The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


12. Scene 12

We arrived at this huge tent that was shaped like a dome.
“This it?” I asked as we joined a long line in front of a ticket booth.
“No!” He gasped, “This is where I buy my drugs.” 
“That explains why your so stupid.” I replied making myself crack up. 
“I’m just intelligent beyond your understanding.” He warned, making a goofy face that made me laugh even more. The cue slowly moved forward.
“No actually. Your not intelligent or on drugs, your just a sarcastic asshole.” I acknowledged laughing and throwing my head backwards.
“You see this look on my face.” He asked.
“What look? You look like a lob sided goldfish!” 
“This,” He said whilst pointing at his face, “this is how i look when i am not amused” 
“Well i guess its just you who’s unamused cause i know i certainly am.”  I continued still laughing.
Casper finally gave in and chuckled. When we finally reached the booth Casper purchased two tickets, one for me and one for him. 
“If you go in and tell them your shoe size they will give you a pair of skates.” The person in the booth stated. Casper nodded at her,
“Thank you.” He murmured back to her as we walked into the entrance of the huge tent. When we entered it was filled with a huge ice rink and several stalls which sold varies different delicacies. The pungent smell of hot chocolate filled the air. Casper walked up to one of the stalls which was much larger than the others and ordered a pair of shoes in a size 7. He tapped the counter as he waited for him to bring him the boots. The guy handed him the boots and in exchange Casper handed him the ticket which we received at the door.
“I am pretty sure we wont both fit in those boots.” I doubted as he came over to me. He tapped me on the nose,
“Silly Dawn! You go up and order a pair with your own ticket.” He assured as he handed me my ticket.
“Be right back.” I said as I went up and ordered a size 6 pair of skates. 
“Ticket.” He replied as he laid the boots on the counter of the stall. I picked up the piece of paper which I had left on the counter and handed to him. Satisfied he handed me the boots.
“Have a pleasant and icy day!” He said unenthusiastically. I tried on the boots and they fitted just right which was convenient as I had no clue what size shoe I was. I stood up on the blades of the shoes and wobbled a little but obtained my balance after a few seconds. Casper walked over to me like he had been walking in skates for years. 
“You ready?” He asked eagerly. I nodded and followed him over to the entrance of the rink. He stepped on the ice and held his hands out signaling me to grab hold of them, which I did. I stepped onto the ice which I first slipped on but I quickly adjusted to the surface.
“Oh my god Casper! This is just like something we have back at home!” I exclaimed as i pulled away from his hands. He looked at me with his head tilted sideways as I slowly shuffled along the ice. Casper tried to follow me but ended up falling over and having to glide himself along the railings.
“You can’t skate can you?” I asked him, laughing at his attempt to maneuver himself over to me, his bottom sticking up in the air as he bent over pulling his legs up off the ice only a tiny step at a time. I skated over to him stopping straight in front of him but I guess he didn’t expect me to stop but to crash into him as he shielded his face. This time it was my turn to grab his hands and glide him around the ice rink. I tugged him behind me as I skid across the ice rink, showing him how to position his feet when doing so. He got used to it after about ten minutes and took to it like a swan on a lake.
“Look at me Dawn!” He shouted proudly as he skated backwards.
“Watch out!” I shouted back as he plummeted into the wall of the rink. I skated over to him and picked him up of the floor. 
“Oops.” He blurted as he clung onto my neck.
“Look follow my directions.” I commanded as I placed his arms around my waist.
“Left, right, left, glide.” I chanted as Casper got into the rhythm, following my steps in perfect time. Soon we were skating perfectly in unison.
“I want to try something.” Casper yelled from behind me as we were playing catch.
“What is it?” I asked. Casper quickly caught up to me and lifted me up from behind up into the air, spinning me around. The cold air hit me like a refreshing breeze. He lowered me down slowly as everyone in the rink clapped at our performance. 
“I think they liked that performance.” Casper chuckled still grasping my waist.
“I do too!” I said as Casper lent in and kissed me on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and embraced him. The audience started to clap some more which made Casper uncomfortable so he pulled away. He skated away teasing me so I followed him only to suddenly stop in my tracks as I heard a whisper. I turned around to see everyone talking to each other and having fun. “It must be Fae,” I thought as I concentrated on the voice. It was a mumble in the distance so I moved over to the border of the rink so that I didn’t need to worry about getting knocked over and so that I could concentrate more. 
“Dawn?” The voice whispered. It sounded like Fae’s so I answered.
“Fae? Is this you?” Well of course it had to because who else could i communicate with unless it was some rare skill i had of reading other peoples minds.
“Yes! I am in the shop at the moment and it genuinely has materials I can use for spells and potions.”
“That’s good!” I replied to her. Her voice suddenly faded as Casper shook me out of concentration. 
“You okay Dawn?” He questioned as he narrowed his eyes.
“Ya, was just talking to Fae. Telepathically of course.”
“Oh okay. I thought you felt sick or something!” Casper beamed, full of relief.
“Don’t worry I am not going to eat you… yet.” I growled at him imitating a tiger which made him jump.
“Don’t do that!” He said nudging me.
“Everyone who is in the ice rink please leave and let the next group enter. I hope you had an ice time here and please come back soon.” A deep voice ordered over an intercom. 
“Awwww.” Casper sighed, “I was enjoying that.” 
“We can come again, okay?” I promised.
“Deal.” He said as he shook my hand, “I look forward to it.” 
We took off our boots and put them back on the stall, afterward heading to the hot chocolate stand which smelt magnificent. I offered to pay for the drinks as I had enough to do so but Casper insisted on paying which made me feel guilty. He handed me my hot chocolate and paid the person at the till.
“What’s wrong?” He asked turning to me as i was just standing there swirling my spoon around and around like a ferris wheel in my hot chocolate.
“I just feel bad that you had to pay for all that.” I confessed. We started to walk back to the car highly regretting not driving to the ice rink as it was pouring rain. We hopped into the car, drenched from head to toe with rainwater. I shivered as my damp skin started to shrivel. 
“Here.” Casper said pulling a blanket out from the back seat and wrapping it around me.
“What about you? You must be freezing!” I babbled at him.
“Look, we’re nearly home then I can get changed, okay?”
“As long as your not left in those soaking clothes.” I replied, worried for his well being as I was certain that I wouldn’t get sick from any human virus’s, I wasn’t a suitable host. Casper pulled up at the door to Zoe’s house a few moments later. 
“Well that was quicker then I anticipated.” I said as I unstrapped my buckle and legged it to the front door. I flung it open and held it for Casper who looked like a wet dog. He attempted to shake himself dry to as he walked in.
“You act like such a bitch!” I laughed at him as he combed his hand through his damp hair.
“Bitch? Is that not your job?” He replied with a chuckle.
“Haha very funny! Now go upstairs and have a shower to warm you up before you get a sick!” I said as i urged him up the staircase.
“Fine, fine! If you insist.”

