The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


17. Scene 17

“Here, I will get the bags and you carry him into the car,” Zoe said as she opened the boot so that she could quickly transfer everything. I nodded and went down into the dusty crypt and picked up Casper, who was asleep.
“Please don’t!” He muttered as he slept talked. I carried him through the derelict church and out to the car.
“Fae, open the back car door!” Fae jumped up as she did not know I was behind her.
“Jesus Dawn! Don’t creep up on me like that!” I rolled my eyes up to heaven as I put Casper in the back of the car. I sighed in relief as I shut the door, my arms limp and tired from carrying him. Zoe ran up to the car and placed everything in the boot.
“You ready to go?” I asked Zoe who looked nervous. She gulped at what I said and nodded yes. I climbed into the back of the car next to Casper as Fae sat in the front next to Zoe. I lifted Casper’s head onto my lap as he looked quite uncomfortable with his head bobbing up and down. I saw Zoe look back at us in the rearview mirror, her face was pale white and a look of worry hung in her eyes.

I stayed up all night next to Casper as he kept having nightmares and sat awake screaming out of fear. Fae tried to stay awake to, just to make sure that I was okay but she must have fallen asleep in the armchair. Casper’s eyes fluttered open as he woke up, his dark eyes staring into mine. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, stretching his arms above his head, “Well this is not where I fell asleep.” He said as he pulled the covers off of himself and walked over to the bathroom. I stood up and stretched myself loose of all tension in my limbs.
Casper strutted out of the bathroom looking pale white, his black hair fell limp.
“Its a bit dark in here.” He stated as he walked over to the curtains and pulled them open. He leaped backward as the sun seared his pale skin, causing red boils all over his arms. I ran over and shut the curtains and turned around to see Casper huddled up in a ball in the corner of the room. Fae had woken up when Casper ran over to the corner of the room knocking a lamp off the table. She saw the burns on Casper’s arm and left the room to get some healing herbs.
“You okay?”
“Do I look okay to you Dawn? Sure you may be used to your flesh melting but I am not!” He shouted at me sarcastically.
“Jeez dude, calm down.”
“Calm down? Really Dawn?” He smirked, “You always try to show the positive in a situation, so tell me what are the positives right now?
“You're still alive, for one.” I started wanting to list more but that would just aggravate him. He clenched his fists but relaxed when Fae walked back in with a pestle and mortar containing herbs which would heal his wounds.
“Do you have a ring or any jewelry I can enchant with a protection spell which stops you from burning in sunlight?”
He pulled out a silver ring from his pocket and handed it to her, it had silver writing on it which was unrecognizable from where I was standing. Fae inspected it to make sure that it was suitable and would withstand being tampered with. She tossed the ring into her pocket and rubbed the mixture she had created on Casper’s arm. I paced the room as I waited for his cuts to heal.
“What’s all the commotion?” Zoe said as she staggered into the room in her unicorn slippers.
“You know, just nearly killing myself,” Casper said as he rubbed the excess herbs off of his arm. Fae finished with the ring and placed it on his finger.
“Of course! What else would you be doing.” Zoe yawned as she headed back out the door and into the living room to watch television.
“Wait for me!” Fae called at us.
“I better be going,” Casper said walking out of the room before Fae and grabbing his coat from the door hook.
“Are you sure you want to go?” I asked as I followed him out to his car which was still parked there from the other night. He turned the key in the car door and looked at me as the door clicked open.
“I’m positive and don’t worry I will be fine.” He muttered as he got into the car and locked the doors from the inside, probably afraid that I would kidnap him again. I waved goodbye to him and he waved back as he reversed out of the driveway. It was freezing cold so I headed back inside and took my shoes off, immediately regretting the decision as the oak wood was freezing. I ran into the living room which was carpeted and sat down next to Fae.
“Don’t look so sad Dawn, after all, it's my birthday tomorrow!” Zoe exclaimed as the smell of freshly cooked waffles filled the air. My stomach rumbled at the scent and I lost track of what Zoe was saying.
“So Casper will probably be here tomorrow.” She finished. I looked at her confused and lost as I had only heard the first part of the conversation.
“Dawn must be really upset.” I heard her say.
“I am not upset,” I said to her making her confused and bewildered.
“What are you on about Dawn? Zoe didn’t say anything.” Fae stated. I looked at her and she looked back at me.
“Dawn I thought you said that you can’t read minds?” Zoe asked.
“I can’t,” I replied but Zoe still stared at me with her mouth wide open, the smell of waffles hanging in the air.
“You can! That's what I thought a second ago…”
“Oh my god Dawn!” Fae shouted jumping up onto the sofa, “You can read minds! That talent has not been discovered in centuries since the original, they were the first and only person that was able to do so!” Fae said with excitement. Tanya walked in with a tray in her hand to see Fae jumping up and down like a chimpanzee on steroids.
“I thought it was Zoe’s birthday and not yours.” She chuckled as she placed the tray of waffles and plates onto the dark out table in the center of the sitting room.
“About your birthday, Fae and Dawn will you come into the kitchen for a minute please?” She asked as she winked at both of us. Fae and I followed her out of the room to the kitchen which was full of dirty bowls covered in batter and burnt mix.
“Girls here is fifty pounds for you to go and buy Zoe a birthday present.” She said handing us a fifty-pound note. I was still getting to grips with the currency and when I asked her why it had a fifty on it she chuckled. Where we came from we didn’t need currency as the rulers supplied everything needed.
“Now go finish your waffles and then I will drop you uptown if you want because she is going to see Aiden anyways today.”
I smiled at Tanya to show our gratitude towards her lending us the money to get Zoe a gift. I headed back into the sitting room to see Zoe smirking to herself whilst looking at her phone.
“Is your boyfriend bringing you out today?” I asked, diving on top of her and snatching the plate of cold waffles which she had left on her lap.
“They're mine! There is a whole stack there, take your own.” She said as she snatched the plate from my hands.
I hissed at her and she handed me the plate back, I laughed as I continued to eat the waffles. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see Fae staring at me, probably in a world of her own. I finished the whole stack of waffles and headed up the stairs to get changed into something more appropriate then pajamas since I was going uptown. Zoe had given me loads of her clothes that she had so I wore a yellow Batman t-shirt with dark denim jeans and a pair of Nike runners. I tied my bright red hair into a ponytail and put on my necklace which Casper had given me on our first date. I clutched onto the red ruby that was encased in a silver heart cage, the one gift that Casper had given me while he was human that I could keep forever. I snuffled as Fae walked in to tell me that they were heading out now so I grabbed my bag and purse (which Tanya gave me) and followed Fae out to the car.

