The Tables Have Turned

Eli a 16 year old boy in high school already has enough on his plate to deal with being a teenager. Now he has to deal with having a mutation in which he receives supernatural like powers. That's when Nathaniel comes in, he's one of the youngest assassin that is part of the government, and his next mission, to recruit Eli into the government. What happens when Eli falls for the mysterious Nathaniel, and Nathaniel has to now deal with an annoying Eli for he doesn't even reciprocate feelings for.


3. Chapter 3- The Coincidence

Eli's (P.O.V.)

As everyone in homeroom left, both me and Nathaniel got surrounded by other student in the hall. Me, well you know, and I'm guessing Nathaniel because they wanted to get with him, they were all girls. When I got around the corner to my next classroom, I realized that Nathaniel was right behind me and I swore that through the crowd of girls he was looking at me. I was even more surprised that when I entered my next class, he also entered and sat right next to me. Class went as usual, me listening, all the jocks horsing around, but at least they don't throw stuff at the back of my head anymore. The only thing that changed was Nathaniel, the more I thought of him the more red I got, so I was relieved that when the bell rang, I got out of there as fast as I could. He was every where, in my every class, but at least he got the hint and didn't sit next to me any more, because if he did I would have exploded.

Finally lunch rolled around and I sat in my usual seat, in the far back of the cafeteria. People where already waiting for me at the table as if they were all me friends, I was just happy that Nathaniel wasn't there or I think I might have just died then and there. So when lunch ended I walked to my locker and grabbed my stuff for my last two classes. When I was about to enter class something pulled at my arm, it was Nathaniel. He asked if we could talk, my heart could have burst with him just touching me, but I agreed. So we entered one of the empty classrooms, and we were both silent for a minute then he said out of nowhere "I have noticed you watching me." In a dark bruiting voice.

My heart broke instantly, he must think I'm a stoker. I started to blubber saying I was sorry and that I would stop but he cut me off saying "No its ok, I even think its cute, I was just going to see if you were interested in going out sometime."

I didn't know how to respond, I kind of just stood there for a minute. It was until he started laughing that broke out of my trance. "Sorry of course I would love to go out with you, but why are you laughing." Somehow getting the words out of my mouth.

"Oh sorry about that it was the face you made after I asked you out, its just kind of funny, sorry if I'm being mean." The way he said it in his accent, made it so that I couldn't even be mad at him.

After we finished talking, we scheduled to meet after school on Friday at the new coffee shop. I didn't know where that was so we decided that I would ride with him there. The bell rang signifying that we were to go to our last class, not even noticing the time and that we wasted a whole class talking, I ran out of there not even being able to imagine what kind of talk I would get from my mother if she found out I skipped a class. I looked behind me as I left the empty classroom and I would have though that I saw him scowl at me as I left, it was probably my mind playing tricks on me again.

(Time skip to Friday)

It was finally Friday and at the end of the day I saw Nathaniel waiting for me at his car. So I walked over and he gave me a friendly smile as I said hi. He asked me if I had everything, and by then everyone was staring at us, and I could see in their eyes that they were wondering why I was about to get in his car. Opening his car door I got in and he did as well smiling at me the whole, but something didn't feel right about his smile, it looked forced somehow. But putting that aside I was too excided that I was going on a date with him to care.

When we finally got there we got a seat near the window, I never been a fan of coffee, I was more of a tea person myself. I told him that and we both ended up not ordering anything. It felt like we sat there for so long, that I didn't know what time it was. Finally after about 10 minutes I somehow broke the silence by saying "I've never really done this before."

He responded by saying that he hasn't ever dated a guy before either, saying that he mostly dated girls. That made me kind of worried, because I just thought of how he might just be experimenting or he might just be playing with me. I think that Nathaniel saw this, because right after I though that he got hold of my hand, "Hey, you okay."

"Yeah, um... I was just thinking, sorry if I made you worry or something."

"No, its just that you spaced out a little."

"Oh no, I was just wondering when the government will recruit me." Obviously lying but he doesn't know that.

He looked a little startled when I said that. "Oh I didn't know you had powers."

"Yeah I do." A little surprised that he didn't know. Now I just hope he doesn't look at me differently, like everyone else.

"Well, that's cool." He said looking at me with his beautiful eyes that I don't even notice his frown on his face.

By the time an hour passes we actually order two cups of both coffee and tea. In that hour we talked about the future and what we might want to do or what we think might happen, and other stuff like that. Every minute I can see that his face becomes sadder and sadder by the minute, he's such a great listener that I don't even notice that he hasn't talked for the whole time. He just listened to me the whole time, so after I finish talking about wanting to become a doctor, I ask if he's ok.

"Yeah, I just got lost in your voice." Saying that in a softer voice than he did before. My face became so red that it basically covered my whole face. Making me look down.

For a whole minute we just sat there holding hands, looking into each others eyes, without talking. Then out of no where my phone went off and I could hear Nathaniel get annoyed as I answered it. It was my mom, straight as I answered she started blabbing really fast and I couldn't make out one thing she said. "Mom clam down, ok now talk slowly and tell me what's happening"

"Eli you have to get home now." She sounded really scared.

So I got up told Nathaniel I had to go, but before I could leave he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. He pulled my chin to his, so I closed my eyes and expected a kiss. But after ten seconds of feeling nothing I opened my eyes and saw a giant smile spread across his face, which for the first time seemed genuine.

"What." I said standing there with my body pressed against his.

"Well I was going to kiss you, but then I remembered that I never kiss on the first date. I just couldn't resist trying."

I began to blush again. I told him goodbye and left for home. Then I remembered that I don't have a ride home. So I went back inside and again saw a giant smile on his face already knowing that he knows what I am going to ask. He drove me home and I couldn't resist anymore, so with all the courage I had I kissed him. It felt like I was flying, especially since it was my first kiss. When our lips separated we both smiled and I exited the car knowing that we will definitely have a second date.  


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