The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


10. Scene 10

I walked out the front door and closed it behind me. I turned around to see Casper standing there in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt looking dashing as usual. His black hair spiked up with hair gel. I quickly checked my arms for any marks. I felt stupid that I had agreed to wear the dress to this date. 
“You look beautiful.” He said as he walked up to me and pushed my hair behind my ear,
“You better get into the car.” I climbed into the car which was a Mini, like Zoe’s, except in yellow my favorite color.
“Nice car,” I said as I examined the interior of the vehicle.
“Thanks.” He replied with a cheeky wink as he turned the key in the ignition, reversing out of the driveway. 
“So where are we heading?”  I asked him.
“Its a surprise.”  He replied as we drove off of the main road onto a backroad.

A while later we arrived at a sandy beach. Miles of blue water glimmered in front of my eyes. It was absolutely breathtaking. The sun gleamed along the horizon, and the sand shifted in the light breeze. Casper got out and popped the boot open of the car and started to unpack something. I got out of the car onto the sandy surface which collapsed with my every step, I ended up slipping on the sand while I went over to check on Casper. He was taking out a checkered blanket and a woven basket out of the car. I offered to help as he was struggling to carry everything but he didn’t want me having to carry anything. We stumbled up towards the ocean and he placed down the blanket and arranged a meal lit by candles. He sat down on one side of the blanket and signaled me to sit on the opposite side of him. I sat down and admired the beautiful view of the ocean which stretched out further then I could see. 
“What would you like to eat first?” Casper asked me as he laid out the rest of the contents of the basket onto the blanket.
“Hmmm, you pick,” I said not knowing anything that was there to eat as I had never seen any of it before. It was much more exotic than anything you’d find at home. Even the finest restaurant back home was just graded on how fresh their meat was.
“I guess we could first, this is if you want to, take a swim?” He said pointing at the ocean. 
“What am I going to wear while we are in there?” I asked him as all I had brought with me was the dress that Zoe had lent me.
“I guess… you can either wear the dress or nothing?!” He chuckled, taking his shirt off as he ran over and dived into the water. I stood up and ran over to the edge of the water, it tickling my bare feet, searching for Casper. He emerged out of the water, splashing me with the salty liquid which soaked the dress I was wearing. The moon was full and hung over the sky like a giant light bulb, the light bouncing off the water like gems. 
“Come in!” Casper said whilst trying to stay afloat above the water. I decided that it didn’t matter if  I went swimming in the dress since it was already soaked. I took a running jump and landed next to Casper in the water.
“Watch out!” He laughed as he swum closer to me.I bobbed above the water and combed my saturated hair back over my face. Something began to vibrate In my pocket so I pulled it out. It was the device Zoe had given me in case she needed to phone me. I tried to answer it but it wouldn’t work.
“Dawn! You should know that phones are not waterproof.” He laughed. “Sometimes I swear you’re from another world. That was a failure of epic proportions.”
“I don’t need to hear your life story,” I replied pressing the buttons on the device. All I could hear when I put it to my ear was static.
“Feisty you are!” He said as he pulled me towards him, into his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep my self afloat and he wrapped his arms around my waist lifting me up until he carried out of the water.
“We over already?” I said disappointed that the swimming had only lasted a few minutes.
“Your freezing Dawn, here take this.” He said wrapping a blanket around my shoulders. I stared into his eyes which stared back into mine. Before I could say anything, he leaned in and kissed me. My eyes widened, but I leaned in closer to his shoulders and pulled him closer to me, feeling a fire ignite. His lips were soft against mine. I could feel the warmth of his skin against mine. I could hear his heart beat as it began to slow down, just like how the earth also seemed to, as if time had frozen in that moment. I slowly pulled away surprised and slightly pleased. Casper had turned shy again, his face flushed pink as he sat there unaware of what he should do. He then realized that we had not eaten yet so he started to serve me food without saying a word.
“You okay Casper?” I asked as he seemed incapable of speech. I touched his shoulder and he turned around.
“I’m perfect.” He said as he smiled at me, “This night could not be any better.”

