The Tables Have Turned

Eli a 16 year old boy in high school already has enough on his plate to deal with being a teenager. Now he has to deal with having a mutation in which he receives supernatural like powers. That's when Nathaniel comes in, he's one of the youngest assassin that is part of the government, and his next mission, to recruit Eli into the government. What happens when Eli falls for the mysterious Nathaniel, and Nathaniel has to now deal with an annoying Eli for he doesn't even reciprocate feelings for.


11. Chapter 11- Hating the Day Ahead

~Okay I wanted to make an announcement to everyone who's reading the book... I'M SORRYYY!!! I know i haven't written my chapter for a couple of months now and that's my fault. So I just wanted to say I'm sorry and that i hope it doesn't make you not read the book anymore. Well that's it and i hope you enjoy!~

Eli's (P.O.V.)

I walk down the corridor and i expected everyone to be looking in my direction, but to my surprise, no one is. Which i know sounds condescending, but its just most people take in the gossip and drama at this school. And i thought they would eat up that one of their own classmates shouted and yelled at a whole classroom. Whatever, actually now that i think about it, i haven't seen Nathaniel in any of my classes for a while now. Which i guess isn't really my concern but i guess I'm just a little worried about him. I know it's weird to be worrying about a guy who i have only seen a couple of time. But whenever i think about him, all i think is about the kiss...

Okay let's focus, I have other things to worry about, like the letter... God what am i going to do about that? Should I join them? I mean they would pay for the medical bills for my father, seeing as which we don't have the money to pay for them. Shaking my head I continue down the hall and notice something weird... Everyone's avoiding me.. I can see as their eyes move to avoid mine, and their backs are all to me. Not even giving me a simply nod to show that i exist. For some reason this makes me nervous, but i don't know why. And that in turn makes me kind of scared. 

When I arrive at homeroom, i sit down in the front like usual. Well guess what, everyone is sitting in the back of the class room staring at me. Which confuse me but as I turn around towards the teacher he opens his mouth then closes them, clearly having a tough time trying to get something out. Which, confuses me so much I don't know how to react. So instead of talking, he quickly writes something down onto a piece of paper and hands it to me. I take the piece of paper hesitantly and slowly look down at the words written.

'Go to the office.' That's all it says, making me cringe because the last time i went to the office I had been handed and certain letter and I'm still fighting to either join or not. So slowly standing up i walk over to the door and open it, looking back at everyone. They all looked slightly more relaxed, so sighing i walk out and close the door behind meI make my way down the hallway feeling as the silence get to me, the silence of the hallway, people around me, and my own mind as i come to a blank thinking of something to do, to make everything better.

Arriving in front of the hallway I take a deep breath then open the clear glass door, seeing the women already inside looking at me and pointing towards one of the empty room which is used for the principal office I nod politely and make my way over to the door, reaching for the handle and slowly open the door. And who is inside is none other than the same big buff government agent that had handed me the letter. My face suddenly turns sour frowning and i close the door behind me. 

He motions me to sit down and i do so without question, sitting right across from him in the bland, barren like room. 

"What?" i ask my expression bored and my voice matching my expression perfectly.

He raises a brow but shrugs as he gets into why he's here, "I don't want to waist time so I'm going to get down to the point. Have you decided yet about our offer?" he asks just as bored as how my sounded. Well I guess it's his job to be professional, and not an annoyed teenager who's just trying to give attitude. 

Sighing I try to think carefully on what i should say next, "No i haven't." I say looking him straight in the eyes. 

Shaking his head he takes something out of his suit and sets it on the table between us, its an envelope. "If you say yes now, I'll give you this now as an advancement." 

"What is it?" i ask curiously

"Just something to pay off about a tenth of your fathers medical bill." he answers, making my heart skip a beat. Me and my mother wouldn't be able to pay off a tenth even if we combined out money, as you can see my fathers injuries are bad and we are kind of poor. 

I hesitantly reach for the envelope and slowly open it, the inside showing a whole stack of hundreds. Probably about 300,000 dollars. Gulping I set it back down and look up at him, "Well?" he asks me a little impatient. 

I feel as if the next decision I make will be important, but I can't for some reason get the words out...

Only about ten minutes later i open my mouth and feel as if im not even talking, just that my body is taking over and doing it for me instead, "Yes ill join." i say without even thinking. I don't know whats happening, all i can do is think of my father. 

Smiling he nods and stands up, handing me a small stack of papers, and leaving the envelope on the table. He leaves the room alone and all i can think of is "What am i going to do?" I finally after a little bit get myself together and get the envelope and stack of papers into my arms and leave the office, avoiding the eyes of all the women who work in there. Walking straight to my locker and grabbing my bags and stuffing the papers into it, throwing it over my shoulder and started towards the entrance. I take out my phone and text my mother to come and get me from the school, which she responds immediately saying shes on her way. 

Just as i put my phone away into my pocket, i look up to only bump into someone. Falling to the floor. Looking up i see that its Nathaniel looking down at me with his stupid smile of his. Shaking my head i put my hand out and he grabs it pulling me up to my feet. I dust myself off and grab my bag off of the floor and back around my shoulders. 

"What are you doing out here in the halls?" he asked, referring to the class that I have now. 

"Family emergency." i respond, and im not entirely lying. This is technically a family emergency. 

He nods as he looks around and his face suddenly frowns, I raise a brow as i start to turn around. But before i could he quickly grabs me by my arms and turns me toward him, and i swear i could see him wince slightly. "Hey you okay? Something wrong?" i ask.

He shakes his head, "No I'm good, I just thought i saw someone familiar." he said with his sweet soft voice. 

Nodding slowly I calm my body down, "So where have you been?" i ask

"Just dealing with my own family problems of my own." he answers and i dont question him as i know what those are like. 

"Ok, well I've missed you." i said without thinking then instantly blush slightly pink and try to take it back, "No i meant that I've missed your presence, wait no, wait... you know what nevermind." i say giving up as i can see that im just making a fool of myself. 

He chuckles sofly, his voice perfect, a little to perfect that i think its to good to be true. "No i understand its ok."

I nod as i relax and hear a honking behind me, turning i can see my mother honking so loud that it can be heard in the inside of the school. Sighing i turn back to Nathaniel smiling, "Well gotta go." i say fixing my strap of my bag.

He nods as he gives me a small smile of his own. I walk down the hall and exit the school towards my mothers car and get in. Setting my backpack in my lap. I can see her smiling in the corner of my eyes, "What you smiling about?" 

"Nothing, just wondering who that boy was."

I turn a bright pink, "Oh please, lets just go." i beg and she does. We drive off towards the house and dread as i think what im about to tell my mother.

~Ok so yeah sorry again for the very very very late update on the book. Also i have one small announcement. Me and the other author have decided to change the path of this book a little. So dont be surprised if things get a little weird, but other than that it shouldn't be to different. One last thing, just check out the description of the book because we have changed it to better reflect what the change is. Thank you for the patience and sorry again~

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