The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


20. Scene 20

I woke up to the sound of sirens, my ears buzzing and my head aching. I pulled my sticky head off of the steering wheel, it sticky with my own blood. I tried to open my eyes to see what had happened but everything was a blur. I could hear my blood dripping from a cut which I had on my stomach. When my eyes eventually focused I could see that I had been impaled on a copper pipe and that I was hanging upside down in the car. I unbuckled my seatbelt and fell onto the ceiling of the upside down car, the pipe emerging inside of my body more. I could hear the sirens clearer now as my ears stopped buzzing and noticed that there were footsteps coming towards me. I panicked and pulled the copper pipe out of my stomach, screaming in agony as I dropped the bloody pipe onto the floor. A light blinded me as it was flashed in through the smashed window.
“There is someone still in here! Hurry she looks really injured!” They shouted at someone else. The car door was opened and I was pulled out by someone who put me on a stretcher. I tried to focus my vision, but all I could see was the starry night.
“Check her pulse!” Someone shouted as I was wheeled inside a large vehicle full of medical equipment. I tried to sit up but was quickly pushed down and told to remain calm and to relax. My eyelids felt heavy and I shut my eyes and tried to assemble together what had happened but whilst I was trying to concentrate on what had happened I ended up reading somebodies mind. 
“You have been warned.” The voice inside my head said, it slowly faded away as the vehicle took off but I didn’t need any longer to figure out whose voice I had heard. It was Casper’s.

I woke up in a white room, lights blaring into my eyes from the ceiling. I shaded my eyes with my hand to see Fae sitting asleep in the armchair near the bed I was in. I propped myself up on my pillows and pulled the bed covers off of me. Tubes went in and out of my body from my arms to my legs. I pulled the tubes out and placed my feet on the cold white tile floor and collapsed back onto the bed. Fae woke up and came over and put me back to bed. She laid me down and tucked me in. I stared at her eyes, as they frantically danced along the bed.
“Dawn, you have lost a lot of blood even more than a vampire can usually withstand so please try to rest.”
“What happened?” I asked as I resisted, trying to tug the blanket off of me. I was too weak and Fae easily overthrew me.
“You crashed the car into a ditch at the side of a road.” She explained.
“Except.” I began
“Except what?”
I wasn’t driving the car.”  She sat down next to me and sighed.
“Dawn, What are you on about?” 
“I mean I remember what happened before the accident and I was not driving, in fact, no one was.”
“So magically  the car drove its self?” I looked at Fae, guilt flooded over me as I remembered how I let myself believe that Casper was himself again. I shouldn’t have gone alone.
“Dawn,” Fae said noticing my sudden silence, “What did you do?” 
“I met Casper.” I began quickly being disrupted by Fae.
“You met Casper?!?! Was it him who drove the car into the ditch and left you there for dead?!? If I get my hands on that son of a bitch I swear I am going to strangle him.”
“I think it was him who crashed the car as the last thing I remember is him snapping my neck.” 
“He did what?” She said with her mouth wide open, “Dawn that could have killed you! You should have had let me come with you!” 
“I know Fae, I am sorry.” 
“Look, shut up and just go to sleep okay.” She said as she sat back down in her chair and picked up a magazine. A soft beeping filled the silence.
“What about Zoe and Aiden? Are they okay?” I asked her as a doctor came into the room with a needle which he injected into the tube which he had to reattach onto my arm.
“Fae?” I called as my vision began to distort. The sedative leaked into my blood system and made me fall asleep.

I woke up and the room was pitch black. The smell of disinfectant filled the entire room. I rubbed my eyes and as my vision began to focus I noticed glowing red eyes in the corner of the room.
“Oh, great,” I muttered realizing it was Casper. I sat myself up on the bed.
“I should be the one saying that sarcastically! Since you were meant to die and everything.”
“Wow, you can really be a dick, can’t you?”
“Only when I try hard.” He said as he came over and sat down on the end of the bed. 
“That's a nasty cut on your forehead right there! How come it isn’t healing? He asked trying to be sympathetic.
“Do you have multiple personality disorder? Cause you're usually being mean, and next thing, you’re actually a nice person again.”
“I am just concerned okay? I may not be the person you used to love but I can be one you will love.” I stared at him in disbelieve as I could not believe what he said.
“What are you trying to say?” I asked him, scouting the room to see Fae was gone. He’d just confessed to trying to kill me. Maybe It was the sedative the doctor has given me.
“You know what I am trying to say.” He whispered as he lent into my ear, “You can be my queen, Dawn.”
“And I could be your Queen,” I whispered back in a sarcastic tone. “You tried to kill your brother, and then me. Just because you’re the same shell as the person I fell in love with, does not mean that you’re the same person on the inside.”
“Just think about it, Dawn. I know you still love me. And you forever will.”  I felt drawn to him at that moment and I pulled him close to me, our lips nearly touching. 
“Wheres Fae?” I asked. He refused to respond and I brought my hand to his cheek, its glowing red. He shrugged and lent in, his lips touching mine. I pulled back and got out of the bed, I strode over to the door and locked it. I checked the room to see if Fae was there but she must have left. I turned back around to see Casper lying on the bed, shirtless. 

