The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


23. Scene 23

 "Fae, have you got all of the objects for the spell?"
 "No, I still need birds wings, spider eyes and a tablespoon of Casper's blood...", "We have decided we are going to head out now and try and find Casper, or at least find where he's hiding.”
 “I thought you had made the basic mixture already?” Zoe asked.
"I sprinkled sand mixed with a special powder that comes from deep within an ancient oak tree." Fae said, "It'll prevent any vampire or anyone with vampiric venom in their blood into the circle." 
"So I can't..?"
 "No, Aiden. You can't see your parents until it has passed."
 Aiden stared at the ground, he loved his parents a lot. It must kill him a lot to know that he can't be with them at a time like this. Fae held her hand out and in her palm, there was a small bag, 
"It's the mixture, please sprinkle it around the house, so Casper can't enter. We're going to leave now."
“Goodbye Zoe, Aiden. We will try to be back as soon as we can be.” I said as I hugged them both goodbye. Fae opened the oak door and I set off to find Casper.

The icy air whistled around my ears, causing my skin to tingle and sting. I wasn’t a fan of the snow after what had happened before. Snowflakes fall gently from the sky, layers of snow covered rooftops and trees which were bent as they tried to bear their heavy load. The whole town was buzzing with Christmas spirit as it was Christmas Eve and everyone was doing last minute Christmas shopping. 
“Any ideas on where Casper could be?” Fae asked as she stepped off of a pavement and tripped into a puddle.
“Shit.” She shouted as I lifted her back up, “I don’t have a change of clothes.” 
“You okay, Fae?” I asked as I dusted the snow which had soaked all of her clothes, “And yes I have an idea.”
“Okay. Where are we heading then?” 
“To the graveyard where I had kept him before, remember?” I asked.
“Can’t exactly forget!” 
“Then let's go.”

We arrived at the graveyard, the rust on the iron gate rubbed off onto my hand as I opened it.
“Matches your hair.” Fae laughed, that was until I decided to rub it in her hair. 
“Quit it out, Dawn! We need to be quiet in case he hears us!”
“Says you! The one who is actually shouting.” She put her eyes up to heaven and continued to walk through the graveyard to the church as I trailed behind her. 
“You know what. Fuck it. Let's just go in with all guns blazing.” Fae exclaimed as we entered the dusty, old church. The entrance to the crypt was left wide open probably from the last time I was here which meant that Casper was most likely, gone. We walked down the steep steps into the crypt to see a pool of blood on the floor, next to it was a knife. I smelt the blood and I could tell that it wasn’t Casper’s instantly. The room was bare otherwise as everything had been moved to a new base. 
“Come on we better keep searching!” Fae said as she headed back up to the surface, leaving me underground. 
“Oh, Casper.” I sighed as I turned around to exit the crypt only to see that etched into the wall was a love heart that read, ‘Dawn, I will always love you, even if this monster takes over me forever. Please, Dawn never forgets that.’ Underneath he signed his name and drew a love heart with the initials D+C encased within. 
“You coming?” Fae asked as she stood on the top step waiting for me.
“I will be right there,” I whispered as I wiped the tear from my eye and rubbed my hand against the writing engraved on the wall. 

I walked up to the surface to find Fae pacing back and forth outside of the church door. She was worried as she spoke to someone on the phone. She placed her hand over her mouth wide open as she heard something overwhelming over the phone.
“Fae, whats wrong?” I asked as she teared up after hanging up to whoever it was on the phone which was most likely Zoe.
“We need to find Casper soon,” Fae stated as she stormed out of the gates of the grave and started heading in a random direction.
“Where do you think you're going Fae?”
“To find that bastard!”
“Who Casper?” It was obviously stupid of me to say that as she obviously meant Casper. She stopped in her tracks and turned around, her purple hair flung behind her back.
“Who the fuck do you think Dawn? Do you think this is a game or something!” She roared at me, her fists clenched and her eyes turning a deep color.
“Fae you need to calm down, you are overreacting.”
“Aiden is gone? Casper has taken him hasn’t he?” I fretted as I realized why Fae was so shocked.
“Shit Fae, we need to go,” I said dragging her behind me as she continued to complain about how I was acting.
“I just said that to you! Do you ever listen?”
“Not really when you’re talking,” I replied, releasing her from my grasp, my fingers stiff and ice cold as I scooped up a snowball and threw it at her face. She looked mad but loosened the tension in her fists, she swooped down and scooped up her own hand of snow and threw it at me but I easily dodged it.
“Stop cheating or I will start too.” She threatened whilst tossing a snowball up and down. 
“What are you going to do? Turn it into a fire?” I joked as she did, “I will just stop talking now I guess.”
“That's a great idea! Now lets search for Aiden.”
“And Casper,” I added. Fae sighed as she stormed out of the graveyard.

We wandered around the town and searched a few old buildings but he was nowhere to be found and neither was Casper. Zoe had phoned a few times to check up on us and how our ‘mission’ was going. 
“I have just finished putting the protection mixture around Aiden’s parent’ house.”
“Did you ask them if they had seen them?” I asked.
“Of course not! Then they would start worrying.” 
“Look we have got to go Zoe. Call me back if you find out anything okay?” 
“Okay. Talk to you both later, I hope…” Her voice trailed as she finished the sentence. Fae hung up and placed her phone in her jeans pocket.
“What do we do now?” I asked as I sat down on a bench which was saturated, my clothes soaked up the water but I didn’t care. There was just too much on my mind to think about something stupid like my clothes.
“We can’t give up now Dawn.” She complained as she tried to lift me up off of the chair.
“Let go of me Fae, just please.” 
“Why should I let go of you! Every second wasted is another second that is lost as Aiden Is dying!”
“Stop talking.”
“Don’t tell me to be quiet-”
“I am trying to concentrate.”
“On what?” She asked as she sat down next to me on the soaking bench. I listened carefully to the environment surrounding us for anything that sounded unnatural. 
“Yes, Fae?” I replied as I tried to keep in focus as best as I could.
“Do you think he is going to create some sort of army?”
“To be honest, probably, but that is my worst nightmare- literally. I can’t imagine so many people getting hurt and their lives ruined just because of one stupid thing I did. Fae?”
“Yes, Dawn?”
“I am going to have to kill him, there is no other choice. Is there?” Fae sat there silent, I knew the answer already and I wanted Fae to know that. Fae grabbed my hand and we both sat staring at the snow on the bench.
“Most likely Dawn.”
“I swear if its the last thing I do before I die, I will kill him and any of his army,” I whispered, Fae hugged me tightly and whispered into my ear that she would always be there for me and because she is my witch, she would do anything she could to protect me. I hugged her back as her phone went off inside of her pocket.
“What is it, Zoe?” 
“I know where he is, Aiden that is. He has come back!” Zoe exclaimed her voice high pitched.
“And Casper?” 
“Well he was at my door a while ago and threatened me to give him Aiden but I refused so if his hideout is not to close by he is probably still on his way there.”
“Thanks, Zo,” I said and hung up knowing that right now every step we took counted as a step in either the right or wrong direction. 
“You run ahead of me and Scout the area and if you see any suspicious movement call me okay?” I nodded and began to sprint towards the direction of Zoe’s house, knowing that he was probably still lurking nearby. 

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