The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


3. Scene 3

“Please take a seat darlings.” Zoe’s mum said leading us into a dining room. In the dining room was a huge polished oak table lined with a red silk tablecloth. On the cloth lay two huge vanilla bean scented candles and metal implements. I took a seat across from Fae and Zoe sat down beside me.
“I hope this salad is alright for you! If you need anything don’t be shy to ask.” Her mother said placing a plate filled with limp leaves and vegetables in front of me. I picked up a handful of vegetables and smelt them. Fae looked at Zoe curiously as she picked up the implements and used them to scoop up her salad. I looked quizzically at her as she continued to use the implements.
“Tuck in girls! There are seconds if you like and also chicken if you want some.” She said sitting down in the chair next to Fae.
“Where’s Dad?” Zoe asked.
“He ate earlier, plus he thinks salad is a girls meal!” Her mum said with a chuckle.
“Thank you for the meal Zoe’s mum!” Fae said.
“Please call me Tanya,” Tanya said with a smirk.
“Okay, Tanya,” I said trying to get to grips with the cutlery which Fae seemed to adapt to easily.
“This is delicious!” Fae exclaimed taking a huge bite of the flesh on her plate. I gulped as I stared down at my food. 
“I have never had anything like this before!”
“What? How have you never had chicken before?” Tanya quizzed, raising an eyebrow.
“We are not from here…” Fae started.
“We are from someplace call America.” I butted in.
Tanya laughed and continued to eat her meal. 
“Wait a second” Tanya said. “How did you get to Britain from America? Why are you here?”
“We walked obviously.” I murmured sarcastically.
Tanya looked puzzled and very confused. “Are you girls in Britain all by yourself?” she asked.
“Yes…” Fae said her voice trailing off. She used the fork to push the salad around her plate as she stared at it.
“Well, then I guess we can find you a place to stay although you two look quite young to be living by yourself. How about, this is if you want, you stay with us?” 
Fae burst into tears, but not tears of sadness but joy from the gracious offer that Tanya gave us.
“We would love to, but we don't want to be much of a hinderance,” Fae stated.
I didn’t know what to say, as I did not know if I particularly wanted to stay here with some humans which I had only just met, but it looked like I had no other choice.
I continued to eat the salad but no matter how much I ate it did not fill me up. I was still hungry, craving more, but not salad or chicken, but something more sustainable for my kind- Blood.

I stood up at the table, feeling dizzy I stumbled towards the door, heading down the corridor towards Zoe’s room. Fae walked in behind me and closed the door. 
“What’s wrong Dawn? Do you feel ill?” Fae asked feeling my forehead to see if my temperature had increased.
“I’m hungry!” I groaned, collapsing onto Zoe’s soft bed.
“Seriously?!? Already? But we only just arrived!” Fae exclaimed.
“It will be okay, I think I can go longer without blood.”
“Are you sure? 
“Not really to be honest but I can’t harm anyone, especially you.”
Fae smiled at me.
“What’s wrong Dawn?” Zoe asked, walking into the room and closing the door behind her.
“Nothing Zoe. I will be fine just not feeling too good.” I explained, deciding not to tell her what was really wrong because she might act irrationally. I stared out her window at the moon which illuminated the sky, wishing I was at home. 
“Where are we staying?” Fae asked.
“Follow me,” Zoe said leading us up a staircase and into this room which contained two small beds, a chest of drawers, and a desk.
“Will this be okay for you both? Do you mind sharing a room cause if you do I can see if one of you can stay in the other spare room-”
“It's perfect,” Fae exclaimed whilst jumping onto her new bed. The room was bigger than any room I'd ever had before. It was so much space, but it felt so empty. I walked over to my bed and took my bag off my shoulders and started to unpack everything into the drawers. The bright furniture was so foreign compared to the grey furniture I used to have. 
“What’s in the bag?” Zoe said, coming over to search my bag.
“Memories…” I began, my voice trailing off.
“Okay. Well, I guess I will leave you two here because I better head to bed.” Zoe said skipping out of the room.
“Goodnight” she called from her room as the door shut behind her. Although, I doubt she'll be doing much sleeping tonight.

Finally, I felt relaxed. Not having to worry about what I was going to say to Zoe or if I would attack her out of hunger. Fae lay next to me on the silk covers.
“I don’t know what to think of this world.” She sighed.
“Neither do I, but being attacked on arrival was not the welcoming I was expecting!” I replied.
Fae giggled and rolled over falling onto the floor. She burst into a fit of giggles as did I while she climbed into her bed.
“You remember in school they said that the moon is not always up…”
“Yes,” Fae said tilting her head and sitting up straight in bed.
“And that the sun comes out at a time they call day, and this ball of light is fatal to a vampire's skin.”
Fae’s jaw dropped as she realized what I was insinuating. It was going to be day at some point and If I came into contact with this so-called ‘sun’ I would burn to a crisp.
“We need a solution and fast! Maybe I can use my magic and create you a special cloak or something” Fae began to fret. She stood up and started to wander around the room, a million thoughts going through her head, a million ideas that were both good and horrendous.
“Did you bring my spellbook?” She asked me.
I rummaged through the bag, spilling the remaining contents to the floor. 
I searched the pile and found only a notebook.
“What’s this?” I asked, flicking through the pages not able to understand any of it.
“At least that's in it!” Fae exclaimed snatching it out of my hands and beginning to search through it.
“It's my Notebook that contains only the important spells I copied out for my magic Level Five exam. There has to be something in here that will aid us against the power of the sun.” 
I sat back on the bed, observing her as she searched the notebook for a suitable spell.
“Do you still have that ring I gave you when we first met? The special one that every witch gives their vampire when there ten?” Fae asked.
“Of course I do! I would never lose it!” I exclaimed showing her the ring which was on an iron chain around my neck. Fae let out a sigh of relief and began to read a spell from her notebook.
“I need you to give me the ring.” She said with her hand stretched out in front of me. I pulled it off my neck getting it knotted in my long red hair.
When it eventually came out, Fae took it and began chanting which made the ring glow purple, illuminating the room. Writing appeared on it from the magic enchantment. 
“What does that spell do?” I questioned as she slid it onto my left index finger.
“It protects you from the light that may cause your skin to burn, but only when worn,” Fae claimed, concentrating on the spell.
“Be careful and don’t try to do anything that could potentially harm you in any way.”
“Don’t worry I won’t,” Fae answered, a smile appearing on her face.
I went over to the window and pulled the curtains back and stared into the unknown. The moon did not appear as magnificent to me as the one back home did, but the sky was amazing, like a black piece of velvet had been laid over the sky and sprinkled with shining diamonds. This was the only thing that made an impression on me since our arrival, not so long ago.
“Done. I’m exhausted now I think I am going to go to sleep.” Fae yawned, passing me the ring that sparkled blue like sapphires. I placed it around my neck and went over to my bed.
“What are you going to do? Watch me sleep!” Fae joked.
“Most likely, since you know, I don’t sleep,” I replied in a creepy voice.
 For the rest of the night, I was just met with silence as Fae fell asleep and I just sat up all night just thinking about everything that had happened and could happen.

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