Hashtag Blessed

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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All her life Rebecca Mader had loved children, she had loved interacting with babies and imagined dreaming of meeting the right guy and having a beautiful daughter. When she was 15 she already had her daughter's name picked out. "Mikayla Dawn". When Bex was was 33, she met and married Sean Maguire . They couldn't wait to raise their family together.....


5. The Cure

Four Months later…

         I only had two months left in my pregnancy and I couldn’t wait for my son to be born. Or at least we thought it was a boy. After the biopsy, we never really wanted to know the gender. Sean and I painted the nursery and got everything ready for our new addition.

         I roll out of bed and Sean gets out as well. He wraps his arms around me and gives me a passionate kiss. He then kisses my belly and pulls me close to him. I was really sick, about two months ago I went for my biopsy and the next day at work I discovered my own files. The cancer was no longer contained in my ovaries. I had moved to my lungs, it had moved to my breast and was closing in on my brain. I had ovarian cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer yet I was still fighting. I still went to work every single day. I still fought. My lung cancer was stage two and I was on oxygen. When our child was born I would have a double mastectomy. My breast cancer was stage 3 and ovarian cancer was at stage 4.

         Sean kisses me again and I walk to the bathroom. I take my vitamins and brush my hair. I was weak and had to take medicine every day. The pills were something I had found in my younger years of cancer research I never thought of the day I would need them myself. They were like chemo and made you lose your hair but wouldn’t hurt my baby. I did my makeup and pulled my hair up into a pony tail. It was really thin and falling out. It made me cry. I grabbed my oxygen tank and went to work.

“Look at you Bex, all weak and pregnant and dying. Today will be the day, today will be the day when you finally cure cancer.”

         I change into my lab coat and kiss Sean goodbye. When I get to the hospital I have a pain in my lower abdomen. I change into my scrubs and report to the laboratory. As soon as I get in a searing pain rips through my abdomen.

Slowly it fades and I go over to my lab table. I had my own little table in the corner close to where all the supplies were located. My lab partners Jennifer, Josh and Colin all had helped create me my own little corner so I wouldn’t have to walk as far. We all researched cancer and now that I was diagnosed and progressively worse, we all went into overtime.

“Bex, we need to do another biopsy. To see if it’s worse or better.”


         Jennifer held me steady as Colin prepared to take a couple samples. Josh was ready with the microscope. Colin took this long needle and stuck it into my breast. He finished and handed Josh the needle. Then Colin removed my oxygen and did a breathing test. I couldn’t breathe without my oxygen. He recorded the results. Then Jennifer took a long needle and inserted it into my lower back. She was careful not to harm my baby. Another searing pain ripped through my abdomen. My colleagues all witnessed my pain.

“Bex are you in labor?”

“No, I’m sure it’s just Braxton Hicks.”

“If it continues I’m calling Lana.”

“Okay, you do that. I’m fine.”

         Jennifer helped me put my oxygen back in and I took a few deep breathes. She covered the needle points with sterilized bandages and handed Josh the rest of the biopsy samples. I went back to work. As I took a sample of my own cancer, I began adding chemicals. I recorded each chemical I added to the petri dish and watched for results. I watched through the microscope.

“Rhenium, Beryllium, carbon, calcium, lanthanum, and sodium.”

         I finished and observed. As soon as I added the sodium a reaction between the cancer cells and the chemicals. I quickly recorded the results and watched them act. Then I took Haden, James’s cancer cells and it didn’t work. In the next few hours I tested people left and right before I called my colleagues over.

“What have you found Bex?”

“A new medicine. The cure…”

“Does it work on anyone else?”

“No, it only works on me.”

“How many people have you tested?”

“55 including myself. I tested every biopsy we have.”

“Your biopsy report is back. Stage 3 lung cancer, stage 4 breast cancer and your ovarian cancer hasn’t moved. But your baby is fine”

“Can someone get Dr. Conner, I think I found the cure.”


         Dr. Conner came and viewed my results, he did some experiments and sighed.

“What elements did you use?”

“Rhenium, Beryllium, carbon, calcium, lanthanum, and sodium.”

         He added nobelium and silicon. Then he started doing more experiments. Finally, when he was done he addressed us.

“The elements that have set up the foundation to the beginning of finding the cure for cancer. They have been found. Dr. Mader, Dr. Morrison, Dr. O’Donoghue, and Dr. Dallas, you have pleased me. You have shown exceptional work, it’s not yet complete considering the fact you’ve tested 55 people and it only worked on Rebecca here. Rebecca I will ask the FDA to approve you to use this drug.”

“No sir, it’s not fair to the rest of the world. I will not take that medicine until it works on everyone.”

         Another Braxton Hicks contraction tore through my abdomen. I doubled over in pain and sat down. Jen came over and handed me a glass of water.

“Bex do you really think it’s just Braxton Hicks?”

“Yes, I do. I know I can’t be in labor it’s too early.”

“I’m going to call Lana.”

“No don’t. It’ll pass, I know it will. When was my last one?”

“A few hours ago.”


         I doubled over in pain again as another one seared through my body.

“That was three minutes.”

“I’m not in labor.”

“I know it’s only been four months and I know you want to wait longer but Rebecca, you can’t keep being a pessimist. I honestly think you’re in labor.”

“You’re a cancer researcher not an obstetrician gynecologist.”

         I sat down on the floor and placed a hand on my abdomen. A few short minutes later Lana came rushing in. She knelt on the ground beside me and began feeling for the baby’s head.

“You’re seven months pregnant. The baby is about 15 in and 3 pounds. We need to get you downstairs. Jennifer will you call Sean and Colin will you get a gurney.”

“Lana what’s wrong with my baby?”

“I don’t know but Braxton Hicks three minutes apart at seven months isn’t normal”

“I found the cure, or at least part of it.”

“So, I hear. Let’s get you down to a room.”

         Lana picked up her pager and spoke into it.

“Register Dr. Mader for exam room one and set up a delivery room.”

         Jennifer came running in and smiled. She kissed my forehead.

“You’ll make a great mom, if you are in labor. Sean’s on his way.”

         Colin came rushing in and they all lifted me onto the gurney. Lana got behind and started pushing me down the hall. My colleagues followed. They all loved me. 

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