The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


6. Scene 6

We woke up at sunrise. The sky was a magnificent display of colors ranging from orange, pinks, and reds. We got changed into a fresh pair of clothes and fixed our hair with a brush that was in my drawer.
“Is your necklace on?” Fae asked whilst looking at her reflection in the mirror.
“Of course it is,” I said sarcastically.
Tanya walked in with two schoolbags. 
“Don’t you girls look ready to learn!” She said handing us our new bags. They were black with one zip.
“Thanks for everything,” Fae said smiling. Tanya was treating us like we were her own daughters and that was something we could never be grateful enough for. She stood there, her short brown bobbed hair bouncing under her ears as she wavered her arms around, telling us what to do when we got to the school.
“Zoe will show you around the place and if you go to the principle’s office you will get your timetable.”
I hope for my sake that Fae was listening to whatever Tanya said cause I was zoned out as she spoke, completely hypnotized by the fact that I could not see myself in the mirror. I was afraid that Tanya might notice so I shifted myself over to the window.
“I am so sorry I am rambling on! You girls should head downstairs now and get into the car, I will find my keys and will be there in a second.” Tanya said rushing down the stairs to search for her keys.
We jumped into the back of the car with Aiden and Casper whilst Zoe sat at the front.
“One is tired.” Zoe yawned. “Last time I stay awake on a school night until 2 in the morning!”
“Found them!” Tanya said, climbing into the car, igniting the engine. “Off we go.”

We pulled up outside of the school. A huge metal fence surrounded the outside of the old stone brick building appeared to stretch out for miles. The only thing that looked remotely new was the path leading into the school.
“Have a good day everyone! I will pick you up at 4 o’clock.” Tanya said as we climbed out of the car.
As I got out of the car I tripped on the curb, falling into Casper’s arms. I stood up and dusted myself off.
“I don’t usually have people falling for me-” He began.
“And you still don’t,” I said walking up to the entrance of the school with Fae by my side. I’ve never met someone so cocky.
“You can be a sarcastic bitch, you know that?” Fae giggled at me.
I flicked my silk red hair that shone in the light to the side, “Trust me I know.” I said winking at her.
People in the corridors stood at their lockers staring at us as Zoe ran up to our side. This place was crowded and lacked color.
“So I need to head to class but I shall show you to the principle’s office.” She said, her blond hair bouncing off her shoulders. She led us through a network of corridors which were like a maze. I don’t know how she knew her way around this place.
“Here you go. Now go in and break a leg!” Zoe said as she walks away to class.
“Wait Zoe come back!” I roared at her. She ran back over.
“Everything okay?” She asked.
What are we going to do about our Surnames? Ours is a bit ‘out of this world’ if you get what I mean.”
“Good point,” Zoe said deeply in thought. I looked at Fae who’s hand was shaking. I grabbed hold of it.
“Everything is going to be okay.”
“Alessandro and Callidora could be similar to a surname like Alex and Cally maybe? Go with that!” Zoe said as she began to run down the corridor once again, nearly tripping on the polished floor.
Fae’s heart was beating fast and her hand shook as she knocked on the door. I looked at her.
“Don’t worry Fae, it's going to all be fine.”

“Come in.” A man’s voice beckoned us in from behind the closed door. I walked in first, dragging Fae by the hand in behind me.
“Welcome to Westwick High. I am Principle Harold. Its a pleasure to meet you both-”
“Dawn Alex and Fae Cally,” I said shaking his hand. His blood pumped through at a steady beat.
“You are welcome to my school. Here are your timetables for the year.” He said, handing us cards with colorful bricks on it.
“I will lead you to your first class now, so please follow me,” Mr.Harold said signaling us to follow him out of the room.

