Hashtag Blessed

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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All her life Rebecca Mader had loved children, she had loved interacting with babies and imagined dreaming of meeting the right guy and having a beautiful daughter. When she was 15 she already had her daughter's name picked out. "Mikayla Dawn". When Bex was was 33, she met and married Sean Maguire . They couldn't wait to raise their family together.....


4. The Miracle

I wake up just a few minutes later, or so it seems. I glance up at the clock it was getting late and Lana still hadn’t returned with my test results. Sean had left the room and I was alone. The door opens and in walks Sean. He has a smile on his face and a folder in his hands.

“Lana gave me the lab results. I haven’t looked yet. She said to wait until she got in here.”

“Whatever is written in that folder Sean holds my future. If I am pregnant I can’t have surgery on Friday and they can’t remove my cancer. I could get worse.”

“I know baby. I know Bex.”

         Lana comes in and clears her throat, she takes a deep breath and turns to Sean.

“You can open the folder.”

         Sean opens the folder and begins reading the entire page.

“Cancer hormone level 100%

Estrogen levels 99%

Hormone levels 100%

Pregnancy Positive.”

“I’m pregnant.”

“Yes Bex, you’re pregnant. Congragulations.”

“What does this mean? How far along am I?”

“It means you can’t have surgery Friday it also means the cancer can spread. We’re going to need to monitor you more than a normal pregnancy. You’re about three months along.”

“I’ve had four miscarriages, I don’t want to have another.”

“Rebecca, I promise your baby is going to be okay. Come back next Tuesday so we can do another biopsy. Come back next Tuesday so we can do another biopsy. You’re due in six months.”

“What is it?”

“According to the biopsy on the mass of cells it’s a boy.”

“I always wanted a daughter. I always thought I would have a daughter.”

“We can check again. Biopsy’s weren’t meant to tell the gender of a baby. Biopsy’s are meant to find cancer.”

“I know. I work just upstairs in the cancer unit and I know that by the end of my pregnancy I could be dead.”

“Go home, you’re released. Go home and I shall see you next Tuesday.”

“See you Tuesday then.”

         Reverting to past tense

         A nurse came in to remove my IV and Sean handed me my flower dress. He kissed me and I smiled.

“Miracles really do happen.”

“Yeah they do. It’s odd the same week I find out I have cancer is the same week I find out I’m pregnant. That also means I have a higher risk of dying. I can’t go on chemo and the cancer could spread.”

“Bex, don’t you worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright.”

“Why do you torture me with your singing?”

“Don’t I have a wonderful voice?”

“No, you don’t”

         I couldn’t help but laugh as Sean took the wheelchair I sat in from the nurse and pushed me out of the doors at full speed. According to Lana I was pregnant with a son. I didn’t want a boy, I wanted a daughter. I was going to name her Mikayla Dawn Maguire and she would be the perfect child. She was our miracle child.

“I hope we have a daughter. I want a miracle child.”

“It might be a daughter. Mikayla Dawn means God’s gift of light.”

“Yeah and she’s going to light up our world.”

“Let’s get you home. Don’t you have work tomorrow?”

“No still vacationing.”

“Good, let’s go home.”

“Let’s go home.”

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