We finished up our meal and packed everything away into the car and started the long journey back. 
“Thank you for tonight,” Casper said as we headed home.
“Won’t be the first date or the last date we have,” I said as I saw a smile form on his face. He reached his hand out for mine, the other one placed on the steering wheel, out onto the armrest. I held his warm hand against mine and stared out into the sky full of stars. I realized about 20 minutes into the journey that my phone vibrating probably meant that Zoe and Fae had tried to call.
“Can I use your phone for a minute?” 
“Sure, here you go.” He said handing it to me. I had no idea how to work this thing apart from the basic answering technique so I asked Casper who laughed at my stupidity but eventually stopped the car and showed me how to phone them. The phone rang but went to voice mail the first time so I kept trying over and over again until the phone refused to0 rings them anymore. I put down the phone and took deep breaths as I was flooded with worrying thoughts: Is Fae okay? Is Zoe okay? Have they both been injured?
I was so consumed with thinking about them I did not notice when we had arrived back at the house. 
“Come on beautiful, we better get you inside.” He said as he opened the car door which I was leaning on. I snapped back into reality and realized where we were. I unstrapped my seatbelt and legged it to the door which I flung open. The house was silent so I ran upstairs and barged into my room. Fae was kneeling on the floor, rocking herself back and forth with her eyes closed while Zoe sat next to her trying to comfort her. Casper had followed me upstairs and saw Fae in a fragile state so he rushed over to her.
“We need to get her to the hospital fast!” He said picking her up and bringing her out to the car.
“Its alright Casper, she will be fine,” I said trying to stop him from worrying about him.
“Look at her! She is pale and muttering to herself. She needs a doctor and medical attention.” He stuttered as he started to panic. I decided if I wasn’t going to convince him that she was alright and didn’t need the hospital with words that I needed to do it with force. As he climbed into the driver's seat I opened the door where Fae was sitting and unbuckled her seatbelt. 
“What are you doing?” Casper asked, unstrapping his own seatbelt and getting out of the car.
I lifted her out of the car as Casper approached me and started to head for the house. I got through the front door before Zoe and Casper so that Zoe would be able to distract him. Zoe stood in the doorway of the house unsure of what to say.
“Let me in please Zoe. Can’t you see that she is ill, I can’t bear the thought that it could be serious and that if I don’t do anything to help she might get seriously hurt.” He said as he pushed through Zoe and up the staircase. I never thought Casper had more of a heart and cared so much about Fae. 
“Look, Casper, it's not what you think…” Zoe began as she started to make up an excuse.
I laid Fae on the bed as Casper and Zoe walked into the room. I guess Zoe was not the person to pick when wanting to distract someone. Fae had her eyes closed and was muttering silently under her breath. 
“Fae if you can hear me hold up 3 fingers,” I stated, as Casper looked at me quizzically. Fae lifted up her hand and held up 3 fingers. 
“So you can hear me, that’s good. What’s wrong?” I asked her as she continued to mutter under her breath.”
“I can’t wake up. I can’t open my eyes.” She replied whimpering. I thought of what I could do, my first thought was to shock her away by biting her or something which would be a risky thing to do with Casper present. I took Zoe to the side leaving Casper standing in the middle of the room all alone, shaking his head in disbelief. 
“I think I know what to do. If I bite her it should shock her out of whatever she is in but…”
“But Casper’s here!” she said in a high pitched whisper. I stared at him and then back at Zoe.
“Maybe he deserves to know…  I mean we have known him for a few weeks now and we told you the day we met you-”
“Well I have known him for years and I think he is trustworthy. It’s a gamble, Dawn. I don’t want you getting hurt.” She said butting in.
“You sit him down on the bed and make sure he doesn’t freak out,” I said as I walked over to Fae.
“Fae? If you can still hear me I am going to try and wake you up. It may hurt a little.” I said as I took hold of her arm.
“It may hurt? She does not need to feel more pain! She needs to feel better.” Casper said as he tried to stand up but Zoe held him down. I held her warm arm in my hands, the blood pulsing through her veins, temptation flood over me as I thought about how hungry I was. I held her arm up to my teeth which made my fangs come down as the scent made me hungry and I bit through her soft skin deep into her arm near her bone which made her shriek and sit forward, her eyes opened as she stared at me and her arm.
“What the hell Dawn?” Fae exclaimed as she sat up against the back of the bed, blood pouring out of her arm and dripping onto the floor. I bit my own arm and fed her some of my blood which healed her cut. Fae still looked pale and was too weak to stand up. Casper sat on my bed speechless about what he had just observed. He started smacking his palm into his forehead repetitively not being able to digest what he just witnessed. 
“Casper…” I said as I walked slowly towards him, trying to stop him from leaping up and running out. He looked terrified as I approached him. His body became stiff with fear and his heart rate increased dramatically. Fae realized about what he had just witnessed and hopped out of the bed using all of her energy to stagger over to Casper. He looked at Fae and then back at me as he shuffled himself backward of the bed. Fae and I pounced on him sending him flying back off the bed, I managed to grab his arm and Fae managed to grab his other. 
“Zoe! Some help would be handy right now!” I yelled at her as she rushed over. She held down his legs.
“Casper, look at me,” I said calmly trying to show him that I meant no harm to him and that my fangs and my red eyes and faded. He squirmed as he saw the sight of the blood all down my hands. He closed his eyes refusing to look at me. 
“Casper.” I roared at him, “Look at me.” He shuddered as I shouted and opened his eyes.
“Jeez, no need to shout that loud.” He said as he stopped squirming. I told the other two to let go of him and to let him free. He stretched as he got off the floor, dust all down his back.
“Soo… you're a vampire?” He said surprisingly calm as he stared at me. I could hear his heart beating fast, despite his calm voice.
“You have stopped freaking out?” I said surprised.
“I’m over it.” He replied as he sat down on the bed. I stared at him in surprise.
“You're quite sarcastic,” I remarked as I joined him next to the bed.
“I don’t know how to fight. Sarcasm is my only defense so what do you expect?”
“So what your okay with me being a vampire? Maybe drinking your blood? Maybe killing you?”
“I guess so, but if you're trying to make me less afraid of you, you’re kinda doing a bad job of it. What’s the point of me being scared of you? What is being scared going to do?” I looked at him sitting on the bed and he smiled at me. I could see his hand shaking as he cupped it on his knee’s. Zoe sat next to him and told him about how she knew and it was all going to be okay. I can’t help but think differently. A lot of relief has waved over me now that he knows, but it’s going to be harder to now hide the real me.

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