The New Clan

Warrior Cats Au


1. Prologue

"Stripefur, we can't move here!" Deerleap whined, her paws aching from the long journey.

"But Hawkstar needs us! The new territory is just up there! We're not stopping! It's only you who can't go on. Riverpaw, Kestrelpaw, and Eclipsefur are all doing good, just keep going!" Stripefur hissed, seeinng Deerleap hastily nod. Soon, they came to the new territory, it was near a large hill and had large trees. There was dens already made and sorted out. That cats there hopped towards Stripefur and the rest of the group. Hawkstar pushed through. 

"I have heard a prophecy!" He yowled for the whole clan to hear. Cats started mumbling."Before the sky is bright, night will be saved by thunder and shadow!" 



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