The Tables Have Turned

Eli a 16 year old boy in high school already has enough on his plate to deal with being a teenager. Now he has to deal with having a mutation in which he receives supernatural like powers. That's when Nathaniel comes in, he's one of the youngest assassin that is part of the government, and his next mission, to recruit Eli into the government. What happens when Eli falls for the mysterious Nathaniel, and Nathaniel has to now deal with an annoying Eli for he doesn't even reciprocate feelings for.


8. Chapter 8~ Mistakes

Nathaniel's (P.O.V.)

      I pull into the parking lot of the client's office building. I changed, now wearing a suit to make it look like I worked there. I walk in un-noticed and head to the elevator. A man walks in with me and I nod, smiling at him. The briefcase in my hand has the client's info, the target's info, and all my supplies. 

The elevator dings and I head off. Looking at the folder in my hand, I check to see where I'm going. 

Office number 380. I look up and see it at the end of the hall. Perfect.

Snapping the folder closed, I head to the door, knocking. It opens and I'm met with the face of the client.

"Hello. Are you...", I check the folder, pretending I don't already know his name. "Richard White?", I smile at him

He nods, and steps aside, letting me in. He's pale as a ghost. Figures. He's hired me to kill a man. I drop the smile and turn towards him, expression serious. He closes the door.

"You know who I am.", I state simply, loosening the tie around my neck.

"Y...yes, I do."

"Good. Then you also know why I am here."

He looks up at me. "You can do it then?"

I laugh. "Of course I can! Just tell me what, when and how to do it, and I'll be off. Done before you even know it."

He nods. "Good...right. Um, here.", he reaches into his pocket and pulls out an index card. I take it and look it over. 

Make it look like an accident or suicide. He always has guards. Be careful. Leave my name out.

I nod. "Alright. I won't see you again then.", I go to head out, but before I leave, I turn to him. 

"Oh. Before I go. You might want to skip town, find a new job.", I say, fixing my tie. 

I open the door and head out, letting it close as I leave. Looking at the card one last time, I smile and rip it to shreds. I walk back to the elevator and press the button. After a moment or so, it dings and opens. I look up from the ground, and I'm met with the face of the target. 

Bill Hussen.

Not now. I couldn't do it so soon. Behind him were two other men, both wearing suits. They were clearly stronger than me. No way I could beat them in hand to hand combat. Bill, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He looked like a seventh grader.

I step in and refrain from laughing. I stand to the side, near the buttons and wait, assessing their every move and forming a plan.

Maybe if he left for the bathroom, I could jump him in there. The guards wouldn't follow. Would they? Then again, Rich told me to make it look like an accident. Maybe I could push him out his office window. Suicide. Realizing that I'm staring off into space, I snap back to reality and take everything in. His floor would be coming up soon. Should I follow him?

The elevator stops before I can answer my own question and the four men step out. I eventually decide to follow, but keep a safe distance away. I have my gear on under the suit, including the knives. He turns the corner and heads into the bathroom. As I figured, the guards stood outside. I walk up, expecting to head in.

One puts his arm out. 

"Stop and wait, sir.", he says gruffly. 

I expected this.

I look up at him. "I'm sorry but I'm afraid I can't. Sir."

He doesn't move his eyes from the wall in front of him. "You'll have to wait."

"That won't be necessary.", I smirk as I duck under his arm, and bolt in. I quickly shrug the suit off and pull the mask around my neck up, covering my nose and mouth. I drop the briefcase and grab a can of tear gas. They burst in as soon as it goes off and I roll it towards them. Grabbing the knives from both boots, I run towards the target.

Soon, I hear gunshots go off and then a sudden pain in my left arm. Hissing, my arm goes limp and the knife clatters to the floor. I clutch the wound with one hand while I run towards Bill.

I'd get the job done. No matter what, I had to. It's an assassin's job after all.

The man doesn't even know what's going on, as I jump on him, tackling him to the ground. His screams are cut short as I slit his throat. I instantly get blood on my gloves. The gas was starting to wear off, the fog disappearing. I'd have to get out, soon.

As soon as the thought crosses my mind, something pulls me up and throws me against the mirror. It shatters and I fall to the floor, the glass shards raining down on me. Before I can even open my eyes, they pull me up again by the arms. I shout in pain as the grip on my shot arm tightens. I kick my legs out, trying to get him off me. Suddenly, the second one grabs me by the ankles, pulling me down to the floor. The first drops my arms and I hit the ground with a thud. 

I sit up, trying to crawl away, but he pins me down. The pain in my arm doubles as he shoves a shard of glass into the previous wound. I scream and bring my leg up between his legs. He lets go and I shot up, running for the exit. I'm slammed into the wall and I spin around to punch him in the face.

Before I could do anything, I stop when a sudden pain erupts in my left side, below my ribcage. My hand drops and he lets go. I fall to the floor and my hand instantly goes to my side. He looks down on me before running to his partner. I look down and see my knife lodged in my flesh. Quickly, I make the stupid decision to pull it out. I look up and throw it to the one who stabbed me. My aim has always perfect and it burrows itself in the back of his skull. His partner screams as the body falls on him. I pull out the knife strapped to my thigh and throw it at him. His screams stop short and I let my arm fall. 

Pulling the mask down I look down at the stab wound. I drag myself to the stall, pull my shirt up and stuff the wound with toilet paper. Not the best solution, but it'd work for now. I didn't have much time before security would come barging in. I do the same to my arm and attempt to stand. I yelp and stumble. Catching myself on the sinks, I lean against it, catching my breath.

