The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


16. Scene 16

Zoe grabbed her phone from her bedside table and rung Aiden and told him to keep an eye on Casper. Aiden didn’t know what had happened so Zoe told him that Casper was in an emotional state after I broke up with him.
“He says he will keep an eye on him till we get there,” Zo said as she hung up on Aiden. Fae composed a plan that she would enter the room with Zoe and take him back to our house which I thought was a bad idea.
“We can’t bring him back here,” I explained saying that it was too risky. Fae agreed as did Zoe so I said I would go hunting for a place to bring him for the night. I grabbed my coat and headed out in the rain to search for a temporary safe house.

I searched abandoned shops and buildings but all of them seemed too near someone that would report us for trespassing and I could not risk Casper going berserk on them. The rain poured from the sky like a never-ending stream of tears. I put my hood up and continued to search for somewhere safe. I ended up walking to a cemetery which contained a huge abandoned church which resembled a burial site from where I and Fae came from. I entered the church and shook the water off of my coat which was saturated. The church was slowly deteriorating and it was missing half of the ceiling so water kept dripping in. The stained glass windows were smashed in and the colorful glass laid all over the broken tiles which were the floor. The church was more like a big wooden shack with fancy windows. Pieces of the wooden walls were eroding and the ‘alter’ was destroyed.
“Some church.” I chuckled under my breath as I searched it for some sanctuary. I began to lose hope as no walls meant no protection. I was furious that I had spent all day searching for something which I could not find and kicked the altar, smashing the marble into a thousand pieces. I sat down on one of the benches and cradled my foot which ached badly, and that was when I noticed it.
I stood up and walked over to the piece of marble which I shattered and saw that there was a lever hidden underneath. I used all of my strength as I pulled the lever. When the lever finally budged it unveiled a secret set of stairs underneath the alter which contained a crypt. I slowly walked down the old stone staircase into the crypt which was empty.
“Not exactly a crypt anymore.” I thought as I pulled out my new phone which Zoe had gotten me and dialed her phone number.
“Hey Zoe, it's Dawn. I think I have found a suitable place to keep Casper in the meantime.”
“Okay, where is it? I have him in the care now so I will bring him straight there.”
“Its the old abandoned wooden church in the cemetery.”
“No offense Dawn but I don’t think we will be sending you out base hunting ever again! That place has hardly any walls and no roof! How do you expect for us to keep him contained in there?”
“Look, just bring him okay,” I said as I hung up before she could object any further to my plan.