Fae and Zoe came back with bags of shopping.
“Dawn! Wait till you see what I got!” Fae said whilst shaking the bag of goodies in front of my face. I followed them both upstairs into my room and watched them as they emptied the contents out all over the bed. There was a magnificent display of various colors. There were herbs, powders, enchantable objects and special luminous liquids. I picked up a jar of what looked like eyeballs.
“Careful! Don’t drop them.” She said as she inspected the rest of her haul.
“Dawn? Is that you? You don’t have any shampoo?” Casper said as he waddled out of the bathroom with just a towel on, holding an empty bottle. He saw Zoe and Fae in the room and jumped, clinging onto his towel. 
“Ladies.” He said nodding, “How you doing?”
“I have seen better so please get back into the shower.” Zoe said shielding her eyes.
“Sorry.” He said with a cheeky wink, turning around and walking back into the bathroom.
“So what spells are you going to try?” I asked Fae, trying to forget about what had just happened.
Zoe noticed how I had quickly changed the subject and gave me a confused look. 
“I think I might start to make my own.” Fae said grabbing a pen and paper from the desk. She frantically wrote for an hour straight using a blue pen while me and Zoe watched the television.
Casper walked in and snuggled on the couch with me and we watched ‘Harry Potter’ with Zoe, the fire blazing in the corner. Fae suddenly stood up, holding the piece of paper in one hand and the pen in the other.
“Fae, what’s wrong?” I asked as i slowly stood up off the couch. She looked at me as the pen fell out of her hand, the blue ink lying all over the floor. 
“It’s nothing.” She mumbled as she stuffed the piece of paper in her pocket, refusing to let me see it. I went to snatch it out of her pocket but she hit my hand away. 
“Fine then. If you don’t want me to read I won’t.” I lied as I turned around and slowly walked over to Casper. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Fae ease up and move her hand away from her pocket. I darted for the piece of paper and I got it. I started to unfold the paper revealing columns and columns of small writing. I squinted my eyes as I tried to make out what it said. Fae tried to get it back by diving at me for it but I dodged it and she fell on top of Zoe and the couch. I managed to figure out what the first word was, and it was Dawn. I continued to stare at the limp piece of crumpled paper, determined to figure out what Fae wanted to hide from me. I gave up and threw it at Casper to see if he could decode it.
“I think it says…” Casper said looking slightly startled as he realized what it said. He looked at Fae who looked ashamed and terrified, biting her lip and her hands shaking. Casper went pure white as he continued what it said.
“It says ‘Dawn Is my love’.” Casper read out his voice slightly trembling, I could tell he was lying but I decided to not question him…yet. Fae’s face went bright red like a tomato, she stormed over grabbed the piece of paper and threw it into the fire. The page was engulfed by the flames. 

“Well, I better be heading off.” Casper yawned as he stood up off of the couch. I pulled a puppy dog face and tried to convince him to stay longer but he said he had to get back at his parents would be worried. I walked him up to the door. He opened it , a huge gust of wind touched my icy skin making me shiver and the hairs on my arm stand up. 
“I will talk to you tomorrow.” Casper said as he kissed me on my cheek making me blush. I waved goodbye at him as he pulled out of the driveway and drove away, off into the distance. I walked in to see Fae using her magic to move objects around the room and stack them on top of each other.
“Isn’t it marvelous!” Zoe exclaimed in awe as she watched the objects float.
“Quite.” I said as I looked at Fae which, for the first time in forever, looked happy and content.

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