The New Clan

Warrior Cats Au


2. One

 "How many times do I have to say this?!" Stripepelt snarled at his apprentice. "Stay away from the gorge!" 

Emberpaw slashed his brown tipped tail. "Why?"

"WHY?! Do you want to get killed? Come back to camp, you're getting time with Deerleap." Stripepelt snapped. Deerleap was very wise. Whenever apprentices did something very, very bad, they would go to her for some lesson or story. 

Once they got back to camp, Deerleap padded up, her brown fur ruffled.

"This little mouse-brain went back to the gorge! Give him a lesson he won't forget." Stripepelt growled. Deerleap rolled her eyes once Stripepelt turned and went to the warriors den.

"I was just like you when I was young. I would always put myself in trouble just so Sunfoot called help me." Deerleap smirked, as she headed for a tree. She hopped up and Emberpaw scrambled beside her.

"You? Like me?" Emberpaw's jaw dropped a bit.

"Yes! I can't believe wouldn't let you hunt because of this! Stripefur would always be gentle on anyone. But in The Journey, he changed and got grumpier. Especially with the prophecy." Deerleap rolled her eyes.

"Whose Stripefur?" Emberpaw tilted his head.

"Stripepelt's father. He was named after him. Stripepelt is grumpy now because of what happened to his father." Deerleap trailed off, rembering the day Stripefur died.

"What happened?" Emberpaw asked.

"He fell off the gorge. Skyclan cats had surrounded him and then he got pushed off. Stripepelt blamed it on himself for not understanding the plan. We were attacking some intruding Skyclan cats from behind. This would surprise them. We did attack and Stripefur lead them to their camp. Stripepelt was supposed to come up and attack them from behind after that." Deerleap mewed.


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