The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


18. Scene 18

It was the morning of Zoe’s birthday and I sent Fae into Zoe’s room to give her the gift.
Fae knocked on her door. "Who is it?" Zoe called. "Fae!" Fae replied. Fae then entered the room and I heard her say to Zoe,
"No questions. Call Dawn when it's on."  I looked at her and she gave me a thumbs up handing me another two boxes which Casper had delivered earlier for Zoe. I heard Zoe call me in so I quickly opened the door and gasped to see Zoe, who looked like a princess in the Burgundy dress.
"Zoe, oh-wow." In my arms, I carried the other two boxes. I sat down next to Zoe and opened it. Inside it was filled with makeup. I carefully did her makeup and pinned up her long, blond hair into a graceful bun. I then reached out for the next box. It was black with a silver ribbon. Zoe opened it to see a pair of silver high heels, next to them there was a tag. On the tag, it read in beautiful calligraphy, "Zoe, go to the local hall. Happy Birthday, Princess." 
 I took Zoe outside to see Fae sitting patiently in the red mini for us both. Zoe stepped into the seat and we took off. When I stepped into the hall it was filled with colorful balloons that read happy birthday on them. Zoe walked further down the hall to see Aiden, in a tux. He beamed at her and held his arm out to beckon Zoe to dance with him. Beautiful music played in the background. She smiled as they danced to the slow music. He twirled her around and she placed her head on his shoulder. She couldn't have been happier. "Aiden, why did you do this?" She asked, me eavesdropping on the conversation from the other side of the room.
"Because." He said with a shrug.
“Because of what?” She asked completely and utterly confused, “this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”
 "You told me you loved the idea of being a princess, so I took the liberty of showing you that you are my princess," Aiden whispered into her ear as he danced with her.
“Soppy love.” Fae chuckled as we stood at the end of the room admiring the happy couple.
“That will be you someday,” I stated at Fae who was dressed in a white knee length dress with long sleeves.
Suddenly I heard a bang. The window smashed and the glass shards scattered all over the floor. Zoe fell into Aiden’s arms and they both ducked onto the floor as did me and Fae. Casper jumped through and landed on the floor like a cat.
“What the fuck!” Fae yelled at me, “ I told you we should not have let him go!” I looked over at the smashed window and saw Casper slowly walking over to us, a smirk plastered across his face. 
"Why, hello Dawn. Don't you look precious in that dress?" He said, kneeling down to me, he grabbed my chin. "Such a shame that this beautiful night has to come to an end hmm?" 
“Casper let go of me,” I muttered, trying to avoid contact but he just pushed me back more. 
"Let go of you? Sweetheart, we're just getting started." He went over and grabbed a shard of glass from the shattered windows, releasing me. He sauntered back over and knelt by Fae this time.
"Oh Fae, that dress is gorgeous... too bad it's going to be ruined soon enough." He started stroking the shard gently. Then in one quick movement, he sliced it along Fae's face. Blood dripped onto her white dress, staining it a deep red. She shrieked with pain. "FAE!" I screamed in horror. Casper spun his head around, focusing all of his attention on me. He grabbed my arm and sliced it. Fae shot him with he magic and he crashed back into the opposite wall, near Zoe and Aiden. His forehead was cut. "Casper, why are you doing this?" 
"Because I can't have you being stronger than I can I?" He stood up and started walking back towards me, his eyes glowing.
 "Aiden, what is going on!?" Zoe whispered terrified.
“I honestly don’t know.” He whispered back to him. 
"Oh, brother. How did I not see you here? And your little girlfriend too!" Casper said, baring fangs.
"Stay away from her," Aiden growled.
"Oh no, now. Relax." He said, growing more provocative. "I'm going to kill her first and let you watch her die, then kill you." He said with a smirk.
Casper leaped towards Zoe and went to kill her, shocked, she turned her head away, blocking it with her hand, to find nothing happened. 
“Do something!” I shouted at Fae who was frozen with terror.
 I spun back around to see Casper, sitting on the ground clenching Aiden's neck, blood oozing from where his nails had dug in under the flesh. Fae saw that he was going to kill him and sprung to her feet next to me and blasted him with magic. Casper flew backward into a table that was covered in party food. Fae and I ran over to Zoe and Aiden. I grabbed Aiden and Inspected his neck, to only flinch away. 
"Dawn, stand back," Fae said warningly. "I'll be fine."
 I stood away and tried to focus on the glass on the ground.
Fae examined him, blood was spurting through the cracks between his fingers. He flinched at Zoe’s touch, "What happened?" she asked, wrapping her arm around him. Aiden tried to talk but spluttered in his own words. "Casper. He attacked him." Zoe was so confused about what was happening. Why would he attack his own brother, I heard her think.
"Dawn, I have something to tell you. But first, can I clean up Aiden?"
"Of course."
 Fae cleaned him up and stopped the bleeding and we sat down, Aiden was lying down on the floor wrapped in cloths and blankets asleep. "Okay, this is going to be a lot to take in, are you ready for this?" I questioned. "I think I'll be fine," Zoe said, attempting to force a smile, but her eyes flickered, her head filled with questions.



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