About twenty minutes later Zoe arrived with Fae, they had Casper locked in the back of the car thumping on the windows. Fae was emptying supplies out of the boot of the car while Zoe rushed over to me.
“We need you to get Casper out of the car,” Zoe stated as she pointed at him sitting in the car looking really pissed off. I nodded and walked over to the car door with the keys in my hand. I unlocked the door and Casper just sat there staring at me.
“Not even trying to escape?” I asked as I lifted him out of the car and bounded his hands together with string.
“Why should I even bother to try. You're so much stronger than me.” He stated bitterly. He looked toward the forest and his eyes flickered.
“Not for long…” I sighed under my breath knowing what was to become of him. I dragged him against his will into the crypt which Zoe had prepared with 2 sleeping bags, food, and water.
“No boardgames?” Casper asked quite disappointed at the preparation that Zoe had done.
“I can get you one if you want?” I asked him. He looked at me and laughed.
“I am good , at least if you stay with me.” He said.
“You changed your tune quickly enough.”
“I am sorry… iit'sjust when you find out that your not exactly human anymore you kind of freak out.” He exclaimed which was understandable. I hugged him and he hugged me back. He leaned again the moss-covered walls and sighed.
“Well I guess I am stuck here, in a damp, moldy crypt with the most beautiful girl in the world slowly transforming into a monster.”
“Is that what you think of me?” I asked, “A monster?”
Casper was silent after i asked the question which made me presume that the answer was a yes. I left him against the wall and went out to Fae who was standing next to the car waiting for Zoe in the rain.
“You don’t have to stay with him all night by yourself.”
“I made this mess, I should help him get through it.” I replied as I hugged Fae goodbye. She stared into my eyes, her purple hair saturated. 
“Make sure to phone me in an hour to tell me if you are okay, Zoe and I will check up on you in the morning.”
“I sure will,” I said as I headed back inside to tell Zoe that it was okay and that she could leave with Fae now and head back home.
“Are you sure your okay? Should I tell Aiden what happened?” She asked worriedly.
“I am fine but you need to go home and rest and I don’t know about telling Aiden to be honest… wait a while and we will see what Casper wants.” I sighed as I hugged Zoe goodbye. I headed down into the crypt and closed it back up using the lever on the other side.
“How long?” Casper asked, “How long?”
“How long what?”
“How long are we in here for and how long will the transformation take.”
“We are going to stay here just for tonight so that I can explain everything to you-”
“Explain everything to me!?! About what!”
“About what its like and how to control yourself, you know what I mean.”
“You mean how to be like you basically.”
“How to be like one of my kind.” I replied sitting down on top of the sleeping bag. Casper came and sat down next to me so I leaned up against his shoulder. He rubbed my back in an attempt to comfort me even though I should have been the one comforting him.
“I’m so sorry Casper.” I whispered as I began to cry.
“Don’t cry Dawn, if anything I should be the one crying.”
I felt worse after what he said. I had just ruined his life. The chance for him to grow old with someone he loved and have kids was gone.
“Anyways how bad can it be?” He said unzipping his sleeping bag and laying it across the dusty floor.
“What are you doing?” I asked, curious about what he was doing.
“Lets make my last meal as a human a good one to remember, even if it is in a crypt.”
I laughed and sat down on one side of the mat and he sat down on the other.
“I still love you Dawn.” He started grabbing hold of my hand and putting it on his chest.
“You hear this heartbeat? Even when it stops, I will still and will always love you.”
“And I will always love you.” I replied stroking his face with the back of my hand, “No matter what.”
A tear fell from Casper’s face and I wiped it away.
“I thought this was meant to be a happy occasion.” I giggled.
“My Last Supper.” Casper replied, “Except I wouldn’t call cheese puffs a great last meal.”
He opened the bag which was half air and poured the orange snacks into a bowl, the excess powder pouring all over his sleeping bag which was covering the cold hard stone floor.
“Ooops!” Casper said attempting to dust the powder off of his bag but it just made it worse.
“You can sleep in mine tonight.” I offered as he continued to rub the powder into the fabric.
“I can’t do that! Where are you going to sleep?” He said, “Oh…”
“Your taking the sleeping bag.” I told him ,” Plus it might be your last night sleeping as a human.”
“Except I am not technically human now since my DNA is changing.”
“Stop being a sarcastic asshole and just do what I say.” I chuckled as I threw the rolled up sleeping bag into his face. He didn’t realize that I had thrown it as he was to busy finishing off the rest of the cheese puffs.
“Watch out!” I shouted at him even though he was about three meters away. He didn’t even lift his head up to look at the sleeping bag which was hurtling towards his head. Just as it was about to hit his head his hand raised from the bowl of crisps and swiftly caught the sleeping back. I was in awe as there was no way he could have caught that as I human, unless he was extremely talented or physic.
“Would you look at that.” He said as he held the sleeping bag in his hands, “I guess I really am changing.”

I hunched my back up against the cold, moldy wall as I watched Casper sleep peacefully. I had just relaxed after finishing talking to Casper about everything he needed to know when my phone went off.
“ Hello?” I whispered trying not to wake Casper up.
“Are you okay? Is he handling everything well.” I think it was Zoe who I was talking to.
“Zo everything is fine although I think that you should get Fae to make a sleeping potion and we can move him to the house.”
“Is that not risky?”
“He seems fine and i am sure he is nearly transformed, which means that if he is no harm now how much worse can he get?” I stated, positive that Casper would be okay if we moved him. I heard Zoe huff as she muttered something to Fae who must have been sitting right next to her.
“We will be there in ten.” And like that she hung up.

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