The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


11. Scene 11

As the sun raised up into the sky Zoe, Fae, Casper and I had just finished tidying up the room after the events that occurred the night before. Casper yawned as did Zoe but Fae was still trying to work out what had happened and was too occupied with thoughts and theories to sleep. I tucked Casper into my bed since I didn’t need to sleep and Zoe into Fae’s as she was so tired that she did not have enough energy to move into her own bed. After a few minutes, snoring emerged from both of their mouths as they were fast asleep. Fae sat on the windowsill staring out at the sun, consumed by thoughts.
“Fae? Are you okay?” I asked as I joined her at the windowsill. She looked at me then back at the sun, closing her eyes as she absorbed the suns rays. Her long purple hair laid down her back, limp and lifeless.
“I don’t want to go home.” She whispered, still staring outside, “Especially not without you.”
I hugged her tightly nearly breaking her bones.
“Careful!” She said as i squeezed her. I let go and she took a deep breath/ She sat there for hours just staring outside into the world while I read a book about two star-crossed lovers called ‘Romeo and Juliet’. It was apparently on the school course and helped me learn English.
“I was thinking.” Fae said after a few hours of silence, “Maybe earth is just like our realm.” She began, turning around and facing me.
“In what way?” I asked, happy that she had finally come to realize that our worlds had something in common.
“Maybe this place, as they call it Earth, is a few years behind the revolution and we are a few hundred years ahead.”
“Wait, wait. Slow down. You think that we have basically been sent back in time-”
“Not exactly I mean that there are different realms everywhere which are all at different stages but are not the same world if you get what I mean.”
“So basically like different planets that evolve differently and are all at different stages of development.” 
“Exactly. So our world is one of the most evolved and this world is not.”
“Intriguing. I think that you are so tired that you are becoming delusional.” I replied as I lifted her into Zoe’s bed as the ones in our room were occupied.
“Just think about it Dawn! It means that we could make their evolution happen faster and bring magic to the world!” She said as she yawned and snuggled into the blanket like a baby. I tucked her in and sat next to her on the bed. A breeze shifted he curtains so I got up to close them.
“Night Fae.” I said after finally getting her to sleep. At least it was a Saturday which meant they could lie in until late because if it was a school day they would be walking around like mindless zombies.

