and we discussed school with Tanya and Zoe. Zoe looked quite upset and when I asked her what was wrong she said that she was ‘fine’. My guess is that it is over Aiden, they must have had a fight. It took a 5 minute drive to the house as the school was so close. Fae looked exhausted and when she entered the house she went into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa. She mumbled something, her head stuck in a pillow.
“I’m so tired.” She repeated, flipping herself over like a pancake. Tanya headed into the kitchen to prepare lunch and I sat down next to Zoe, across from Fae.
“I think its time we bring you outside of the house.” Zoe said, grabbing her denim jacket and putting it on. 
“That’s a fantastic idea! You have both been stuck in the house for a couple of days. Fresh air will do you good.” Tanya shouted from the kitchen, obviously eavesdropping on our conversation.
“What will we do up town?” Fae questioned Zoe.
“We can meet Aiden and Casper.” She said giving a cheeky wink at me, implying something between me and Casper. From experience, men are just self centered guys who skip the que for their blood stamps.
Us vampires did not exactly express our feelings through actions like that. More like showing fangs and threatening them, depending on how severe the threat was, we could tell how each other was feeling. Humans were canvas’ of emotion. An enigma too hard to decode sometimes. I went up to our room and grabbed a bag and headed outside. The hot sun touching my delicate skin without a single burning sensation,
“It worked perfectly Fae.” I said, thanking her for everything she has done. Fae blushed, as we kept following Zoe.

Fae looked like she was going to die.
“Are we nearly there yet?” Fae panted, sweat accumulating on her skin.
“In a few minutes we will be okay?” Zoe replied. Everything in this town was so far apart. In Deephaven, everything was in a compact space and easy to get to, except the human farms that were dotted along the rails as you travelled from one city to another. The deep cries on that train ride still haunt me to this day. To think that if I were to bring Zoe back with us, she’d just be used as meat.
“Where are we going in town?” I asked Zoe who seemed to be engrossed on whatever appeared on her phone. Most likely a message from Aiden. She looked at me and smiled.
“Wherever you want to go! Although we will be going to the playground. That is where we are meeting Aiden and Casper.” She giggled, jumping up and down, nearly dropping her phone into a puddle.
“What’s a playground?” Fae asked, perking up.
“Its that thing right there.” Zoe said pointing at an iron gate surrounding some sort of plastic contraptions with ropes and stuff hanging off of it. Zoe sprinted over to the playground and ran into Aidens arms, kissing him. Casper stood awkwardly behind him. As we reached the playground he straightened himself up and came over to greet us. The cold weather bit against my bare skin.
“Hey Dawn, Hey Fae.” He said hugging us both.
“Hey Casper.” I exclaimed sarcastically. He looked quite disappointed at my response. His hair flopping down over his eyes. He looked adorable when he looked disappointed I had to confess. The way his lips curved into a frown and his hair flopped down made him seem less intimidating.
Fae must have been reading my mind. Literally. As she frowned at me, as I thought about him.
“Dawn.” Zoe snapped, pulling me out of my trance, “Its time to go into town.” She said as Aiden wrapped his arm around her waist. I guess they had solved their issues. Casper mocked them as he made a love heart using his fingers around them from a distance.
Fae stood in the corner of the park, isolated and alone. I went over to her
“Please make an effort to get along with everyone, we are going to be her for a lomg time so we should both make some friends.” I told her. Her eyes darted across the playground at Casper and then back to me, implying something which deep down I new was true. I liked Casper. Just a tiny, little, microscopic bit- and it had been only a day. I was more disgusted by my feelings of liking him than how much I wanted to tear my teeth into his neck. Casper looked at me from across the playground and shyly waved at me, which made butterfly’s in my stomach. Or it could just be that the hunger had come back. My stomach groaned for blood, I could feel my fangs emerging from my gums as I looked at Zoe.
“Fae help!” I said to her, as I pointed at my gums.
“Oh no! Your eyes are red.” She exclaimed sitting me down on a bench far away from the others.
“Calm down, Focus on something like me!” She whispered. I focused on her and it didn’t work, so I tried focusing on something else. Casper. With his dark black floppy hair and his deep blue eyes that were like a vortex into some amazing galaxy. 
“Dawn.” Fae snapped, clapping her hands in front of me,snapping me back into reality, even though I’d never left. 
“You like him.” She said bitterly.
“Come on you two! I know where we can go to!” Zoe said walking up to gate where a red Mini was parked.
Aiden threw the keys at Zoe,
“Thanks for picking this up for me!” She said giving him a big hug, “Everyone get in!”
The mini was a tight fit. It was a bit small for 5 people so I ended up sitting on Casper’s lap- much to my resistance.
Casper clinged to me for the whole journey, playing with my red hair, curling it. Fae stared out of the window for the whole journey just watching the world go by. Zoe and Aiden held hands while she drove the car. A while later we pulled outside a small cafe which happened to be called Dawn’s.
We all got out and let Aiden and Zoe park the car. The cafe was large with wooden chairs, circular tables and a pungent smell of coffee. Casper selected a table and pulled out my chair for me, handing me a menu. 
“Want me to suggest something?” he asked, a smile appearing on his face. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.
“You order for me.  Whatever you like I am sure I would like.” I winked at him. He chuckled as the others sat down. We all ordered our drinks and food and talked for a while as we waited for our meals.

