The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


26. Scene 26


The knife protruded from under the skin where her heart was. Her body flopped onto the ground, her mouth was wide open as were her eyes. Her pale skin like porcelain. She looked like she was fast asleep and I only wished she was. I felt like I had been stabbed myself. My one true love was dead. Casper stood over her with Dawn’s blood all over his hands. He couldn’t believe what he had done, his hands covered his mouth as he leaned down next to her and tried to shake her awake but then the realization hit him that she was not coming back.
“What have I done.” He muttered over and over again as he shook her body, “What have I done.”
“Fae do something, please!” He yelled at me but I was too shocked to move. He backed into the corner of the room and started hyperventilating.
“I need to let go for good now, the pain its just too much.” He whispered as he crouched into a ball in the corner of the room, “Please take me, I never want to come back.” He muttered to himself over and over again. I ran over to Dawn’s body and pulled the knife from her heart. Her skin was dry and it cracked like porcelain, and she had no pulse. Tears fell like a stream from my eyes as I knelt over her dead body, lifting it up and cradled it in my arms.
“No no no, this can’t happen! This can’t have happened.” I screamed over and over again, “Please come back, Dawn.”
I felt someone standing over me and I saw it was Casper, but he was different this time. He lifted Dawn’s body off of me and held it in arms, she looked as if she was sleeping.
“Well, that escalated quickly! I mean I was gone for two seconds and when I left I had only just stabbed her!” He exclaimed as I stood up off of the ground and wiped my tears away.
“You had always loved her, hadn’t you Fae?” Casper stated as he carried her body which was as cold as ice and laid it on the poker table.
“Imagine your lover and best friend dying on Christmas day! It's a bit shit, isn’t it?” He remarked as he stroked Dawn’s face. He sat her body up and pulled her head off of her body and rolled it on the floor over to me, her face expressionless as her head hit my feet.
“Oh look!” He exclaimed, “I got you a Christmas ornament!” He dropped the rest of her body back onto the table and stood in front of it. As I looked at her head I grew furious every second. It felt like I was on fire on the inside as the anger grew inside me. I felt stronger and stronger as the seconds grew. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes as I embraced my newly pro founded power. When I opened my eyes Casper looked terrified, his eyes wide open and slowly taking steps back.
“She may have loved you too much before to kill you but I don’t,” I stated as I walked slowly towards him, my trainers sticky from the blood which had dripped on them from Dawn.
“You better choose carefully.” I started as I became closer and closer to him.
“Choose what?” He asked, daring to take a step towards me.
“Your last words.” I said as I used a levitation spell to make him float above the ground. I raised my hand above my head which made him float higher.
“What are you doing?” He yelled at me from the ceiling as he tried to keep himself down.
“You can’t kick yourself down, its like your in zero gravity.” I began, “Now how would you like to die? I was thinking slowly and painfully just the way you like it.”
I started to slowly close my hand which slowly choked Casper. I materialized a vial and filled it with his blood.
“Any last words?” I asked before i clenched my fist.
“You think that they were the only vampires I had created?” He coughed, “Your completely wrong.”
I closed my fist tightly and all of the air from Casper’s body emerged and he hung from the ceiling like a chandelier. I lowered my arm in one swift movement and his body fell from the ceiling into the fire of burning bodies. His flesh melted and the smell of burning flesh harrassed my nostrils. I watched his body turn to ashes and I turned around and went over to the poker table. I lifted Dawn’s body off of the table and re-attached her head using a binding spell. I carried her up the staircase and out of the double doors of the hotel. It was dark outside and everyone was indoors snuggled up in front of a fire opening gifts and I was outside in the snow carrying my best friends dead body. I didn’t know what I was going to do with her but I knew I couldn’t just leave her there next to that evil bastard.

I traveled through the dead town to the graveyard. I found a shovel in a shed and dug her a deep grave while I balled my eyes out. When I had dug it I carefully placed her body inside and looked at it for the last time. I went over to a rose bush and picked a few roses which I pricked with my blood, a tradition that we had back home to show our passed loved ones that we were still with them forever. I threw the roses in and placed the dirt back over it and watched as a blanket of snow covered her grave. My purple hair flowed in the wind as I walked away and out of the graveyard to Zoe’s house. When I arrived there I knew I couldn’t go back, at least not without Dawn. I stood outside and my phone went off. I took it out and it was covered in dry blood. I'm was surprised it worked at all. I flicked it open to see I had 2 missed calls.
"Hi Fae!" I was sobbing when i answered the phone and heard her voice for the last time.
"Fae? Is everything okay?" She asked as I snuffled before answered her.
"Yeah, Zoe I am not going to be staying here anymore."
"What!?" I exclaimed. "Why!? Fae!"
"I am homesick, I can't do this anymore. It's too much here and Dawn is getting herself into too much trouble than I can handle." I lied deciding not to tell her what had happened.
"Fae, please."
"No Zoe, I need to go home." I lied again.
"But, what about Aiden?"
“I can't do it anymore. I will leave you the spell, I know another witch."
"Is the spell complicated or can any witch do it?"
"Any witch can if they can concentrate, why?"
"Well, I called you to tell you, I am a witch."
"Stop messing with me Zoe."
"I'm not, I killed a witch who tried to kill me, and I think I got her powers. I turned around and went to push a vampire but he flew into the wall."
I sighed along while sobbing.
"Zoe, be careful. Along with power, you have to be able to use it properly. You can perform the spell. I will leave the spell by your front door before tomorrow evening. Then I am leaving."
Zoe couldn't contain herself and broke down on the phone. "I can't believe you are leaving." She sobbed. "I'll miss you." I sobbed even harder, "I'll miss you too."
We cried and cried on the phone. She wished me farewell and I hung up. I had the spell already written in my pocket and the vial of blood so I took it out of my pocket and left it on her doorstep for her to find tomorrow. I looked in through the window and she was snuggled on the couch next to Aiden. I teared up as I turned away and started to walk away from the only family I had left.

