What remains of humanity


4. Are we unique?

Emily realised she was getting cold inside the storage room but she didn't want to face the heat of the bunker or the heat of outside but most of all, she didn't want to face reality.

But she inevitably left the storage room and walked to the other side of the bunker to go make dinner, she thought that it would be a good idea if she made her father some too because he would be coming home late at night, she opened the fridge to find there were no tomatoes and decided to go to the village shops to buy a tomato or two . Emily left the bunker with the hatch closing automatically behind her, she would get in later using the only keycard that was specific to that very door, as she walked she wondered if everybody in the world really was unique, yes everybody could be categorised by there height, weight, skin colour, hair colour, eye colour and even things like if you are right or left handed but she kept wondering if there was any two people in the world that had the exact same personality, where we all really that different? When faced with a decision like what to eat for breakfast, you wouldn't see many people preparing and eating lasagna, so are we really THAT different?

Emily's thoughts were interrupted by a strange boy in the shop area of town where she had just arrived, the boy had brown hair but she couldn't make out his eye colour from the distance she was at. In the tiny village she lived in, a village of about twenty to thirty people they all knew each other, but this boy was not familiar.

The strange boy had disappeared around the corner heading off in the directions of the bunkers, she went to the shop that sold fruit and vegetables to get two tomatoes then turned around and started to walk back to the bunkers, this time she went a different direction though, she went the direction of the mines to see if she could say hello to her father and maybe find out what time he was going to be home.

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