“So Dawn and Fae, have you both ever dated anyone?” Aiden asked, his arm hung over Zoe’s shoulder.
Fae looked at him as if he had just asked her to kill someone.
“No. Neither of us have.” I replied.
The waitress waddled over with a tray in her hand. She distributed the drinks and food among us. We had all gotten the same thing. There was a chocolate brownie and a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. Casper broke off a corner of his brownie and fed it to me. It was absolutely delicious, unlike anything I had ever tasted. 
“This is amazing!” I exclaimed taking a huge bite of mine, Casper chuckled as he watched me devour the brownie in five bites. Fae sat there just nibbling it, taking small sips of her drink.
“Make an effort to talk Fae.” I telepathically shouted at her. She got a fright and nearly fell off of her chair.
“Are you alright?” Casper asked, a look of worry and concern on his face.
“I’m fine, saw a spider.” She groaned looking straight at me.
I slurped my hot chocolate, the marshmallows had sunk under the whipped cream.
“You have a little something there.” He said, pointing above his lips.
“What? Why are you pointing at yourself?” I questioned.
He leaned forward and wiped some cream off of my upper lip. He stared into my eyes, and for a second it was like we were alone.
“There.” He goes, “All better.” 
“Oh.” I giggled at him, he smiled revealing his pearly teeth.
“Were going to head back now.” Zoe suddenly said, standing up next to Aiden.
“You coming Fae?” Zoe asked. Fae looked confused but I bet not as confused as me. I looked at Casper who mouthed something at Aiden.
“What about these two?” Fae said, still positioned in her chair.
“They can walk back, don’t want to be squeezed into the car again.” Zoe said with a wink- although, I’m sure that I wouldn’t mind sitting on Casper again.
“Can I not go with them.” She moaned as Zoe tugged her off the chair. Fae decided to not argue and be quiet, willingly  going with them.

“Why are they dragging me around?” She asked me.
“I think they want us two to have some time alone…” I began.
This time it was her who telepathically shout at me.
“What!?” She shouted at me, making me nearly spit out my hot chocolate all over Casper as we walked through the town with only the street lamps to guide us.
“Did I make you laugh or something?” He said sarcastically.
“Kinda, it was your face.” I chuckled as he went behind me and swung me around the place in a circle. Fae’s voice was just a mumble in my mind as I concentrated on Casper, who seemed shy without an audience.
“Want to stop somewhere to get something proper to eat?” He asked me very quietly. I thought about it for a minute. The food here all tasted amazing but did not fill me up at all, and Tanya probably had something to eat back at the house for us.
“Well it depends, are you walking me to Zoe’s  or are you going to stay at Zoe’s with us for a while?”
“Depends if you want me to..” He said his hands shaking.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“What? Why do you ask?” He replied. I pointed at his shaking hands which he pulled his jacket sleeves over. 
Just cold.” He responded, his heart beat racing. That’s how I could tell he was lying.
“Your lying to me, aren’t you ?”
“Do you get panic attacks?”
“Sometimes, just when i am nervous or overwhelmed.”
“And which are you now?”
“I told you, I’m cold.”
I stared at him, making him uncomfortable. He caved in under the pressure.
“I am both okay?” He whispered.
“Why are you nervous and overwhelmed?£ I asked stopping outside of a chocolate shop.
“Because…….” He began, “There is a chocolate shop that we could be in right now!” He exclaimed, running into the shop and tripping face flat onto the white tile floor of the shop.

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