What remains of humanity


2. Rations

The calendar fell of its place on the wall, reading in big, stylised font: 3038, it was almost 20 years since the rocket had set off on its journey to mars, Emily sat on her bed paging through a farming manual from 40 years ago, when everything was different. The bunker hatch let out a slow monotonous knock with four knocks one after another, the same number of knocks as usual. She ran to open the hatch to let in the familiar and tired face that belonged to her father, he was heaving a barrel of water from outside.

As soon as Emily's father had brought the barrel inside, Emily asked how long the barrel of water was supposed to last and her father gave a wearisome murmer, almost inaudible saying that it was meant to last for 4 days at least, Emily went back to her bed which was in the corner of the small, box sized bunker to do her homework, she didn't want to become a miner like her father and mine for potassium out of the ground for the rest of her life, she wanted to become a farmer and live out a prosperous future in either the North Pole or the South Pole, she sat on her bed pondering what it would be like seeing the endless fields of grass, wheat and potatoes.

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