The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


4. Scene 4

“Fae!” I yelled, climbing on top of her and screaming in her ears. She jumped up and fell off the bed.
“What?” Fae roared back at me, veins jutting out from her neck. She tossed the blanket onto the floor and stood up, rubbing her bare shoulders.
“Look outside,” I said in a calming tone. She wandered over to the window and drew the curtains back. Light seeped in through the windows, Fae staring outside in awe. Her finger danced along the glass as she tried to trace the rays. She quickly snapped her head around and looked at me.
“Are you okay?! Is your skin burning?” Fae said running over to me, tugging on my arm and inspecting it. My skin was pale white, and not a mark on it.
“I guess that spell did work.” Fae sighed, her shoulders lowering as the tension subsided. She strolled over to the window again and stared out into the distance, hypnotized by the blinding light. I stood away from the window admiring the light from a distance. It was so intense, that even though it didn't burn my skin, it made it itch and my eyes burn.
“It's amazing,” Fae exclaimed as Zoe walked into the room.
“Are you both okay? I heard shouting.” She asked, rubbing her eyes and yawning. 
“We're fine,” I said.
“Fae and I have never seen the sun before. Where we come from it is constantly night.”
“How do you see anything then?” Zoe asked, resting her head on her hand.
“Street Lights, not at all near the brightness of anything I have seen in this world so far! All of the lights in our realm are dim, hardly light up a coin!” I said, collapsing onto a bed.
“Well, I better go downstairs. I've some cleaning to do. Mom likes the house clean before school starts tomorrow." Zoe said, pushing herself off of the bed. 
“School? Have you school? Do you learn spells there?” Fae said jumping up and down, a wide grin appearing on her face. Sometimes I swear she's still ten years old. Zoe had both her palms on her forehead, fingers splayed, all the shouting that Fae did in her ears conjuring a headache.
“I wish!” Zoe exclaimed, sighing, “No we do subjects such as Maths, English, and stuff, but the best part of school by far is seeing my boyfriend, Aiden!” Zoe exclaimed, a half smile forming. 
“Well, I better go get ready, talk to you both later!” She called behind her as she exited the room.

“Girls, are you both alright?” Tanya called up the staircase, her voice wavering. We heard her come up the stairs and decided to give the room a quick tidy, stuffing everything on the floor into the chest of drawers and made both of the beds. Tanya walked in with a tray containing toast, glasses of orange juice, a plate with a yellow sort of slimy jelly substance and blackberry jam. One of Fae’s favorites is toast but I had never had any. I remember the wheat farms they had in town and how the outside of Fae's school always smelt like a bakery.
“I made you something small to eat for breakfast.” She said, placing the tray down on the bed and listing out everything that was on it, including the slimy yellow substance which was known as butter. I took a slice of the brown, crumbly toast and smothered it with butter and jam. It tastes delicious, although the jam had a sort of metallic taste, sort of like blood that lingers on your tongue for too long. Fae ate her own body weight in toast and even asked for more, which Tanya eagerly brought.
“Do you girls go to a school?” Tanya asked, sitting down on the bed across from us and crossing her legs. 
“I used to go to a school once, but not anymore,” Fae said still digging into the toast which by now was definitely cold. We sat on the bed as Tanya talked to us about enrolling us in the school which Zoe went to. I argued how it was going to be a temporary stay. I don't understand how this woman could be so kind to adopt us two in, having only just met us. Fae seemed overwhelmed at the thought of being with hundreds of other kids as she told us about school. I, on the other hand, had never been to a school before as the vampires did not have an education system since we had no need for doctors or any other services. The idea of an education appeals to me.
“I’m in!” I told Tanya. “When do we start?”
“That’s fantastic! I will get hold of the principal immediately and ask him if I can enroll you both!”
She said leaving the room. As she reached the door frame she turned around and walked back in.
“Better let some light in! Don’t want you both turning into vampires!” Tanya chuckled as she drew the curtains back the light hit me in the face. I was not prepared for and the light sent me cowering onto the floor behind the bed.

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