Our first class was English, which was in room no.36. The principle knocked on the door and opened it, telling us to go in. We entered the room, which was full of strangers. 
“Welcome to my English class, I am Ms.Joyce.” She said introducing herself.
“Would you both like to introduce yourselves to the class?” I hesitated to answer. I couldn’t exactly tell them much about myself.
“Not particularly, no,” I replied making the classroom burst out into a fit of laughter, including the teacher. Fae nudged me and I raised my eyebrows at her.
“Of course,” Fae whispered at her. 
“I’m Fae, and Dawn and I are from America. We are both 14 years old and have just arrived here in Britain.” Fae finished, her voice shaking like her hands.
“Thanks, Fae, if you would like to take your seats and these textbooks. We will get started right away!”
We took our seats at the back of the classroom right next to each other.
“Open your books on page 156,” Ms.Joyce commanded. Fae opened her book next to me.
“What page?” I asked Fae who leaned over and swapped mine and her textbooks around.
Everything on the page in front of me was gibberish. I put my hand up to ask the teacher a question.
“Yes, what is your name again?”
“Dawn, what is your question?”
“Is this in English?” I asked her, genuinely confused. The class burst into laughter once again.
“Excuse me?” she responded in a sarcastic voice.
“Never mind miss,” I replied, burrowing my head into the book.
“What’s wrong?” Fae asked.
“I can’t read any of it, I just can’t do it, just no-” I started to silently freak out.
The more I looked at the page, the more I got confused. When I looked at the words, all the letters just separated.
“Dawn, would you like to come up here and read?” The teacher asked. But this was not an option. I had to go up. I stood up in front of the 30 students and was told to read a passage from ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
I stood there frozen in place, just staring at the words, trying to read it. I had never been thought to read but I was offered once, I should have taken the opportunity. I tried my best to read it but the words literally slid off the page. They fall onto the floor like it was raining the alphabet.
I was overwhelmed and everything started to move slowly as I headed towards the door. Fae slowly stood up out of her seat and mumbled something at me which was unrecognizable. I went through the door and collapsed into another door across from the English room. I fell against a cold white tile floor and took deep breaths, trying to calm myself and stop everything from moving so slow. My palms were sweating. A cold hand grabbed hold of my shoulder with a tight grip.
“Dawn? Are you okay?” Said a familiar voice.
“Not really,” I replied, everything spinning.
It was Casper. He grabbed hold of me and carried me outside to the fresh air. 

I took deep breaths outside. Casper came over to me with a bottle of water and told me to drink it. As I was drinking the water Fae came running outside to check on me.
“Ms whatever the hell her name is, would not let me out to check on you!” She exclaimed running over to me, checking my temperature.
“What happened?” She asked.
“I got too overwhelmed I think.”
Fae scrunched up her face. I could tell what she was thinking. Overwhelmed by what? The sight of so many fresh meals in front of me, the blood pulsing through everyone’s veins like a beckoning to ‘feed off me’, or the fact that I could not read and was forced to try and humiliate myself in front of everyone in our class. I am going to go with the 3rd one as none of the others had crossed my mind all day, that is, until now, but the more I think, the more I feel it. The aching and the need to feed.

Fae and Casper lead me back into the school at break time to get something to eat as Casper thought that maybe that was the ‘problem’. Zoe saw me being dragged in by Casper and rushed up to me
“Oh my god! Are you okay Dawn?” Zoe exclaimed, a tone of worry filling her voice.
“I will be fine in a minute, I hope,” I replied.
Casper went and plopped me down at a table with Aiden and Zoe and told Fae to fetch me something to eat.
“I don’t know how to get food or where to get it from!” Fae said confused.
“Fine, I will go, look after her.” He said standing up to go get me food.
“Of course I will you idiot.” She whispered under her breath. 
“Do you need blood? Is that it?” She telepathically said.
“I am fine,” I said out loud. “The pressure just got to me, and I can’t read okay?” 
“You can’t read?” Fae said astonished as was Aiden and Zoe.
“No, I was offered but never took the opportunity.
“I will teach you, Dawn, every night okay?” Fae said, lifting my chin up so that our eyes were at eye level. At that moment Casper came over with a tray and sat down at the other side of me.
“Is this okay for you? I didn’t know what you liked so I picked what I thought you liked.” He rambled.
Aiden and Zoe giggled in the corner of the table. Aiden pretended to cough and said something which I did not quite understand as it was a bit of a mumble, but whatever he said made Zoe burst into a fit of laughter. Casper went bright red as his cheeks blushed. He combed his hand through his dark black spiky hair and continued like nothing happened.


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