The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


2. Scene 2

We fell with a thud from the sky, falling like angels from heaven.  My head ached from the impact of the fall and Fae clutched her arm towards her chest.
"Ouch." Fae whimpered, inspecting her yellow bruised arm.
"Wont be doing that again anytime soon." I joked. Silence fell upon us as we realized that my joke was the truth. We were not going to  be doing that anytime soon as we had no way to. Qe were not home anymore, and we were never going to be.

We stood up , and wiped the dust off of our clothes.  We appeared to have landed in a dark alleyway in between two old red brick buildings. They only seemed to be four stories tall, at most.
"Wow the height of these buildings are pathetic."  Fae shouted creating a  loud echo, the teleportation must’ve effected her hearing temporarily as every word she tried to say, came out as a shout. 
“Stop talking.” I signaled at Fae, holding my index finger to my lips.
"What did  you say?" she roared at me.
I ran up in front of her and covered her mouth, placing my finger to her soft red lips signaling her to shut up- again.
"Sorry Dawn," she said in a quieter tone. I lead her through the alley way to a road filled with rows of beautiful cream houses finished with stone pavements. We headed along the houses trying to find somewhere suitable to spend the evening, before travelling and trying to find permanent accommodation. I sensed something- or rather someone lurking in the shadows behind us. I stopped and turned around,  a mysterious figure emerging out from the shadows
"Well hello, ladies. What are you doing out so late?" He slurred in a barely coherent mumble, a strong pungent smell of alcohol seeped off him. He stumbled towards us.
"What do you mean late? Its perfectly early." I said, Fae nodding along in agreement. It appeared that the moon was only just approaching the height of the night.
“Well, it’s too early for a lovely pair of young girls like you to be out.”

