The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


21. Scene 21

Time seemed to slow down as we went crashing through the window, the shards floated around us the light reflecting through them creating a beautiful prism. Fae’s eyes were wide with horror as she held onto my t-shirt trying not to fall off. I flew backwards into the wall across from the room, my back cracking as I hit it with such force. I grabbed onto Fae and wrapped myself around her as I tried to protect her from the impact we were going to have when we hit the stone floor of the alleyway. It seemed like it took minutes to reach the stone floor and when we did it was unpleasant. I flung Fae onto the ground just before I hit the floor to prevent her from getting injured. My bones ached and my ears buzzed again but this time worse. I looked over at Fae who was knocked unconscious, a pool of blood forming under her leg from where she had cut it on a pipe on the way down from the room. I tried to lift myself up but my limbs were useless and I had no strength in me what so ever. I was drained and too exhausted to even lift my head up. I could her Zoe opening the door and rushing through the hospital to check on me and Fae as my hearing seemed to be the only sense that worked. I laid in the alleyway, ready to loose my life if it meant that I had at least saved Fae. I took a deep breath as the pain consumed me. I began to loose all hope as It seemed like I had been in the alleyway for hours but after however long it was, I was picked up off of the ground, my limbs hanging limp from my corpse as I hadn’t the energy nor the strength to lift them up. I tried to say something but all that came out was a bunch of strange noises. As I was being carried away I could hear Zoe finally near me, she was checking Fae to see if she was okay which she must have been because Zoe let out a sigh of relief only to be panicked again.
“Wheres Dawn?” She yelled as she searched the narrow alleyway for me, which meant that if I wasn’t with Fae- I was with Casper.

I woke up wrapped in blankets, a tray laid out with blood bags was placed next to my head. I lifted my head which felt like a weight. My body still ached from the fall and I was unable to move my limbs.
“You okay?” A figure asked from the corner of the room. I looked around to see where we were and I noticed that we were back in the crypt. 
“Casper?” I coughed as more blood appeared in my hand. He rushed over and wiped my mouth clean. He held me as I became cold and began to shiver. 
“Dawn you look really pale like, unusually pale. You need to rest.” He said tucking me in some blankets. I stared at him in disbelief as every time I met him he appeared to have a different personality. The crypt had a more morbid sense now. It was like he’d already dug my grave and now I was laying in it, ready for death to take me.
“Whats wrong with you?” I asked as he sat in the corner of the room shivering -but not from being cold, because of another reason.
“I don’t know what is happening Dawn.” He said whilst rocking himself back and forward. I tried to crawl over to him but I was so exhausted that I collapsed. He rushed over and snuggled in beside me under the duvet to keep me warm.
“Dawn, I keep disappearing like inside of myself as If I am watching a film through my own eyes and every time It happens it lasts longer and longer.” He cried. I hugged him as he laid next to me on the floor, salty tears falling down his face soaking the covers under us. 
“Dawn, it’s consuming me and I don’t want to go. Not yet, not while you're still by my side.” 
“So do you remember what happened last night?” I asked.
“How could I forget.” He replied, “That was one of the moments that I was actually there for, and I am glad that I was.” He grinned. I forced a smile on my face just to make him happy but I thought about how this version of him was not going to last long and I broke down in tears in front of him. I cried so much that I ended up falling asleep next to him in a sea of salt water. We shook me awake, he looked terrified and was shaking like he was on the first date we’d went on. 
“You need to get out of here, run!” He shouted at me as he clenched his neck.
“I am not leaving you again Casper!” I shouted back, running up to him I hugged him and tried to calm him down.
“You don’t understand, you must go!” He pushed me away and backed into the jagged wall of the crypt.
“I can’t leave you,” I cried tears streaming from my face, “I love you, Casper.”
“And I will always love you Dawn and if you really do love me then please do what I say and leave, before you get hurt!” He shouted, resisting the urge to attack me as his vampiric side tried to take over. I pulled the lever down and sprinted out of the church. I stood outside of the church and panted as I tried to gain my breath. I collapsed onto the ground in a heap as I tried to regain strength. A cold hand grabbed my shoulder and I jumped up to find an old man with a rake tapping me.
“Its a bit cold for a young girl like you to be out on a cold winters day like this.” 
He was right. I was so consumed with everything that had happened that I had not realized that I was kneeling in a blanket of snow, delicate flakes falling from the sky and touching my cheeks. He took his coat off and wrapped it around me.
“I will give you a lift back to your house. It’s too cold to be walking and you look exhausted.” He offered, an offer I could not refuse since I could barely move. I nodded and thanked him as he helped me limp over to his red rusty truck. I looked back at the old church which had nearly caved in, the snow seeping in through space where a roof should have been. 
“Farewell,” I whispered in hope that Casper was able to hear me. I turned away from the church and opened the truck door, stepping out of the snow which had saturated my shoes and into the warm vehicle. 
“Madam, where will I be dropping you off?” He said concerned about my health.
“ You look pale, maybe I should bring you to the hospital-” 
“I’m fine , thank you. I would just like to get home and go to sleep.” I interrupted.
“Okay, you guide me there okay?” He said pulling out of the graveside, leaving the church and Casper behind us. The man had a dog, who’s head faced the church, parking at the distance.

