The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


27. Scene 27

It was two years later and I had spent all of the time searching for vampires to kill. I had traveled the world by boats and planes. Taken on new identities and murdered countless vampires. I had returned back home to hunt a few vampires which I had heard about in New Zealand. I had not heard from Zoe in years and didn’t know if she ever got to cure Aiden or if he had died. I walked up to Zoe’s house and looked in the window to see who I think was Aiden and Zoe cuddling together watching television. On Zoe’s finger was a wedding ring. I teared up when I saw the ring and knocked on the door. I didn’t know if they would recognize me as my hair had been dyed blond. This small little girl who resembled Zoe answered the door and looked up at me, she was about two.
“Who are you?” She asked curiously as she pointed at me. I kneeled down to her, a tear fell from my eye and hugged her. How I wish Dawn was here to see all of this. I was still hugging the girl when Zoe walked into the corridor to see where she was. She saw me hugging her and didn’t recognize me because of the blond hair. She pulled the girl away and I stood up and revealed my face to her. She gasped,
“Aiden, can you come here for a minute.” She called at him. He walked in through the doorway and asked Zoe what was wrong and she pointed at me. Aiden looked at me and his eyes filled with surprise.
“Surprise!” I shouted as Zoe dived at me and hugged the life out of me, tears of happiness streamed down her face. Aiden came over and hugged me as well leaving the girl standing in the hall confused.
“Who is this person?” She asked as she tugged on Zoe’s dressing gown. Zoe wiped the tears from her eyes and turned around and picked her up.
“This woman is Fae, remember the stories I told you about her and Dawn?” She asked the girl, “Speaking of Dawn where is she? I thought she would be with you!” She said as she held the girl on her shoulders.
“A lot has happened since I have last spoken to you, Zoe,” I stated as I walked into her kitchen and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and tossed it in the air and hovered it there for a while using magic. The girl was fascinated by this as she tried to jump up and catch the apple. I made it appear in her hand and she was in awe.
“I can do something like that!” She said making the fruit bowl move about three centimeters on the countertop. I looked at Zoe who looked ecstatic to see me.
“I guess you were not lying about the whole witch thing,” I said to her as Tanya walked in with Fred carrying shopping. Tanya saw me and dropped the bags of shopping onto the ground and ran over to me.
“Oh my god darling!” She said as she hugged me and looked at me, “It's really you.”
“Hello Tanya, Fred,” I said as I picked up Zoe and Aiden’s child.
“I see you have met Chloe,” Tanya said as she placed the shopping on the countertop.
“You three go out and have a catch-up and we will watch Chloe okay?” Fred said as he took Chloe off of me. Chloe held her arms out as she wanted me to continue to hold her.
“Good idea I will grab my coat,” Zoe said as she dragged me out of the room, Aiden trailing behind us.

We decided to walk into town since it was a nice warm Summers day. Zoe and Aiden held hands while I tagged along. They decided that we would go to the coffee shop which we had gotten hot chocolate in years ago. We walked into the shop and it looked practically the same. We ordered hot chocolate and brownies as we usually used to.
“So, tell me about Dawn? How is she doing?” She asked as she sipped her hot chocolate. I tried to breathe in and remain calm but I broke down into tears. Zoe looked at Aiden and then at me.
“What happened to her?” Aiden asked as he reached out for my hand to comfort me. I looked at them both and told them.
“She’s dead,” I stated, looking at Zoe who was about to break down into tears. Aiden rubbed her back and hugged her in an attempt to comfort her.
“How? When? Why? What?” Zoe said confused and overwhelmed with the news. I leaned forward and grabbed Zoe's hand.
“I am so sorry I should have had told you earlier. By earlier I mean before I left.” I said which made Zoe go bright red and Aiden clench her fist.
“Are you trying to tell me that she died before you left!”
“That’s exactly what i am trying to tell you. Casper killed her and I killed him.” I told them and Zoe burst into tears and a single tear dripped down Aiden’s face as he realized that his brother was definitely dead.
“Why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Aiden asked as he hugged Zoe into his chest, her tears soaking his t-shirt.
“I don’t know, I didn’t plan on coming back here.” I started before quickly being interrupted by Zoe.
“Where did you go? Where were you going to go?” She asked as she wiped her tears away. I gulped when she asked me where I was going to go as I remembered the decision I had nearly made two years ago.
“I tried to commit suicide Zoe.” I told her clasping my hands together and not daring to make eyes contact, “I took a packet of pills and fell asleep and pictures Casper and Dawn happily together and Dawn told me that there was something I was missing and I had to finish cleaning up the mess she created which leads to my job.”
“You… you tried to kill yourself?” Zoe exclaimed as her lip quivered, “Did you think about us?” She shouted as she stood up and spilled the hot cup of hot chocolate all over me as the table shook and I tried wiping it up with a napkin.
“Look Zoe. Life was shitty and I didn’t want to live here anymore but I am here now and that is all that matters.” I told her as I put on my leather jacker. I grabbed my bag and flung it over my shoulder and walked out of the cafe. Zoe and Aiden chased after me but I kept a steady pace and they struggled to catch up. I stopped in a shop on the way and bought a bouquet of white roses which I brought with me to the graveyard.