"Fuck....", I groan, clutching at my side. I'd have to get out without being seen somehow. I hastily limp over to the suit on the floor. Pulling it on, I stand and lean against the wall. Panting, I squeeze my eyes shut. Taking a deep breath, I pull the gloves off, shove them into the briefcase and open the door.

I avoid everyone on the way out. I had to take the stairs. I was careful not to leave a trail of blood as I manage to get to my car. I carelessly pull my keys out and unlock it. I collapse into the seat and start it, not giving myself time to rest. I have to get to HQ as fast as possible. I look at the clock on the dashboard. 

Twenty minutes. No. No way I could make it. I'd bleed out before I could get there. Oh well. I'd have to try. I pick up my phone and dial the HQ infirmary. The line is closed, as always.

"How do you have this number?", the woman on the other line immediately asks.

"This is Nathaniel Ide. Set up an ambulance outside HQ as fast as possible.", I grunt as I start to drive.

", of course. I-Is everything alright sir?", the woman asked. 

"Just do it!", I yell, hanging up

I drive almost twenty miles above the speed limit, clutching at my side and putting pressure. I started getting dizzy and seeing black dots at the edges of my vision. 

"Shit.", I hiss, pressing down on the pedal harder, willing the car to go faster.

Finally, I can see HQ and start slowing the car. The lights of the ambulance flash as I bring the car to a sudden stop. I open the door and stumble out; I go to grab the mirror, but my grip is too weak, and I fall to the ground. Paramedics are immediately on me, pulling me onto a stretcher and ripping my shirt open, tending to the wound. I hear them shout to each other as they try to help me. My hearing and vision go fuzzy and I pass out.


I slip in and out of consciousness. I hear the beeping of machines and the hushed voices of doctors. Even with the morphine, I still feel a dull pain in my arm and a sharper pain in my side. I continue to ignore it and fall into sleep, listening to the whir of the oxygen tank and my breathing against the mask. 


I wake up again and groggily open my eyes. I see Jax at the end of my bed.

"Miss me?", I croak, surprised by how raspy my voice is

She rolls her eyes, but obviously happy that I was alright. "Damn. I thought I was finally free from you.", she jokes

"Not that easily.", I smirk

"So what happened?"

"Shot in the arm and stabbed in the stomach.", I sigh, preparing myself for her wrath. 

"I don't like to say I told you so- but I do. I told you, you would get hurt. You can try, but you can't be as skilled as me!", she flips her hair off her shoulder, smirking at me.

"A guy can dream....", I sigh, not willing to fight with her. Even if it was jokingly, I just didn't have the energy.

"How ya feeling, though?", she asks.

"Pretty good.", I lie "I'm really tired though. How about you?"

"If you're referring to my everyday life, it's pretty good. If you're referring to my relationship, that's none of your business.", she laughs.

"Come on! You got to give me more than that! I'm tied to this bed! And no ones with me!", I whine and laugh at my own dirty joke. Instantly, I regret it and start to cough and wheeze. The pain in both wounds doubles and throb.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. Just dying. I'll be fine.", I laugh a little and wince.

"No! Don't die!", she yells dramatically.

"I'm sorry. But I must....", I reach my good arm up towards the ceiling. "Sparky? that you?"

"Wait! Sparky?! If he's there, I'm coming too!", she runs to the window.

"No! You can't steal Sparky from me again! He was my dog and he liked you more than me!"

"I can't help it that your dog loved me!"

I go to say something, but her phone rings. 

"Who is it?", I ask

"Dante.", she sighs, declining the call and putting her phone away.

"Well, don't let your broken friend stop you from having a good time!", I laugh at my own joke again, ignoring the pain.

"Stop! You're hurting yourself more, and if you make any more sex jokes, you won't live long enough to have sex again!", she warns, laughing.

"But I'm a comedic god!", I whine

"God, you're annoying.", she sighs, sitting back on the bed.

I smirk, knowing exactly how to win this. "I'll make more jokes unless you tell me why you declined his call."

"I quit.", she says flatly.

"Funny, Jax. You've got to tell me."

"Nathan, I'm serious!"
"Jax...I know you! You love this job! You'd never quit!"

"I quit, Nathan! I don't work here anymore!", she says, her tone getting louder.

"No. You're fucking with me!", I purse my lips, restraining myself not to make another sex joke.

"I'm not, Nathaniel! And never again!", she yells, beating me to it. I ignore the joke about our small relationship and sit up, clearly in pain from it.

"Why?! Why'd you quit?", I yelled, putting my hand on the stab wound.

"I don't need to explain myself to you.", she grumbles.

"Yeah, you do! You're making a huge decision and throwing away your career!", my face drops as I realize something. "Did something happen with-", she cuts me off. 

"Oh my fucking god, no! Telling you was a bad idea. Call me when you're better.", she glares and storms out, leaving me with the whirs and beeps of the machines again. I collapse back into the bed, my heart rate slowly going back to normal. I sigh and cover my eyes with my arm.

Jax made a stupid decision. Once she makes a decision, you can't sway her. Unless you're me. It takes a lot, but it's possible for me. I'd have to try somehow.

Taking a deep breath, I drop my arm and pick up my phone. I see all the texts from her and close them. I check the time. Noon, Sunday. I missed two days. I smile, remembering I accomplished my mission. 
Turning my phone off, I put it down and sigh. I'd miss school. Meaning I'd miss days for my other mission. 

"Shit....", I mumble out loud. 

I'd have to make it up somehow. Probably get myself out earlier, before I'm fully healed. I couldn't think of anything else.  

Hey everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! It took about three hours to write and I love how it turned out! It's honestly the longest chapter I've written for anything. I feel bad for my bean Nathaniel though....XD. Thank you so much for 1k reads as well! Hope you like the upcoming chapters as well!


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