“Can I please have a packet of sleeping pills please,” I asked the cashier as I took the money out of my pocket. She nodded and went and grabbed a packet of pills from a shelf.
“Actually three please.” She nodded and grabbed another two of the plain white packed pills and threw them on the counter.
“That will be twenty pounds please.” She said as she scooped the money which I had left on the counter into her tiny palm. I walked away leaving her to place the money in the till and take out the change.
“Miss your change!” She called after me.
“Consider it my last parting gift.” I called back as I left the gas station. I climbed onto the motor bike which I had hot wired before I had left and headed towards my motel room which was a couple of miles away. While I was placing the helmet on my head and tucking my purple hair in when the cashier ran out with the change in her hand.
“You keep it.” I said as I pulled down my visor and put my foot on the pedal. I was about to take off when she grabbed my arm and held me back.
“I heard what you said back there miss and I want to know what you mean by that.” She asked, her green eyes staring through my visor.
“I won’t be coming back to this place.” I told her as I took my helmet off so I could see her properly. She looked worried and her blond hair was held up with hair gel.
“Metaphorically, or for real?” She asked while still holding onto my arm.
“Both.” I replied as I put my helmet back on.
“Life is worth living.” She stated as I started the bike.
“Depends how you have played out your life so far.” I said as I pulled away and left her hanging on her words. I looked back and saw her stroll back through the shop doors, her long blond hair attempting to cover the frown which was plastered there.

When I arrived at the Motel room I opened the door and sat down on the bed which had a tacky cover on it, covered with horrible moldy yellow and orange swirls. I unscrewed the cap of the first packet of tablets and downed it in one go. My eye lids became heavy and my throat dry so I took a sip of water. I waited for the tablets to kick in, to take me far away from this land. My eyelids felt heavy and I closed them and curled in a ball. I waited and waited for it all to be over, my eyes refused to open as I sunk into the hard mattress.

I was back in the ballroom again but it was full of people including Dawn who looked beautiful and full of life. I walked up to her and hugged her tightly. She pushed me away and held me by the shoulders, her long blue dress brushed against my legs.
“You can’t try to do that to yourself Fae! You still have so much more to do and so much you have not figured out…” She stated as Casper walked up behind her with two glasses of punch. I looked at him and went to throw a punch but Dawn clenched my fist in hers. She told Casper to come over and see me. “Fae!” He exclaimed as he dropped the cups of punch and hugged me. “Fae you can’t give up yet!” “Where am i?” I asked confused about how they both knew everything that had happened to me.
“We are a figment of your imagination, simply a dream, and we know what you're trying to do Fae,” Dawn said as she grabbed me by my hands “Don’t take another tablet for me okay? I need to you to finish cleaning up the mess that I have made.” She whispered into my ear. I gripped her hands tightly as I knew that this was the last time I would have a dream this real.
“I love you Dawn, like really love you.” I confessed wanting to see how she would react since she didn’t have time before.
“I love you too Fae. You are the best friend I could have ever had and I will forever love you for that!” She said as Casper kissed her on the cheek. Dawn blushed and said Farewell to me.
“Good Fae, remember to keep your eyes open! There is something you are missing!” Was the last words that she said to me before i woke up.

I stood up and went and splashed water on my face as I was sweating profusely from the tablets I had taken. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I had a long scar down the side of my face fromm were Casper had cut my before when he pushed me back. I smashed the mirror with my fist and it shattered to pieces and cut my hand. I picked up a shard and looked in it to see that my eyes were deep black. I was shocked and closed my eyes but when I opened them again I saw they were normal. I sat down on the bed and picked up the tablets. I threw them into the trash can in the room and set them on fire using matches. I watched them burn like my thoughts of leaving this world when I had so much to do. I had to hunt down every vampire and kill them all before the world was full of vampires. It was Dawn’s last dying wish and I was to fulfill it as best as I could.

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