That morning I woke up with him sleeping beside me. He was cool to the touch and my cheeks reddened with the thought of last night. I got up and pulled the blinds open, the sunshine touching my cold bare skin. I felt a pair of cold hands wrap around my now warm skin. He turned me around and kissed me passionately on the lips. I pulled away and stared down at my feet, unsure if I still felt like Casper was still there or at least the old Casper. His hair brushed up against my cheek, it was soft like cats fur. He walked over to the bed and got changed. 
“I better be going darling.” He said as he opened the window.
“You're not going to stay?” I pleaded as I grabbed his hand while he was halfway out of the window. He looked at me straight in the eyes, a sinister smile plastered across his face. I only now remembering what we needed for Aiden.
“Oh don’t you worry Dawn. I will be back.” They were the last words he said before he climbed out onto the fire exit stairs at the side of the hospital. I hung my head out of the window to see where he was going but he was gone. I looked down to see that Zoe, Aiden, and Fae were on their way up to my room. I panicked and tidied the room, climbing into the bed just as the door opened. I grabbed a magazine that was on my bedside table and began to read it. Zoe came in and plopped a huge bouquet of roses onto my knees, followed by Fae who was making sure that Aiden was okay.
“Aiden, how are you feeling?” I asked as I sat myself up, creating a backrest using my pillows. He was sickly pale and he seemed to shake frantically. Zoe rushed over to him and sat him down in the seat next to the bed.
“I guess you have not gathered all of the ingredients for the spell.” I sighed.
“I just need one thing and that is Casper’s blood,” Fae explained as she had made the basic compound to heal Aiden. Guilt swept through me as I realized that I could have had easily obtained his blood last night. Fae could instantly tell that I had become uncomfortable and decided to question me on it.
“Whats wrong Dawn? You look very pale? Something you want to tell me?”
“Casper was here last night…” I confessed, shutting my eyes to block the image of Fae.
“That bastard! When I see him he is going to kill him.” Zoe shouted in anger as she cradled Aiden. 
“What was he doing here?” Fae questioned suspiciously. I fidgeted at this question. 
“Did he try to hurt you?” She asked, slowly stepping closer to my bedside. 
“No, well maybe he meant to-” I started but only to be quickly disrupted by Fae.
“You kissed him didn’t you?” She asked already knowing the answer, just wanting me to confess it to her.
“Yes,” I confessed in shame as Fae sat down at my bedside. Suddenly there was a burning sensation in my cheek.
“What the fuck Fae!” I yelled pushing her off of the bed and into the opposite wall.
“But you did more than that didn’t you.” She roared at me her eyes turning to a dark black. I dived at her and pinned her to the ground.
“Grab the sheet!” I yelled at Zoe who quickly rushed to her feet to grab it. Fae managed to loosen one of her arms and fired a ball of fire at Zoe who just managed to duck it. She grabbed the sheet and threw it across the floor to me. I swiftly let go of Fae and tied the sheet around her arms, stopping her from using her magic.
“Let me go you bitch!” She roared at me in fury, her eyes black and her skin red, “How could you do that!”
“Do what?” I yelled back at her.
“Kissed Casper! After that mother fucker tried to kill us!” She screamed untangling herself out of her fabric bonds. She leaped to the floor and sent me flying backward.
“If only I didn’t feel this way about you Dawn! I would kill you in a heartbeat otherwise.” 
I looked around the room for an exit. The only one that would not lead to a bunch of people was the window which had a huge 5 story drop into an alleyway, where Zoe had parked Aiden's car.  Fae let go of me and went over to the window, now was my time to attack. I sprinted at her only for her to turn around and shoot me with a fireball which burned through my clothes and melting the flesh on my chest. I heaved as I sat against the wall, my sticky yellow flesh sticking to my fingers. Zoe tried to rush to my side but stopped when Fae stood at the window, tossing a fireball in her hand threatening to throw it at her unless she did what she would say. My healing was slowed down as the sedative that I had been given earlier appeared to slow the process. My chest ached and I heaved, throwing up blood all over the white floor. Fae looked at me and mumbled something under her breath before chanting. Since she was under the influence of pure dark magic I automatically assumed it was not a spell that would summon friendly unicorns. I knew I would have to do something to protect Aiden and Zoe so I used all of my strength to lift myself off of the ground, I slid my back against the wall, my yellow sticky flesh sticking to the white wall. I pounced at Fae while she was still in the trance, sending both of us flying backwards, crashing through the window.


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