“Thank you, kind sir,” I said as I hopped out of the car onto the snow-covered driveway of Zoe’s house.
“No problem. Make sure that you get a hot drink and a blanket when you get inside! Don’t want you getting ill before Christmas!” He said as he pulled out of the driveway, i waved him goodbye and as soon as he left i walked up to the door, struggling to stand up i knocked on the door. The mixture of the cold and me being exhausted caused me to fall in on the door, at least ensuring that they would have had heard me. Fae pulled the door open
“Dawn?” She shrieked not seeing me laying on the ground at her feet. I grabbed her ankle and she kicked me in the face not realizing who I was. I was too tired to care or make a sarcastic joke back as Fae dragged me into the warm house, a trail of snow left behind me. Tanya walked in the corridor on the phone and as soon as she saw me she dropped everything and came to help Fae. 
“Oh my god! She is as cold as ice!” Tanya screamed as she wrapped me in blankets in front of the fire. 
“Get her a hot water bottle , Fred!” She shouted at him in the kitchen. He rushed in with the hot water bottle and gave it to me. Tanya bit her lip as she took her thermometer out and measured my temperature. 
“Oh god this is broken, Fred can you go buy a new one honey?” 
“Of course I will. Be back in a few.” He said as he put on his Timberland boots and his insulated jacket. Tanya left the room to go check on Aiden and Zoe who were camped upstairs. Fae sat next to me on the couch, my head laid on her lap and she stroked her fingers through my red hair. I leaned forward and grabbed the thermometer from the table and read the temperature which was 0 degrees. 
“You’re literally as cold as ice,” Fae exclaimed as she placed the hot water bottle on my shoulders. I peaked through the cracks in the curtains and saw how it was still snowing. I shed a tear as I thought about how Casper had once told me that he loved the snow and Christmas. Everywhere I seemed to look there was something that reminded me of him. His black hair, his deep blue eyes, and his previously lovely personality. 
“This is unnatural even for you!” Fae said as she pulled a tear drop which had frozen on my cheek. I took it from her fingers and held it in mine. The tear was delicate and fragile and slowly melted on my fingers. I went to reach for my hot chocolate which Fred had kindly made for me only to completely stiffen up. 
“Here,” Fae said grabbing the cup, which she held up to my mouth and slowly tipped it, I took small slurps of the warm drink and laid back down. I buried my head into the cushion wanting to go to sleep but Fae kept me awake. She said that in my state I  needed to stay away as if I went asleep it might be difficult to wake me up again.
“But I need to defrost.” I joked but Fae took this seriously, her eyes staring into mine and a blank expression plastered across her face. I was about to drift asleep but she whacked me in the leg, making me wide awake again.
“Let's watch this film! It's Christmassy and maybe we might learn about this occasion.” She said I agreed to watch it just to make her happy and to make her shut up. It was called Elf. By the end of the film, I was pretty warm and exhausted. Zoe and Aiden decided that they would come down and visit us in the sitting room. 
Aiden was weak and Zoe had to guide him to the couch and sit him down. I lifted my head off of Fae’s lap and I attempted to stand up, falling back onto the couch the first time. Fae grabbed my wrist and tried to make me sit back down but I resisted and pulled my wrist away from her. On the second attempt I managed to stand up and I made my way to the staircase, but I was heaving as it took so much strength. Fae had followed me to the staircase to make sure that I was okay and that I wasn’t going to do anything stupid. I sat on the second step of the stairs as I tried to regain my breath, Fae sat down next to me and her hand grabbed mine.
“Dawn whatever the cold weather has done and the combination of injuries you have had over the last week you need to rest.” 
“Can I not rest upstairs?” I pleaded just wanting to be away from the loud television and the sound of Tanya cooking in the kitchen. She agreed and helped me climb the staircase up to our room. The room stank of a floral scent and it was tidy so Tanya was probably in here cleaning. I collapsed on top of my bed and sighed in relieve into my pillow as the tension in my muscles loosened. Fae went over to her desk and started to make a mixture of herbs and enchanted them with a spell which I hoped did good but if it didn’t, I was too exhausted to stop her. I flipped myself over and faced the ceiling which Fae had painted with scenes from the vampire realm. Fae had an exceptional talent for painting and painted whenever she could, wherever she could. 
“What are you making?” I asked sitting up in the bed, yawning for the first time ever. She didn’t tell me until she had finished making it. It looked like gold powder that reminded me of some kind of Christmas decoration.
“What does it do?”  I asked her curiosity flooding over me. She walked over to me and sat down.
“Its sleeping powder for you.” She said cupping the powder in her hand, she held it up to her lips and blew the powder all over me. The powder tickled my skin and my eyes were unable to stay open.
“Night Dawn.” She said as she turned the lights off and closed the door.
“Goodnight I guess,” I said snuggling into my covers, that night I had my first dream- about Casper.


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