The Tables Have Turned

Eli a 16 year old boy in high school already has enough on his plate to deal with being a teenager. Now he has to deal with having a mutation in which he receives supernatural like powers. That's when Nathaniel comes in, he's one of the youngest assassin that is part of the government, and his next mission, to recruit Eli into the government. What happens when Eli falls for the mysterious Nathaniel, and Nathaniel has to now deal with an annoying Eli for he doesn't even reciprocate feelings for.


10. Chapter 10~ Discharge

Nathaniel's (P.O.V.)

I wake up and my ears are immediately met with the sounds of beeping and whirring. I can hear the beep of the heart monitor and turn, grabbing my phone. I needed Eli's number. I could easily get it through Dante, my boss. Or if I really had to, my father. I chose Dante. "Hey, do you have Eli's number? The kid with the powers, I need it"

Shutting my phone off, I'm immediately bored again. I could call Jax, wait. No, I couldn't. I was pissed at her, and she was pissed at me. I hear a buzz and pick my phone up. It's Dante. I open it and read the message. "Yeah, here.", with his number attached. "thanks"

"Okay....", I sigh out loud "How long 'til I can get out of here?" Just as I say that my doctor walks in. 

"That won't be for a while, Nathaniel.", he says.

"How come? I have very important stuff to do.", I say matter-of-factly. 

"I know that, but your body needs to heal first.", he says, checking my stats and what not.

"How long? I need to get out as soon as I can I have something very important to get back to.", I growl, hoping for some leeway. 

"Nathaniel.", he shoots back, "You need to heal."

"Fine.", I sigh. "But you still haven't answered my question."

"I don't know how long. It depends on how fast your body recovers.", he sighs, writing something on his clipboard and running his hands through his blond hair. Something was probably wrong.

"What?", I ask.

"Hm? Oh, it's nothing. You need to stay here at least another week."

"Tomorrow. It has to be tomorrow, Jack." I would sometimes call him by his first name. We'd grown somewhat close, with all the times I've been in the HQ's hospital. Well I mean, as close as someone can get to their doctor. He turned and locked eyes with me. "No. Your body needs to heal, you were just stabbed!"

"You think I don't know that?", I laugh "Pretty damn sure I know what happened!"

He huffs. "I'll be back in another hour. What were you stabbed with?", he asks

"My own knife.", I laugh bitterly, pain shooting through my side. I wince and he notices.

"Easy there. But when you were stabbed, was there any blood on it from anything else? Like your target?", he asks

I look back on what had happened. "Uh, I..I don't know. Probably.", I shrug. "Why?"

"Hm...nothing. I'll see you later.", he says, walking out.

Sighing, I lay back in the bed, alone again. I tried to ignore the pain in my side as I looked for something to do. I get bored easily, so this was going to be fun. 


Jack walks in and I immediately perk up. He had a serious expression on his face as he met his brown eyes with mine and I cock an eyebrow at him. 

"Hey there."

"Nathaniel, you need a blood transfusion.", he sighs

I already knew what a transfusion was. I've had them done before. Considering I've lost a lot of blood in the span of one day after being emitted, it makes sense. I still felt weak, lightheaded. 

"Okay.", I nod "Is there anything else I'd need to know?"

"As of now, no, but we're going to start it now if you don't mind.", he said, gesturing to the nurse beside him. 

"Go for it.", I smirk, holding my arm out. He just rolls his eyes and walks into the room, standing beside me. The nurse followed him, holding all the supplies he'd need. Pulling on a pair of latex gloves, he takes my arm, inserting the needle into my vein. It doesn't even faze me, as I watch the blood flow from the bag and into my arm. Soon, the blood is coursing through my veins once more, but I felt had though something wasn't right. I didn't know what it was, but something bad was going to happen. I suddenly feel cold and look up at Jack. 

"Somethings not right.", I shake my head, shaking slightly. 

He frowns and looks over the papers once more and his face goes pale. He looks at me, to the labeled bag. He turns to the nurse, "Tell the blood bank they gave me the wrong damn blood.", he hissed, shoving the papers into her arms. She immediately runs off and another nurse walks in. 

"Get me a saline drip.", he spoke to her and she nodded, running off and coming back minutes later with a bag of clear liquid, quickly handing it to Jack. He quickly took the previous IV out of my arm, replacing it with a new, sterile one and attaching the new bag, the liquid flowing down. The point where the needle entered my skin seemed to burn, but I felt better almost instantly. Though I was cold, I most likely had a fever. "

"What just happened?", I look up at Jack as he takes my temperature, a concentrated look on his face.

"You got the wrong type of blood.", he sighed, checking the thermometer and pursing his lips. 

"How bad?"

"Pretty bad." I knew he wouldn't lie to me. I always asked for the straight truth. "But now", he continues "You have to stay longer."

I huff, laying back in the bed. "Fine. Only because I don't want to die.", I joke

"I'll give you some drugs to take to reverse this. So far, it seems like you lucked out.", he smiled at me

"How nice.", I smile at him, my voice dripping with sarcasm. 

He just rolls his eyes, a small smile on his face as he continues to write on the papers clipped to the clipboard. 


It's been about a week now. I have one more day until I can finally leave the hospital. Grabbing my phone, I put Eil's number into my phone, and debate on whether or not to text him. I've stared at the screen of my phone for at least twenty minutes until I finally decide I should.

