Hashtag Blessed

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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All her life Rebecca Mader had loved children, she had loved interacting with babies and imagined dreaming of meeting the right guy and having a beautiful daughter. When she was 15 she already had her daughter's name picked out. "Mikayla Dawn". When Bex was was 33, she met and married Sean Maguire . They couldn't wait to raise their family together.....


9. The Dream is Accomplished

30 years later…

         Mikayla Dawn Mader Maguire was an exceptionally bright student in high school and in college. Her medical school years seemed to fly by. When she turned 30 she was married and had her own little girl that she named Rebecca Maria after her mother and favorite aunt.

Mikayla’s POV

         The alarm clock goes off and wakes me up. I can’t believe in a few months I would be thirty- five and my little munchkin of joy whom I love so dearly would be ten. My daughter Lilly is growing up so fast. I turn over and kiss Cameron’s back. He turns over and plants a warm kiss on my lips.

“So, what’re you doing today?”

“What do I do every day?”

“Let’s see you’ll go to the lab and continue your mother’s research trying to find the cure for cancer.”

“Exactly, I’m glad I married you.”

“I’m glad you married me too.”

“I got to go to work. I’ll see you for dinner.”

“Okay will do.”

I get out of bed and put on my favorite dress, it was also my mother’s. I pull on my white lab coat with green writing and pull on my shoes.

         As soon as I get to work, I change into my mint green scrubs and put on my work lab coat. I put on my safety goggles and pull out the old yellowed file. It was older than me. This lab was the lab my whole life was centered around. My mother worked here before I was born, I decided to come two months early because this was where I wanted to be. I’ve gone through a lot of grief and pain here. Dr. Alicia Kane comes over and so does Dr. Emma Parrilla Maguire, my darling half-sister.

“Hey Mik!.”

“Emma! What are you doing?”

“Coming to see my favorite older sister.”

“Emma just because I’m your sister doesn’t mean you automatically get the job. You’re an intern and you’ll stay that way until you show the characteristics to become a partner in curing cancer.”

“I’m telling Mom.”

“I don’t care, tell Lana all you want. You’re an adult not a child.”

         Emma and Alicia leave me to my work. I take out Mom’s notes and begin what I do every day. I start with a new batch of the Rebecca Lana Nosi compound and make a list of elements that react with any of the eight elements already in the compound. After I review my list and mark out what I’ve already tried I add a drop of the chemical compound to three batches of cancer cells. Sometimes I wish that nearly thirty years ago my mother had decided to take the compound, it worked with her and only her, she refused. So, I remember forcing her to take the pill that added two years to her life. I was only four when I did that.


         I watch the patterns as it eats away at the cancer cells, it’s not a strong enough reaction.

“There’s only one element I haven’t tried.”

         There’s only one element left on the periodic table that can react with hydrogen. I add a drop of Fermium into the compound and wait. In a matter of seconds the reaction occurs and begins eating away at the cancer cells. I take samples and test them all. I proceed to write down the formula. Rhenium, beryllium, carbon, calcium, lanthanum, sodium, nobelium, silicon, hydrogen, and fermium. I call my sister and Alicia over.

“Girls, I think I’ve discovered something amazing. I think I’ve discovered the cure for cancer.”

         My two partners watch on as I redo the experiment and remix the formula. They watch with wide eyes as I add exactly one drop of fermium. They watch as I then add the mixture to more cancer cells and the cure destroys every cancer cell.

“Should we test cancer and normal cells?”

“That’s the next step.”

         Alicia gives me a petri dish with normal cells and cancer cells. Emma adds the drop of solution as I observe under the microscope. I then write my name on mother’s old file and write my observations.

         I stand in shock as doctors and important people come milling about to observe my work. In a matter of months, the FDA approves a clinical trial to take place and I am being recorded as I administer the first dose.

“Are you ready Megan?’
“Yes Doctor Hardin, I’m ready.”

         Emma hands me the flask containing a single dose. Then Alicia hands me the needle. My daughter and husband smile as I prepare. My dad stands in the door with my stepmother/aunt Lana.

“Whenever you’re ready Dr. Hardin.”

         I clear my throat and sigh. At last my dream has been fulfilled. The people I thought would be there were there, all except my mother. I administer the dose and the patient smiles. She was already feeling better.

“See you in a few days Megan and we’ll see if the cancer is gone.”

         I walk out and back up to the lab. It’s dark, I walk over to Mom’s desk and cry. She was gone and here I was. I had promised I would cure her but, I was too late. A picture of my mother sits on her desk. She’s obviously pregnant and yet still working on her cure for cancer. It was now my cure, it was the cure. I kiss her photograph and whisper.

“We did it Mom, we did it. Thirty years later, we did it.”

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