When I arrived at the graveyard I saw that the grave looked the exact same as I had left it- unrecognizable to anyone who didn’t know there was someone buried under there. I placed the roses down and knelled down next to it.
“I miss you Dawn.” I whispered as I began to sob. Aiden and Zoe eventually caught up with me and saw me sobbing. Zoe ran over to me and knelled next to me and hugged me. Aiden walked over and realized why I was here.
“Is Casper here?” He asked as he knelled next to me. I nodded and he seemed upset that I had left Casper back at the hotel. I decided to keep the details on how I killed Casper as I would not know if he would ever speak to me again if I did. We sat in silence as we remembered Dawn and Casper. I stood up and stretched my legs and looked in the distance at the church where she had once stayed.
“I am going to go to the hotel and check for any clues on where abouts of vampires.” I stated as I left the graveyard.
“Wait,” Zoe called, “We are coming with you!”

We arrived at the hotel and we entered through the front door. The hotel was still as dusty and had not a foot had been stood in it since after I had left. I headed straight down to the basement to see that the vault door was closed. I clearly remembered leaving it open which meant that someone had to have been in here or was either alive. I opened the door to see that it was left in the same condition that I had left it in. The pile of bodies had decayed as did the others. The room stank and mold had developed on the walls of the vault. Red stains were left on the floor from where the pools of blood had once been. I walked up to where Casper’s thrown once was and saw that there was writing on the wall behind it.
“He was not alone.” Was written in blood on the wall which meant that there were still vampires in Slough and I was not finished here. Aiden and Zoe entered the vault and saw me looking at the wall.
“What does this mean?” Zoe asked as she read the writing.
“It means that I am staying here for a while.” I stated, “And I guess I will have to stay with you?”
Zoe hugged me and said that of course, I could stay with them- I was her family. We walked out of the building and across the street to the entrance of the forest which was a shortcut to Zoe’s. I stopped as we came to the entrance of the forest and turned around to look at the tall building which was the hotel. There was something not quite right about it, maybe that was what Dawn was trying to tell me. I stood there and looked at it, at the scenery surrounding it and the structure.
“Are you coming?” Zoe asked as she came up and shook me by the shoulders. I didn’t reply as I was too consumed with trying to figure out what this building reminded me of and what Dawn was trying to tell me.

“What's wrong with it?” Aiden asked as he too started to stare at it.
“It looks too familiar..” I started whilst walking backwards to get a better view. Suddenly I had a flash back to the vampire realm and the huge court quartz building. I was snapped back into reality as I stumbled backwards over a tree root. I leaned against the tree and Aiden picked me up off of the ground. I knew what Dawn was trying to tell me. I should have had known the whole time, there were so many things hinting to it. How was I so naive? We weren’t sent to the human realm. We had never left Deephaven. We had, in fact been sent back in time.

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