The man chuckled as he started to stumble towards us, a look of desire in his eyes. I backed away slowly tripping over a crack in the pavement. He lunged forward at Fae who shrieked falling to the floor and cutting her leg. I jumped up and tried to pull the man off her, but his weight was too much for me to bear.  A light flickered on in the house that we were in front of. A man and girl emerged from the oak door, the man was carrying some sort of metal device and the girl was carrying a baseball bat.
“Get away from those girls or I will shoot.” the man from the house threatened.
 The attacker got up and took a smaller looking metal device out of his  back pocket. The girl had noticed him removing this object and sprinted behind him, whacking him around the head with the baseball bat, and knocked him unconscious.
She grabbed this small plastic device from her pocket and pushed a few buttons and a voice started to speak to her. 
We were ushered inside of our saviors house while a couple of police cars collected the drunk man from the pathway.
“Oh my goodness!” This woman gasped, “Are you two alright? Are you hurt? Do you need me to phone someone?”
“So many questions.” I said to Fae telepathically, it was one of the perks of being connected but we were told to not use it to often. 
“We have no one to call…” Fae whispered.
“What?” The woman quizzed, while Fae sat down on this black sofa.
“We have no where to say and no family in this region.” 
“Well then, i guess you will just have to stay with us then, can’t have you two out in the cold all by yourselves! Especially not on a cold night like this one.” 
“We couldn’t do that to you! We will leave and find somewhere to live.” Fae hissed, trying to ignore the pain from her stinging knee.
“Just until you get back on your feet, you won’t be any bother to us! We’ve a spare room in the house anyways.”
I looked at Fae, and she nodded. We didn’t have much of a choice. We have no where to go, in a place we don’t know.
“That would be excellent. Thank you.” I nodded, turning to Fae.
“Are you okay?” This girl asked. She had long blond hair that looked like threaded gold and her eyes were a chestnut hazel. 
“I’m fine” I answered.
“Do you have any bandages?” Fae asked, a huge gash from her knee to her ankle, blood spurting out. 
“Oh my god.” she exclaimed, looking quite faint. Her dad, who had gratefully helped save us earlier with, what the humans call a gun, came in with a first aid kit and started cleaning and bandaging Fae’s leg. Zoe comes and sits next to me, her long blond hair flowing down past her shoulders. “Hi, I’m Zoe” She said smiling. 
“Hey Zoe. My name is Dawn, and my friend here is Fae.” I told her staring at Fae, who was getting her leg bandaged up.
“What brought you here?” she asked, her eyes filled with wonder.
My deep blue eyes began to tear up as I thought about the events that had occurred and how far away from home I was or rather where we were.I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic.  I began to think about how we had been in the human realm for only a few moments yet Fae had already ended up injured. How were we expected to live an eternity here? Or was that the point? That we were not meant to.
“I would not rather talk about it” I replied.
“I’m sorry Dawn, I didn’t mean to upset you”
I sniffled and wiped away the tears from my eyes.
“It’s okay, I’m sorry I’ve gotten all emotional.It’s been a long evening.”
Her mother walked in with something smelling delightful, unlike anything I had ever smelt before. On a tray lay these peculiar shaped disks and a cup of hot liquid.
“What are these?” Fae said as she picked up one and sniffed it.
Zoe giggled, “It’s a cookie Fae. Have you never had one before?”
Fae cocked her head to the side, “A cookie? I have only heard of them.”
“Try it.” Zoe urged as she smiled.
We both bit into the melted cookies and looked at each other, We both sighed at how good they were. I had never tasted anything like it before! It was incredible, much better then anything I have ever tasted in the vampire realm.
“Mmmm….” I said “These are very different to what I usually eat.”
“Really? What do you usually eat” Zoe asked curiously.
I looked at Fae, she looked at me and telepathically said to be cautious of what I said in case I rose suspicion.
“Um,I usually eat-um.Plants?”
“Ah,well.I’m sure I can prepare a nice salad for your evening meal if you want?” Her mother asked.
“Yes that would be lovely.” Fae replied.
“Yes it would!” I agreed.
We followed Zoe down to her bedroom until dinner was ready. The walls of her room were a deep purple and her floor was covered with a white rug.
“I love your room” Fae said shyly.
“Thank you Fae!” Fae nodded at me, I stood up to and closed the door. I headed over to Fae and sat down next to her on a bean bag. There was absolutely no way that I and Fae could stay here without telling her. We can't survive in such an odd place without someone helping us navigate around. 'Fae, shall we tell her about us?' I ask through the telepathic connection. "Are you crazy, Dawn!?" Fae emphasised so much, I started to get a headache. "We are not going to survive otherwise. She saved us. If we're going to build a friendship and an emotional connection with her- if we're going to be friends, she has to know. It will hurt her more to find out in the future. If she finds out in the future, and we kept it from her for so long, then she'll then hate us.
“Zoe if we are going to live together, I have to tell you a secret about us both,” I said. 'Who said we were going to stay here, Dawn?" Fae was getting impatient. "We need a human friend anyways. If we gain her trust, then maybe we can stay here and establish a life for ourselves." Fae was sick of arguing. She knew I had the overall decision.
"We need to tell you something, Zoe. Please, do not freak out. We aren't going to do anything, and we just need a friend."
“I won’t." Zoe hastily replied, tilting her head as she waited for the news.
“Okay.” I said taking a deep breath. “Fae and I aren’t from here.”
“That doesn’t matter!”
“No, not from this place!” I emphasized.
“You mean Britain? That doesn’t matter.”
“I don’t even know what Britain is!” I exclaimed.
“Ohhh, so you're foreign?”
“Well, yes.”
“That’s fine by me! Are you from America?”
“Zoe.” Fae said.
“Yes?” she replied.
“We are not from this realm. We are from the realm of Deephaven, a different… universe, if you wish.”
“Are you high right now?” Zoe nervously chuckled as she looked between us.
“What’s high?" 
She looked back and forth like a tennis ball between me and Fae.
“Deephaven is a realm of the supernatural. Well,only two sorts of supernatural beings. Vampires and Witches.” Fae expanded.
“Haha, very funny. I almost believed you for a second.” Zoe said sarcastically.
I rolled my eyes at Fae. I decided if she didn’t believe Fae I would make her believe by showing her. I channeled my hunger, my eyes turning bright red and opened my mouth wide- two fangs emerged from where my canines were.
Zoe jumped back, terror filled her eyes, “No!” Zoe yelled, backing away from us.
Fae jumped over next to Zoe, “Shhh…Zoe. No need to fear-”
“No need to fear?! She’s a vampire!” Zoe screeched.
“Took her long enough,” I said, leaning back into the soft beanbag. 
“Did you just expect her to suddenly think what you were saying is true, Dawn! Don't be ridiculous. Zoe, Zoe! Calm down." Fae, sat her down on her bed, "I am Fae Baldovino Callidora, meaning a brave, faithful friend who beholds much confidence. I am her minion, I am mentally linked to her, meaning we can hear each others thoughts and we cannot be separated. Also as her minion, I am her witch.” Fae explained making graceful hand gestures creating a powerful source of multicolored light.
Zoe was in absolute awe. Fae looked at me and squinted her eyes, as she put her attention back onto Zoe.
“Please we are begging you to help us conceal our secret and help us thrive in this weird realm.”
“Nuh-uh, she is not feeding off me!” Zoe protested, Fae restraining her from leaving.
“No,” I said stepping up, “The whole reason why I am here is because I resist the temptation of feeding from humans. I don’t want to hurt your kind.”
“But, what are you going to feed from?”
I looked at the ground, “I am unsure.” I whispered, thoughts flooding my head about what I may have to do to survive.
Fae’s head sprung up, “Dawn, you can feed off me, I don’t mind.”
“No! That is NOT happening Fae, I would rather feed from a human” I exclaimed whilst Zoe released herself from Fae's grip and slowly backed away onto the bed. 
“Well, if we had known that we wouldn’t be here would we!” Fae said angrily, her face going bright red and her fists clenching. I could hear the blood pulsing through her veins as her heart beat got faster.
Zoe ran over to Fae.
“Shh… Fae. Its going to be okay. I’ll help the two of you. We will be okay.” Zoe said in a soothing voice. I heard Fae’s heartbeat slow down, whilst Zoe's was still beating fast.
“Thank you so much.” Fae said, beginning to tear up. Zoe raised her hand to her delicate face, “I will help you both get through this- somehow.” Zoe said calmly, her body relaxing.
“Dinner’s ready!” her mum shouted from down the corridor.

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