The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


22. Scene 22

“Come here.” Casper beckoned from across the room, “Lets dance, well at least try to.” I walked over to him, my long red dress trailing behind me. It glistened as the light from the crystal chandelier reflected off of the glitter. The whole room looked at me in awe as Casper grabbed my hand and brought me out into the center of the ballroom. 
“You look incredible Dawn.” He whispered into my ear as I put my hands on his broad shoulders and he put his hands on my waist. His deep blue eyes stared into mine as we danced in front of the guests. He twirled me, my dress flaring out into a circle which subsided when he grabbed hold of me again to continue dancing.
“I love you, Dawn.” He said as he leaned in towards my lips, hovering above them.
“I love you too Casper,” I replied as I leaned in, closing the gap between us and kissed him on his soft pink lips. He pulled away and looked into my eyes.
“I used to love you.” I stared at him in his tux, a frown plastered across his face.
“That was before you turned me and ruined my life.” He whispered into my ear, the crowd clapped as we finished our dance. I pushed him away from me and stood there, away from him in a room full of gasping people. 
“But I am not the only monster you have created!” He said, slowly taking a step towards me, “I mean look at the room around you!” I turned around and the crowd started to create a barrier around me and Casper, their eyes red and their fangs baring. 
“Look at what you have done! Turned the whole population into vampires!” He shouted as he began to sarcastically clap.
“Orla honey, can you come out here for a minute?” He asked this tall girl with brown hair. She walked up to Casper, wearing a short gold dress and her hair tied up in a bun. Casper pulled out a vial of red liquid from his pocket. The whole crowd gasped with excitement, their mouths watering as they realized what the liquid was.
“Here you go!” He said as he tossed the vile into her hand, her mouth frothing. She shoved the whole thing in her mouth, the glass and all, unable to resist it. The glass cut her lips but Orla didn’t care as she was consumed in the rich taste of the blood in her mouth. 
“Don’t worry everyone,” Casper told the crowd, “I have one more.” He held up another vile above his head to ensure that the whole crowd could see it. 
“Who wants it?” He asked. The crowd roared as they all screamed their names up at him. 
“Well if you want it you're going to have to chase it! He said as he looked at me. He threw the vile at me and it broke, the human blood seeping into the fabric of my dress and dripping down my arms. The whole crowd pounced on me, their fangs sank into my flesh. The last view I had was of Casper, standing over me and chuckling.

“Calm down Dawn!” Fae shouted at me as she shook me out of the dream. I was sweating and screaming when I finally realized where I was. I panted as my throat had become dry. I clenched my neck as I tried to regain my breath.
“You had a nightmare,” Fae explained as she pushed my hair behind my ear and held up a glass of water for me to drink.
“What was It about?” She asked as I finished drinking the glass of water.
“Take a wild guess.” 
“Casper.” She said placing the glass on the bedside table and hopping into the bed next to me. 
“It was like I was actually with him.” I sobbed, remembering what had happened back at the church. I broke down crying, while Fae patted my back and tried to comfort me. 
“Dawn, you need to get over him. He’s gone and Aiden is slowly dying out there.”
“If that was meant to comfort me it didn’t work.”
“Sorry but its the truth and sometimes, well most of the time, it hurts to hear.”
“You have never been in love Fae, you wouldn’t understand.”
“How would you know.” Was the last thing she said that night before she sprinkled more powder on me.

I woke up feeling refreshed and replenished. I was able to stand up and stretch, my limbs ached slightly but I could deal with that level of pain. It was not as bad as the emotional pain I was feeling as I mourned the loss of Casper’s company. It was dark outside and it was snowing heavily. I wanted to go and search for Casper, to make sure he was okay but I knew that if I tried Fae would stop me. Zoe barged into the room, heaving.
“Aiden’s getting worse!” She yelled at me and Fae who was still asleep. I opened the window and scooped up a handful of snow. I carved it into a snowball and threw It in her face, the sudden blast of coldness woke her up instantly. 
“DAWN!” She screamed at me as she wiped the snow off of her cheeks which were bright red. I pointed at Zoe who was biting her lip as she stood at the door.
“Whats wrong Zoe?” Fae asked as she got up out of the bed and walked over to her. Zoe began to shake as she pointed her finger into her room where Aiden was sleeping. Fae walked in and saw Aiden lying on the bed, his pale white skin contrasted the black covers of Zoe’s bed and he looked fragile. Sweat drops accumulated on his forehead as his body tried to fight the vampiric blood which was flowing through his system.
“Fae we need to find Casper and fast!” I said to her as I looked at Aiden who looked like he was on deaths doorstep. I looked at Fae and she nodded, knowing what had to be done. It felt like a ghost had walked through me as I became suddenly cold, probably as I realized that to save Aiden I would have to find Casper and take some of his blood or maybe I would have to do something worse- kill him.

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