What remains of humanity


6. Teds grey hair

It was decided, Emily was going to follow the leaders son, without him finding out she was there.

She lay down and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep, when she woke her father was in the bunker and he was just about to leave.

"Dad, wait" Emily said

"I have to hurry so be quick"

"Can I go on a journey"

"How long" he said with a concerned look on his face,

"Ten to twenty days depending on how fast I walk" Emily said excitedly, she had never been away from home

"That's a very long time"

"I have to do it, please dad?"

"Where are you going?"

She ignored the question and continued to annoy her father

"If I stay here I won't have the will to make you food" she said followed with an exaggerated sigh.

The plead in Emily's eyes had won over her fathers thoughts.

"Okay but you have to pack supplies"

"Thank you dad, have fun at work, goodbye"

"I'm going to miss your cooking, goodbye" he said with a chuckle

He left and the hatch closed behind him. Emily packed a supply of water, food and some spare clothing, now she needed to track down the governments son, the first place to look would be the governments bunker which was three times bigger than other bunkers.

She headed off in the direction of the governments bunker, when she got there she saw the boy from the previous night, the mysterious one, talking to the towns leader which was also known as president ted, a one man government, from the distance Emily was at, she could see grey hairs sticking up out of his blonde hair, and wrinkles in various places on his face.

She could just about make out the words ted was saying, "goodbye son, have a safe trip", she was astounded that the mysterious boy from the night before happened to be teds son, he was technically even a government agent himself.

As the boy walked away Emily followed behind, she could tell there was a big journey ahead and this very journey, her following actions may change the future of the world whether it was for better or for worse...

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