“Girls be careful.” Tanya said as we got out of the car.
“Don’t worry we will be.” Fae replied as she shut the car door behind us and waved Tanya and Zoe off.
“Well, what do girls like?” I asked Fae who had walked up to the doors of the shopping center without me. The building was huge and made of glass.
“You know you are one.” She chuckled, “I know what you mean but I have an idea.”
Fae spent at least 2 hours (if not more) dress shopping and it was the most boring two hours of my life. Fae had concluded that the most suitable present to get Zoe would be a dress that she could wear for her birthday tomorrow as Fae had gotten a text message off Aiden saying that he was bringing her out for a surprise dinner.
“What about this one?” Fae asked picking up the exact same dress that we had seen in another shop about an hour ago.
“I think I don’t give a fuck.”
“Language,” Fae said as she hung the dress back on the clothes rack and huffed.
“Let's go into another shop, there is nothing here that will suit her,” I said as I stormed out of the crowded shop that smelt like dirty laundry. We walked through the shopping center searching for another shop which we could plunder for a dress. Just as we were about to exit the shopping center and head to another one I saw the most beautiful burgundy dress, the layers pouring down and a deep red lace going down the arms of the dress.
“That will suit her perfectly,” I stated as I walked into the shop and picked up the dress, waving it in Fae’s face. She looked at it in complete and utter awe.
“It is perfect.” She whispered as she took it from my hand and admired the stitching. Without consultation or hesitation, Fae went up to the counter and paid for the dress using the fifty-pound note. She requested that it would be wrapped up as it was a gift and the cashier agreed without hesitating as I am pretty sure he fancied her. He came back five minutes later and handed her a box which I presumed contained the dress. She thanked the cashier and walked out of the shop forgetting about me.
“Wait up!” I called after her as I tripped over a wooden bench, face first into the floor. Fae stopped and turned around to see my lying on the floor in agony. I lifted my self up and stumbled over to Fae who had stayed in the same position since I had called her.
“Some help would have been nice,” I said sarcastically and bitterly at her. She laughed and started fumbling at the packaging on the box.
“There is something stuck under the ribbon.” She fretted as she tried to remove whatever was underneath. She got furious and handed the gigantic box, it's egg-shelled colored packaging with a brown ribbon tied around it looked imperfect. I dug my nails under the ribbon and found a piece of paper underneath addressed to the ‘girl with the beautiful long, purple hair.’ I handed it to Fae who opened it to find a phone number- the phone number of the cashier who had served her in the dress shop.
“Oh la la.” I teased, “You gonna call your soon to be boyfriend, that is if you choose to call him.” I winked.
Fae chuckled, “I would but he is not exactly my type.”

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