The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


28. Scene 28- The Final Chapter.

I woke up wrapped up in a blanket in a bed which used to be mine. I was dizzy when I stood up and stumbled to the door. I walked down the stairs to see Zoe wide awake on her laptop and the moon glaring in through the windows. I sat down next to her which made her jump. She shut the laptop screen and placed it down beside her/
“Are you feeling okay?” She asked putting her hand up to my forehead and taking my temperature.
“Not really, to be honest, I realized what Dawn was trying to tell me two years ago,” I told her as I cuddled up on the couch next to her. I tried to explain to her what it was that made me faint and it took her until sunrise to realize what I was saying.
“You know what this means?” I asked her while holding her hand cause she freaked out for a minute when she finally got it.
“It means that this place is going to be the place where you came from in the future.”
“And that Dawn was the original vampire,” I added in. Zoe recreated the effect of a bomb exploding outside of her head.
“My mind is blown.” She exclaimed in worry and excitement.
“I would not exactly be excited.” I stated, “In the future, any humans left, which by the way could be you, will be put on farms and be fed on.”
“Good point. That is nothing to be excited about.” She yawned as she was so exhausted. She began to close her eyes and nod off to sleep to suddenly open them again.
“Go to sleep Zoe I will go to sleep back upstairs okay? And you should go to bed with Aiden.” She headed upstairs behind me and I went to sleep in my old bed.

I woke up to the sound of Chloe screaming so I ran over to her and rocked her.
“Whats wrong Chloe?” I asked as I sat her down on my bed.
“I had a nightmare that people like daddy took over the world.” She cried as I tried to soothe her. She eventually calmed down and I kept her in my bed. I went downstairs and had a shower. I put on a pair of clothes which I had left here years ago that Tanya had left in hope of my return. I got dressed in a pair of jeans, a superman t-shirt and a pair of boots. I headed downstairs and opened the front door as quietly as I could to find Zoe and Aiden waiting at the door to come in.
“Where are you off to?” They asked me, hoping that I wasn’t leaving them.
“I am searching for clues on who could be a vampire because I have to stop the world from turning into the one I was brought up in.”
“But then won't you not exist actually-” Aiden started.
“It's a paradox.” I finished rounding up everything he was about to say in one word. I wasn't sure how it was possible. It was past even my vast knowledge of mechanics and magic.
“Look I have got to hurry because they must have had known that I was coming back to leave the writing on the wall.” I barged past them and started to walk into town.
“Be careful!” They yelled at me as I walked away from them.
“Don’t worry I always am,” I shouted back which made them both laugh.

I headed back to the hotel and the court and inspected the basement for clues about where the vampires that Casper had turned were camping out. I searched the area and saw that there was something shining in the corner of the room. I walked towards it and saw that it was the necklace that Casper had given Dawn on their first date. I picked it up and saw that under it was a small scrap of paper which read ‘We know you're looking for us Fae but you won’t find us in Slough. When you do find us we will be ready to take you down.’ I tucked it into my pocket and headed back through the forest to Zoe’s house when I was stopped by a girl who was wearing a jumper covered in blood.
“I have a message for you.” She stuttered as he collapsed at my feet. I knelt down and saw that the trail of blood behind her was from a wound in her neck- caused by a vampire.
“Let me save you! Here I will carry you home!” I said as I lifted her up off of the ground but she groaned in pain. She rolled herself out of my arms and onto the blanket of leaves on the floor.
“I am not important, I don’t need to be saved. All I need to do is give you this message.” She mumbled as she was in so much agony. I kneeled down and she whispered something in my ear which made me immediately head back to Zoe’s.

I stormed into the house and ran straight past everyone and grabbed my bag from the room upstairs. I headed downstairs to see Zoe blocking the door.
“You're leaving again, aren’t you?” She said in disappointment.
“I have to Zoe. I don’t have a choice.” I tried to explain but Zoe was too upset.
“There is always a choice Fae. Stay here, please. Not just for me but for Aiden and Chloe. Chloe is going to need someone to help her control her powers and I am incapable of doing that,”
“Zoe,” I said as I grabbed her warm tanned hands, “I am so sorry but I have to leave, I got a lead that I need to follow straight away before it is rendered useless.”
A stream of tears fell from her eyes and she hugged me, “Make sure to visit us.” She whispered into my ear, squeezing me tighter. I felt someone tugging on my jeans and I turned around to see Chloe dressed in a pink frilly dress.
“Where are you going Auntie Fae?” Chloe asked impatiently as she continued to tug on my clothes.
“I am going to go on an adventure for a while Chloe but I will come and visit soon okay?” I stated to her, I was upset that I would have to leave Chloe as she was so young and I wanted to watch her grow older. Aiden walked in and instantly knew what was happening.
“We will see you soon,” Aiden said as he hugged me goodbye.
“Group hug!” Chloe screamed as she waddled up to me and hugged my leg, Aiden hugged me and so did Zoe.
“Tell Tanya and Fred that I say Goodbye and that I will visit too okay?” Zoe nodded as did Aiden and Chloe. I turned the door handle and opened the door, a breeze went through my bleached hair. I walked up to my motorcycle and put on my helmet. I turned around and waved goodbye at them all, Chloe was sat on Aiden’s shoulders and Zoe was holding his hand. I started the motorcycle and headed off.

I had journeyed for six hours straight and was starving so I headed into a gas station- the one I had been in two years ago. I picked up a packet of M&M’s, A packet of gum and a bottle of Sprite. I rummaged through my bag for the money as I placed the items on the counter. I found my money and placed it on the counter and when I looked up I saw that it was the same girl who had served me two years ago. It took him a minute to register who I was and when he did he looked ecstatic.
“Tablet girl.” She exclaimed as she finished scanning everything.
“My name is Fae,” I told her as I handed her the money.
“My name is Layla.” She said whilst shaking my hand with both of hers, “I am happy to see you again.”
“You are?” I asked, “How come?”
“I thought you were going to, you know…”
“Commit suicide?” I said finishing her sentence, “I took one packet of tablets and hoped that they would take me but afterward it felt wrong to leave all of this behind so I stayed.”
“Well, I am glad you did.” She stated as he packed up everything up in a plastic bag for me.
“So where are you heading to now Fae?” She asked as she took off her apron and hung it up.
“Why are you doing that?” I asked still not entirely used to all Human customs.
“I am finished work and now I am going to talk to you for a while.” She said as she jumped over the till and stood next to me.
“Oh, are you now?” I giggled. She walked me outside to my bike.
“Where are you off to?” She asked me as he leaned on my motorbike handles.
“On an Adventure, to combat some evil bastards,” I said as I placed my helmet on.
“Well before you go and if you ever want to talk to me again here is my number.” She said handing me a crumpled up piece of paper that looked ancient.
“Do you always keep your phone number in your pocket for strangers?” I asked. Her laughing and pointing at the piece of paper,
“I have had this paper for two years. Since the night I first saw you I was meant to give it to you.”
I stared at it and it did look about two years old, the ink was faded and the paper crinkled. I looked at her and smiled.
“Well, I better be going,” I said as I started up the bike, a look of disappointment was on her face. The sun shone in front of me, and the rayes warmed my bare fingertips.
“But I will phone you,” I said with a cheeky wink.
“Goodbye Fae.” She yelled at me from the distance, while waving frantically. I looked ahead and didn’t look back. I can feel the wind gently caressing my long hair as it cascades behind my shoulders. I push my foot on the pedal. I can hear the intense rumbling of the engine as I head off on a journey of a lifetime. But I guess it's no rush for me, I have forever.

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