Hashtag Blessed

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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All her life Rebecca Mader had loved children, she had loved interacting with babies and imagined dreaming of meeting the right guy and having a beautiful daughter. When she was 15 she already had her daughter's name picked out. "Mikayla Dawn". When Bex was was 33, she met and married Sean Maguire . They couldn't wait to raise their family together.....


2. The Harvest

The very next day, I wake up and hear the alarm clock ringing in my ear. I climb out of bed and immediately feel nauseas and ill. I run to the bathroom and hurl. I am pregnant, now I’m not. Lana did a test yesterday. Marcus and I had wanted a baby since we got married three years ago. I’ve had four miscarriages and now I can’t have children at all.  I had cancer, I was going to die. The operation Friday would succeed but then I would go on drugs, then I would do chemo and never ever have my daughter.

“Bex, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a little morning sickness. Today they’re going to harvest some eggs.”

“Yes, they are. Eventually we’ll have a baby, I promise.”

“How can you promise you don’t know the future?”

“I know that one day little Mikayla Dawn with her red hair and blue eyes is going to be sleeping in the nursery that I’m still going to build.”

         I walk out of the bathroom and Sean wraps his arms around me. His blue eyes sparkle and then he kisses me. I feel his scraggly black beard against my face.

“You need to shave.”

“I’ll shave later. Now get dressed, we have to go to Lana’s.”

“Joy, to Lana’s. I’ve been sick for four months. I need to go to the doctor. I could be pregnant.”

“Didn’t Lana do a pregnancy test?”

“I don’t know I’ll have to ask.”

“What if you are pregnant?”

“I don’t know.”

         Sean leaves the room and leaves me to choose what to wear to the egg harvesting party. I would be deemed infertile. They were going to take my ovaries on Friday. Yay! I look through my closet and choose a green blouse with a black pair of skinny jeans. They would look cute with my black glasses. I change out of my nightgown and into my clothes for today. When I’m done I pull my hair up into a ponytail and run downstairs.

         “Are you ready Bex?”

“No, I’m not. I can’t believe I’m missing work for this.”

“Bex, you’re on vacation. Come on let’s go.”

         Sean leans towards me and gives me a quick kiss. He takes my hand and we walk out of the door. When we finally arrive, I’m a nervous wreck.

“What if something goes wrong?”

“What can be worse than having cancer?”

“Nothing, because if I die I’ll go to Heaven.”

“Come on let’s go.”

         We get out of the car and enter the building. I turn down the hall and to the elevators. When we get to my floor Lana’s already waiting for us.

“This is a long and delicate procedure. Well you know?”
“No I just know the cancer procedures. You say Stage 3.”

“Stage 3 ovarian cancer, you’re lucky it didn’t spread. Come one I’m going to take you back.”

         I kiss Sean and say goodbye.

“I love you Sean. I’ll be back soon, I promise.”

“I know you will.”

         Lana takes me to this room that I’ve never been in before. It was obviously not part of the cancer wing. She gives me a paper gown and tells me to get into the bed. Then she covers me with a blanket and starts the IV. She then takes some blood to do a blood test. Next, she starts the anesthetic.

“This is a local, but it will knock you out long enough for Dr. Kayne to do the procedure.”

“I thought you were.”

“No, I’m just going to be assisting and making sure the labs come back okay afterwards. See you in a few hours sis.”

“I’m going to die, aren’t I?”

“Why do you say that?”

‘Lana, I have cancer.”

‘It hasn’t spread. You’re lucky it was contained for three stages in your ovaries.”

“What if my eggs are defective? What if I can never have children?”

“I’ll run some test after the procedure. Chances are on Friday you might need a full hysterectomy”

         The medicine begins to set in and darkness surrounds me. A few hours later I begin to flutter my eyes open and realize I’m still in the operating room. I can’t breathe, I can’t see but I know where I am. I hear Lana’s voice drone as she talks with Dr. Kayne.

“That’s extraordinary. The cancer hasn’t even left her ovaries. Are you sure she has stage three ovarian cancer?”

“Yes Dr. Kayne her colleagues examined her test results with precision.”

“Did you order her a pregnancy test?”
“No, I didn’t.”

“You should do one Friday.”

         My eyes begin to close again and I black out. I emerge from my slumber just seconds later to find myself in a room. I can’t lift my arm, I see tubes running from my hand to the IV pole. Sean stands next to my bed. I smile up at him.

“Did they harvest enough eggs?”

“Yes, they did. There’s something they found during the procedure. It’ll change our whole outlook on life. It’ll determine the case of your cancer and the case of the ovarian removal Friday.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t know Rebecca, Lana wouldn’t tell me.”

“Oh! It’s a surprise. Is it a good surprise?”

“I wasn’t told.”

“Well we’ll just have to find out.”

         Sean bends down and kisses my lips. I smile when the kiss breaks. I feel weak and I’m ready to go to sleep. It was just the effects of the medicine wearing off. I want to close my eyes but I know I can’t. 

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