The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


14. Scene 14

I woke up cuddled next to Casper in bed. He was fast asleep but still looked pale and fragile. The moon lit the whole room up. I got up out of bed to see Fae in bed and Zoe camped up next to the bed on the floor. I pulled to quilt off of me and stood up out of the bed and covered Casper back over. My mouth felt dry so I headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water, the stairs creaking as I went down the staircase. I headed over to the cupboard and got a Coca-Cola glass out and filled it with water from the tap. I gulped the glass down and went to get another when I heard the door behind me squeak open. I put the glass down on the counter and grabbed a knife from the drawer. I turned around and held the knife firmly in my hand. I could not see who it was as they were lurking in the shadows away from the light of the moon.
“Who are you and what do you want?” I asked them as I stood at the sink clutching the knife. The figure moved stealthily towards me I wielded the knife tightly and threatened to stab them. The person refused to talk so I lunged at them, piercing the knife through their skin. The figure fell to the floor and clung to the knife which was inside of them. I could smell the blood and soon realized who it was.
“Casper!” I shouted as I went over to him and laid his head on my lap. I panicked and didn’t know what to do so I called for someone. Zoe walked into the kitchen and turned the light on enlightening the whole room.
“Oh God.” She said as she came over, “What do we do?” I nodded at her not knowing what to do.
“I will get Fae.” She said as she rushed out of the room and up the oak staircase. I tried to keep Casper awake, the knife protruding out of his chest. I could not stand the sight and pulled the knife out, his blood dripping from it like candle wax from a red candle. I dropped it to the tiled floor, the blood splattering from the knife. Fae walked in and looked at Casper then at me.
“For Christ sake Dawn! You need to stop doing this!” She exclaimed as she kneeled next to him. She was yielding a bag of small black seeds.
“Where is the cut?” She asked as she checked his pulse for the second time that day. I pointed at his chest and Fae grabbed the wet knife and cut through his t-shirt, suddenly stopping in her tracks.
“What is it? Why have you stopped.” I asked her worried that maybe it was too late to save him.
“Nothing. That’s the problem.” She said standing up. I looked at where the cut should have been on Casper’s chest only to see nothing but a nasty scar. Fae looked shocked as did Zoe.
“How is that possible?” Zoe questioned Fae but Fae nodded as she had no clue how as only vampires could heal that way. Wait. That was it. I stood up as Casper’s head thumped against the cold hard floor and backed into the fridge.
“What have I done, What have I done,” I repeated over and over again in a whisper. Fae looked quizzically at me and rushed over to me.
“What is it, Dawn? What have you done?” She said as she shook me by the shoulders and looked straight into my eyes, her turquoise eyes staring straight through me.
“Tell me now Dawn! It could be a matter of life or death.” She shouted at me. I took a deep breath as I prepared myself to tell her about what I had done.
“Fae, he is no longer human…” I whispered into her ear as Zoe walked over. Fae let go of my shoulders and took a few steps back realizing what I had meant.
“It's not possible… is it?” Fae said as she went over to Casper and examined his gums. A look of worry filled her eyes as she realized that I was right, that Casper was no longer human but in fact, A Vampire.

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