The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


19. Scene 19

Zoe sobbed on Aiden’s shoulder as we broke the news to her that Aiden, like his brother, had been transformed. When Casper had dug his nails into him he must have mingled their blood together causing they’re DNA to merge which meant that Aiden was turning into a vampire. 
“I’m so sorry,” I said to Zoe who sobbed into Aiden's neck. Aiden seemed to be taking the news better than her or either he was just in a state of shock. He suddenly pulled away from her and coughed up a pool of blood all over the floor. Fae ran over to him and put her hand on his forehead.
“He is ice cold Dawn!” She shouted at me as she checked his heart rate. She grabbed Aiden and sat him on a pile of blankets that have been stored in the car, and quickly examined Zoe to make sure that the blood had not entered her system as well. 
“Shit, I need to do a spell on Aiden to make sure that his cells aren't rejecting the transformation.” She said to me worry filling her voice as it quivered.
“Do what you need to Fae, just don’t hurt yourself.”
She called out some words in Latin, her long purple hair floated above her head and a grey fog formed.
The fog filled the area surrounding them and it looked as if they had both disappeared. Once the spell ceased the fog slowly evaporated and Fae nearly collapsed. She ran over to me, tears accumulating in her eyes. I knew instantly that something was wrong.
“Fae he is not transforming is he?” I whispered to her as tears fell down her face. She nodded and I pulled her in towards my chest.
“Fae doesn't be sad, we will find a way through this I promise.” 
“I better go tell Zoe.” She snuffled as she pulled away from my chest and wiped her eyes. She walked over to Zoe and grabbed her hands, as she broke the news Zoe began to cry even more. She sprinted over to Aiden and hugged him.
 "Aiden, the venom that has entered your bloodstream has rejected your blood cells. It's beginning to react and if we don't stop it, you'll die." Zoe sobbed,
 "Fae! You have to be able to do something. You have to!" 
"I don't know if I can, I should be able to, but the likeliness of it working is slim”  He brought Zoe closer and wiped her tears off of her cheek. "Zoe, Shh... please, it's going to be fine." She placed her hand over his.

When we walked into Zoe's, we headed upstairs to discuss what we had to do. We all sat down as Fae meditated. "Ahah!" She said, "I know the recipe.
" "Okay so it's- one white candle, lavender," and she went on naming objects, "And most importantly, the blood of the one who injected the venom. Oh," she was twirling her hair nervously. "Okay it's fine Fae, we can do it," Dawn said pushing her hair from her face. "One thing. The venom will have an effect on you, hallucinations, sleep deprivation...."
 "Okay. Fine. I can take it. All's good then." Aiden said, in pain. 
 "Wait, my parents!" he yelled, he stood up to grab his phone, only to lose all balance and fall back. He flopped back onto the bed, pale and lifeless.
 "Stop," I said, "Fae and I will go over right now and make sure they're safe, okay?" He nodded. I grabbed my coat and headed out to the car, I didn’t know how to drive but I guess I could try. It is a matter of life or death.
“Wait up!” Fae called from behind as she struggled to put her coat on. 
“Stay here, Fae. I’m going alone.” I said unlocking the car and climbing into the driver's seat of Zoe’s red mini.
“No way it's too dangerous, your not going alone,” Fae exclaimed as she jumped into the passenger seat. I stared at her as she sat there patiently, waiting for me to take off- with her. 
“Fae, I mean it. Get out of this car now! He is my problem, not yours.” I said as I stuck the keys in the ignition and hovered my foot over the peddle. She sat there firm, not budging. I would have to make her leave. I unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her door. We were wasting precious time. It was soon going to be dark and even more dangerous.
“Get out right now Fae or else,” I said flashing her my red eyes, having control on when to use them and my fangs turns out to be quite handy. She jumped at the sight and grabbed the inner door handle, she started to pull the door shut but I swiftly got out of the car and grabbed the door, ensuring that it was still open.
She sat there annoyed that I had used my power against her.
“That's cheating.” She said stubbornly as she stood out of the car, “Your wish is my command.” She strolled back into the house and I climbed back into the car and set off to Casper’s house. I looked in the rear mirror to see Fae standing in the doorway, staring. I sighed as I kept my eyes on the road ahead.