"Hey, it's me Nathaniel. Just wanted to apologize for not being in school the last couple days. Heard what happened to your dad Sorry I wasn't there to help" 

I hit send, almost immediately regretting it. A few minutes later I get a response.

"Hi, thanks for worrying."

"No problem can't wait to see you in school."


I'm cringing the entire time and just turn off my phone, putting it on the table beside me. That was one of the most awkward experiences I've ever dealt with. But now I literally had nothing to do. I look around the room and smirk seeing my bag. Maybe Jax had dropped it off. I don't really care though as I reach for it, grabbing it and seeing what's inside. It has most of my knives in it. They range from throwing knives to carving ones, to even a pocket knife. How the hell is it even here? Security should've taken it. Then again, they all know who I am. I reach for the chain around my neck, pulling the dog tags attached to it out of my shirt. I've seen everything they had to offer, but still studied them. 

Stamped into the metal there are words and numbers.


Nathaniel A


B Pos

That was the first one, with just my name, blood type, and serial number. My middle name was Alex, hence the A after my name. The second one was different, however. 


Rank: S

That's all it said. On both sides. I've memorized what they said for a while, but I tend to just read them when I'm bored. I sigh, turning back to the bag in front of me. Taking a knife out, I spin it in my hands, tempted to throw it. Jack would kill me. Nevertheless, I do, lodging it perfectly in the doorframe, dead center at the top. I had an impeccable aim with mostly anything. One of the things I pride myself on. Jax of course always teased me about it, but I never really care. I had much better aim than her anyway. I smile, remembering one of the first times we trained together. We were throwing knives of course and somehow, she managed to get hers lodged in my back. I still have the scar today, ten years later. Suddenly Jack walks in, snapping me out of my daze. He looks worried.

"What's up?", I ask, noticing his different attitude.

"It's Jax.", he says

I raise an eyebrow, tilting my head to the side slightly. "Is she okay?"

"Dante brought her in unconscious. She's completely stable but you can still talk to her if you want."

I bite my lip slightly, debating whether or not I should. 

"No, she's fine without me.", I shrug.

I knew she was still mad at me, as I was at her. But I change the topic quickly, glancing up at the knife in the doorframe.Jack didn't notice as he looked at me. 

"You can probably leave pretty soon then.", he nods. Perking up, I look back at him


He chuckles. "Yeah, get your stuff together." He smiles, shaking his head as he leaves the room. I smile and instantly jump out of the bed, but regret it, almost falling when a sudden spell of dizziness almost makes me pass out. I lean against the wall, getting my bearings before I head to the bathroom, changing back into my black jeans and t-shirt. I already felt better, though the stab wound wasn't completely healed. It still hurt, but I ignored it. Looking in the mirror I'm surprised it didn't shatter before me. I looked like absolute shit. I seemed paler than usual, dark bags under my eyes and my eyes were dull, almost bloodshot. Sighing, I run a hand through my hair and felt how dirty it was. Cringing I walk out with my stuff, being careful of my side. I finally get the nurse to discharge me and I smile as he hands me my car keys. They told me that they had gotten it cleaned best they could. Which was pretty damn good considering. Last I saw it, it was drenched in my own blood on the leather seats inside. I had a red Mustang and I loved it to death. Of course, I wouldn't drive it to the school, but I still loved it. Another thing Jax made fun of. Walking out with my stuff, I smile and almost jump with joy after seeing it in the parking lot. It was shining in the sunlight, looking brand new. Unlocking it, I sink into the leather driver's seat, sighing. I couldn't stop smiling, even as I started it and drove to my apartment.


Unlocking the door to the apartment, I drop my bag by the door, somehow exhausted just from driving. But I force myself into the bathroom, starting the shower. 

After I step out of the bathroom I fell like a completely different person. The wound in my side throbbed with pain and I head to the small kitchen, forcing myself to eat something and swallow two painkillers. Leaning against the counter, I wince slightly, just wanting to sleep. So, heading back to my bedroom, I lay on the bed, almost instantly falling asleep.


In the dream, I'm seven again. Of course, I was training, throwing knives at targets and hitting them perfectly in the center. Someone walks in, but I barely notice them, too focused on my work. When I hear my name called though, I turn. He motions for me to walk over and I do, seeing the girl about the same age as me with him.

"Nathaniel. Try not to kill each other.", the man says, walking out.

"Hi.", I smile, holding my hand out as I've been taught to do.

"Hi...", she responds, giving me a weird side high-five.

"Okay...what's your name?", I ask

"Jax. And it's not a boy's name!"

"Okay then. I'm Nathaniel."

She stops, looking like she's thinking. "Nathaniel is too long. Can I call you Nathan?", she finally asks.

"What? No! My names Nathaniel.", I quickly object

"Please?", she begged, drawing the 'e' out.

"No.", I say simply, crossing my arms.

She just sighs and turns away, looking at everything in the room.

That's where it ends, as I'm woken up by the blaring of my alarm. Right. I still had to go to school.


Hey everyone! First off, I want to apologize for this being so late so I made it extra long! Hope you enjoyed it because it's one of my favorites so far. econd off, we will be posting pictues of the face-claims we use to picture Nathaniel and Eli. Secondly, thank you so much for 2000 reads! That's insane! Thrid, go check out @love_fangirling 's story, Mission: Kill. She goes into much more detail about the flashbacks between Jax and Nathaniel. Anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed this chapter and look forward to others!

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