What remains of humanity


5. Exploits

As Emily neared the entrance of the mine she could hear her dads voice along with the sound of drills in the distance but since she could clearly hear what her father was saying without the sound of drills interrupting his voice she thought it must be their break, she didn't know what it was but some part of her wanted to find out what he was talking about, she listened in, she heard her father speaking to what she could only assume was her dads friend, Sam.

"I can't believe their blimmin ripping us off, I mean, every penny counts" sam exclaimed in an angry tone,

"here we are working ourselves half to death and there they are, doing us in" her father sounded frustrated but not as angry as Sam,

"In all honesty it's disrespectful and it's just gonna bring their reputation down"

She stood there, outside the mines wondering who where the people disrespecting the miners and what were they doing to upset them all.

"The South Pole needs to start paying back all the food and water they've been tricking us into losin" Emily's father sounded even more disgruntled.

"Didn't you hear the government is sending his son to travel there tomorrow to sort them out"

"Well that's good" Emily's father sounded very appeased.

"We've talked right through our break, we have to get back to work"

The sound of drills bounced off the mines walls, filling the tunnels with sound. She continued on without stoping to go inside the mines, she walked a long and silent walk to the bunker without any thoughts.

Emily reached the bunker and swiped the blue keycard through the hatches security system and the hatch was unlocked, she entered the quiet, desolate box like bunker and went straight to her bed which was also known as her 'thinking spot'.

She began to think and after about twenty seconds she had an idea, she would go with on the journey, it would help her dad so that people weren't tricking him and it would give her something to do in the most boring place on earth.

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