They woke up at around 2pm. They all marched into the kitchen like zombies still exhausted after their long lie in. I decided that I could make them coffee and pancakes from a recipe book I found. The coffee was easily made as I just through a sachet of this black powdery stuff into a cup and added boiling water, sugar, and milk. The pancakes were a bit trickier as after I had assembled all the ingredients I had no idea what whisking or beating was so Casper came over to me and guided me through ever step, occasionally laughing at my lack of knowledge. 
“You know when you don’t come from this world it is kinda hard to adapt to everything instantly.”
“Life is hard. Its even harder if you’re stupid.” He said joking as he put some pancake batter on the tip of my nose which I wiped off before it could have run down my face. Casper leaned in and kissed me on the lips while I was stirring the batter with a whisk.
“Please stop!” Fae said shielding her eyes from the sight of us two.
“I wasn't kissing him, I was just telling his lips a secret!” I said at her, making Zoe spit her hot coffee all over the floor after laughing to hard. Casper went over to mop up the mess as I flipped the pancakes in the pan. After I had finished making all the pancakes I placed them on the table.
“Tuck in!” I said as i took the apron off and hung it on the back of my chair. Everyone sat down at the table eating the pancakes when we heard a key being put into the front door. 
“Everyone act normal,” Zoe said as she continued to eat her pancakes.
“Well duh,” Casper replied, as Zoe’s dad walked into the kitchen.
“Something smells delightful!” Zoe’s dad exclaimed as he walked over to the table and snatched a pancake off of Zoe’s plate.
“DAD!” Zoe yelled at him.
“What? Its your annual pancake tax.” He said as he ate the pancake. Zoe put her eyes up to heaven at his remark and continued eating the rest. Everyone around the table was silent as Zoe’s dad left the room.
“It’s okay to breath now.” I joked as I saw everyone relax at his departure. 
“Well that was awkward.” Casper said as his phone started to ring inside his pocket.
“Bro where are you?” A voice shouted from the other end which i believed to be Aiden’s.
“It’s okay. I am at Zoe’s, why don’t you come down? Dawn made pancakes and they’re delicious.” He said with a cheeky wink at me making me giggle. Casper left the room to finish the conversation with Aiden. 
“So what should we do today?” Zoe asked looking at Fae.
“Hey, I’m Dawn I kinda live here with you!” I said Fae getting all the input. She never even answers the questions.
“I presume you will be occupied with someone else.” She said staring out at Casper who was pacing up and down the corridor while on the phone. 
“So back to Fae, what do you want to do today?” Zoe asked her once again, hoping for her to reply this time and not me. 
“Well you know yesterday when Dawn first left you showed me your laptop and we went on the Internet thingy that shows you everything?”
“Yes?” Zoe replied not sure about where this conversation was going.
“Well, I looked up a potion shop nearby. It sells herbs and powders and stuff.”
“You mean a grocery store?” Zoe said completely confused about what shop Fae was on about. All the years living here and she’d never noticed it.
“No! There is a shop in an alleyway in town which has a shop which sells magic stuff and medium stuff such as herbs and special powders which I can use in my magic!” Fae explained once again.
“Oh, are you sure this is legit? I don’t want us two to go up for nothing.” Zoe said uncertain, leaning forward with her elbows on the table.
“Lets go and see.” Fae said jumping up and dragging Zoe off of her chair to get ready. I sat there at the table all alone when Casper walked in from his call, huffing and slicking his hair back.
“Where’s Zoe gone?” He asked.
“They have gone upstairs to get ready.”
“Okay, ready for what?”
“A funeral,” I replied seriously.
“Who’s funeral?” He asked shocked by the sudden mentioning of a funeral. I stood up and crossed my arms.
“Yours if you don’t hurry upstairs and get changed so we can go out to!” I commanded as i pointed towards the staircase at the end of the corridor.
“Yes ma’am.” He answered with a salute, then turning and marching down the corridor and up the stairs. I chuckled as he did so, as he slipped on one of the steps.
“Fail.” I laughed at him.
“I don’t need to here your life story.” He yelled downstairs, which got me thinking that the expression actually, sadly, summed up my life so far. He hopped down the staircase wearing denim jeans and a star wars t-shirt.
“Why so glum chum?” He asked as he stroked my face, he grabbed my cheeks and pulled them up, trying to make me smile. I smiled at the fact that he was being so cute in the way he was trying to cheer me up.
“There we go! There’s that beautiful smile.” He said whilst pretending to take pictures on his phone.
“So where are we going and what are we doing?” I asked him as he knew the town better then I did.
“Well, there is an ice skating rink open up town if you want to go?”
“Whats ice skating?” I asked.
“You will see when we get there!” He said walking out to his mini.
“Were going on an adventure!”

We ended up going to this place called a cinema which played films on huge screens. Casper went and bought tickets while I went and bought popcorn and drinks.
“Would you like to take my arm?” He said as he flexed his arm down. I intertwined my arm with his as he walked up to our cinema screen. When we got into the room it was black with only small lights along the ground creating a path to the columns of seats. Casper picked the seats at the very back. 
I snuggled into him and he put his arm around me. While the trailers were on, Casper ate half of the popcorn.
“Damn it! I am going to have to buy more.” He sighed. The movie began to play and we were in there for what felt like an eternity. Casper fell asleep on top of me half way through the film and to be honest I couldn’t blame him. I ended up shaking him awake making him jump and spill the remaining kernels out of the box. He rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms and legs.
“Well… that was not as good as I anticipated.” He said as we left the cinema holding hands. The air was cool and the Autumn leaves covered the steps down from the cinema.
“Okay well now that the film is over its about time to go ice skating! The rink should be open by now.” 
“Well then let's go,” I said climbing into the car which he forgot to lock.
“Its only a few minutes from here so we should walk.” 
“Okay then, let's go!” I shouted as I jumped back out and slammed the yellow metallic door shut behind me. 
“Careful! That’s expensive to get repainted.” He said stroking his car inspecting it for scratches. He backed away from it and turned around facing me and then the car again.
“You have no reflection! That’s awesome!” He exclaimed energetically. I dragged him away from the car by the hood of his jumper. 
“Okay! Okay! I am coming!” He choked managing to untangle his hood from my hand. 
“Are we going ice skating now?” I pleaded wanting to try out this activity which humans considered fun.
“Sure babe.” He said grabbing hold of me and lifting me up into his arms.
“I have legs you know!”
“But a princess should not need to walk anywhere.” He declared.



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