What remains of humanity


3. The world

Emily's father left the bunker and closed the hatch which locked automatically behind him, Emily quickly snapped back into reality and realised it was her turn to put the water barrel in the cold storage room, she rolled the barrel through the door and she remembered back when this all started how she used to come into this room to cool off from the heat because sometimes she couldn't handle the rising temperature.

Everything was easier before the launch, especially getting food and water, and also the job system. Before the launch Emily's mother was a reporter and Emily's father used to work at a place called google even though she was not quite sure what 'google' was, she was told it had to do with computers and that was about it. These days Emily's father mines potassium to teleport to the North Pole and the South Pole so they can use it to help grow plants and in exchange for the potassium, the poles teleport over food and water. Emily's mother didn't get a chance to pick a profession, she remembered the day of the launch like it was yesterday, the rocket was said to be so powerful and everyone was cautioned to stay ten miles away from it behind a red and white striped tape, Emily's mum however went closer with a camera man to get a better shot but the force of the rocket was so great that everyone behind the tape's hair was blown back, the force of the rocket was so great that Emily's mum was blown away and...

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