The Tables Have Turned

Eli a 16 year old boy in high school already has enough on his plate to deal with being a teenager. Now he has to deal with having a mutation in which he receives supernatural like powers. That's when Nathaniel comes in, he's one of the youngest assassin that is part of the government, and his next mission, to recruit Eli into the government. What happens when Eli falls for the mysterious Nathaniel, and Nathaniel has to now deal with an annoying Eli for he doesn't even reciprocate feelings for.


2. Chapter 2- Transfer Student

Nathaniel's (P.O.V)

My mission was pretty simple for me. All I had to do was find this Eli kid and recruit him. He was supposedly one of those kids with superpowers. It should be pretty easy considering that my normal job was to kill people without causing too much noise and making sure there were no witnesses.

I'm exactly what you think I am. An assassin. In fact, I'm the youngest and best one out there, being seventeen. My dad started training me as soon as I could hold a knife and understand that I couldn't stab myself. A little gruesome, I know. 

I've had a lot of missions. Such as a son hiring me to kill his parents for the millions their family business has. He was never caught and is now a billionaire. Once I had to kill a little girl's parents. I simply cut the brakes in their car. The police suspected foul play, but of course, they never caught me.

By the time I had turned thirteen, I could sprint three miles without stopping and I already knew how to kill someone.

I also went to school every day. Private school. Of course, my dad needed me to have the best education around. I knew high school math when I was in seventh grade. So, that caused me to "graduate" pretty early. This is why I was dreading going back.

I wouldn't be able to stand the people there, (teachers and students alike), but I had to put a fake smile on and pretend that I like everyone. 

Which is very wrong.

I also would have to fake a British accent. That would be easy considering I have to have different personas for my "job". 

On Monday morning, I wake up at four in morning. As usual, I do a daily workout that's required for all assassins. An hour later, I grab my weapons. I don't need them, but I prefer to have them on me in case of emergencies. I grab a small, flat knife that I can keep in my boot.

I open up my drawers and grab a simple, black t-shirt and blue jeans. I put on white socks and pull on my black combat boots. I keep the knife in my boot and make sure it's not visible. Heading downstairs, I glance at the clock. 
Five thirty.

I grab my backpack and blue, denim jacket. 

I have to go to Eli's house and make sure he's there. 

I need what he does at all time.

That's why I'll be "coincidently" in all of his classes. I'd have to befriend him before I can tell him why I'm actually here.

Hiding in some bushes by his house, I wait for him. 

He comes out the door pretty soon after and I leave after. 


I walk into homeroom and immediately, all eyes are on me. Of course, they would know I'm new. 

I pick a seat in the middle of the room and wait for Eli to walk in. 

I went over what I had to do in my head.

1) Meet Eli

2) Befriend him

3) Recruit

Pretty simple. 

I see him walk in, with his head low. Once people see him, they divert their attention to him. I knew why.

There was a girl in this school who ran a blog. Apparently, she's the daughter of the doctor who tested Eli for his powers.

Of course, she found out and wrote about it everywhere.

He picks a seat in the corner and pulls out a book. 

"Alright everybody!", the teacher says, clapping his hands together. He stood up and walked to the front of the class. People stopped talking and looked up at him. "We have someone new with us!", of course. Of course, he would make me introduce myself to the class. How childish. Everyone turned back and looked at me. I gave a small smile and wave. 

"Nathanial, Could you please come up and tell us about yourself?", he asked, raising his eyebrows at me. 

"Sure.", I say, standing up and walking to the front of the class.

I fake the British accent.

"Hi! My name's Nathanial and I just transferred from Britain.", I smiled at everyone and tried to catch Eli's gaze.

We made eye contact and he blushed and looked down again. 


Was he gay?

Doesn't matter anyway. 

"Anything else you'd like to say?", the teacher asked me. 

" thank you.", I smile, rocking back on my heels.

"Alright, you can go sit down then."

I do as he says I can and as soon as I sit, the bell rings and we're ushered onto our next class.

I followed Eli to his next class. 

Well, I mean, our next class I guess.

This is would be easy.

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