I pulled up outside the old red brick house which Casper and Aiden lived in. I took a deep breath as I stood out of the car and onto the soil which Casper and Aiden had once aged on. I shut the door quietly behind me. I  stood on the walkway up to the house which was cracked and disintegrating underneath my feet which meant that the house was probably a hundred years old. The house was huge and there were no lights on which meant that either his parents were not home or they had been severely injured by Casper. I walked up the pavement, the cold wind brushing up against my skin. I heard a crash behind me and turned around to see that a branch from a tree had fallen onto the bumper of the car denting it slightly. I turned back around to see Casper standing right in front of my face about 3 centimeters away, his warm breath turning into frost as it mingled with mine. 
“Hello, gorgeous. Is it not a bit chilly for such a fragile girl to be out by herself on a winters night?” 
“Hello, Casper,” I said as I stood firmly on my feet, the cold breeze brushing my red hair behind my shoulders. The birds seemed to silence their once cheery song.
His skin was pale and delicate like porcelain. Dark rings had formed under his eyes and his black hair stood up on top of his head. I stared into his eyes which seemed so lifeless now.  He grabbed hold of my wrists and pulled me closer to him. He placed my hands on his chest and our faces were only a centimeter apart. 
“What are you doing here?” He asked as he stared into my eyes in an attempt to intimidate me but I stared right back. I pulled my hands away from his and straightened my jacket. I pushed straight past him and headed for his front door. 
“How do you expect to get in without a key?” He said with a smirk as I turned around, a silver key that reflected the moonlight was gripped inside his hand. I ran up and dived at him grabbing the key from his hand I sprinted back up to the door but he was too fast and had bet me there. 
“Now Dawn, you didn’t think I would give you the key so easily without wanting something in return?”He whispered into my ear as he spun me around and pinned my arms up against the door, his warm breath touching my neck. 
“You want a drink?” I asked, “Because judging by this house I am sure there is a bottle of whiskey or something in there for you.” Casper chuckled and he loosened his grip on my wrists.
“No, I’m okay… for now. I desire something else.” He teased as he lent in and made the gap between us smaller.
“Your not the boy I fell in love with,” I confessed as I tried to avoid eye contact. He let go of one of my wrists and pinned the other above my head, the hand that he had free he used to grab my chin and force me to look into his eyes. He closed the gap between us as he kissed me on the lips, a familiar feeling swept throughout my body. He let go of my other hand and wrapped it around my waist, pulling my chest closer to his. I closed my eyes and pulled away, my lips still balancing on his. He is the guy who I love but he wasn't the same person anymore.
“Whats wrong?” He asked in a voice that sounded like the person I used to know. Concern seeped from his words, right under my skin.
“You,” I said pushing him away and kicking him in the knee. He collapsed onto the floor and heaved in pain as I turned the key in the lock only for it to get stuck. From the corner of my eye, I saw Casper lift himself off of the floor, remorse flooded over me. I continued to trace his steps out of the corner of my eye as he tried to creep up on me. Suddenly a huge shadow appeared over me and the door and Casper were gone. I turned around to see who must have been Casper’s parents pulling into the driveway.  A woman emerged from the car and stared at me from the vehicle. She said something to the man who got out of the car and strode up to me.
“Who are you and what are you doing?!? Get away from here or I will call the police!” He roared, shaking his fists at me.
“I’m a friend of Casper and I was looking for him,” I explained as the car lights blared into my eyes.
“Really now. Tell me something only a friend would know about him.” He challenged.
“That he can be a real dick,” I muttered under my voice.
“What was that?” The man asked as he snatched the key from me and stared at it.
“Anyway I better be off, and Aiden is staying the night at Zoe’s,” I said as I trotted down the walkway to the car. The man chose not to question me any further and let me go. I pulled out of the driveway and drove back to the house. 
“You know you should really have a shower sometime soon,” I said as I took a swift left turn causing Casper who was camping in the back of the car to go flying against the window. I stopped the car and pulled Casper out, I threw him onto the grass which was on the park we had once visited. He crawled backward away from me as I walked closer to him. 
“My turn to mess with your feelings,” I shouted as I picked him up and pinned him against a tree. 
“Please don’t hurt me, Dawn.” He cried, his eyes scrunching up, and his hands concealing his face.
“Why should I not hurt you? Give me a good reason, especially after trying to kill your brother.” I asked curiously. 
“Because, I still love you, Dawn.” He stated. The words hit me like a ton of bricks, weighing me down. He had to be lying. He had turned into a remorseless monster which was not the guy I had fallen in love with. I let go of him and got back into the car, tears threatening to drip down my face. Casper opened the door and sat down next to me, he pulled me in towards his chest and tried to soothe me. I knew it was too good to be true that he had suddenly transformed, even for a minute, back into the man I loved. He sat me up and looked straight into my eyes, he wiped away the excess tears from my eyelids and whispered to me
“Goodnight Bitch.” 
That was the last thing I remembered after that he snapped my neck, sending me into a deep slumber.

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