Shut Up And Kiss Me (Josh Dun Fanfiction)

What happens when Alex is forced to move halfway across the country? Will she find love? Or will everything go downhill?


1. Chapter-One

Alex's P.O.V

Hey, I'm Alex. Short for Alexandria but nobody calls me that. Well...except for my mother. And every adult that knows my full name. I hate it. It sound so formal. And I guess you could say...I'm the exact opposite of that. I'm a bit of a rebel. I sneak out, I get drunk at least six days out of the week, and I always stay out late. Which is probably why my mother hates me so much. But I get straight A's in school, I always do my homework, and I do  a bunch so sports and activities. I have a boyfriend. His name is Kyle. He plays football and he has brown hair that like, swoops up but I mean it's really soft. He has the brightest blue eyes and soft pink lips. His nose looks like something you would fine on a pixie. It points upwards and it's really cute. He's tall and fit and- oh...sorry. I'm rambling. I tend to do that when I'm talking about something or someone I love. I have a stupid brother the I have to share a room with too named Spencer. He's tall and thin. He does sports and gets good grades just like me but my mom pays more attention to him than to me. It's because he wants to be a doctor. I want to make music that people can use to help them stay alive. My mom doesn't think I can do it. The kind of music I listen to is like Panic! At The Disco, Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, Of Mice And Men. Stuff like that. My favorite band of all time is either Sleeping With Sirens or Falling In Reverse. Oh! And I love My Chamical Romance. I literally cried all day when they broke up but we won't talk about that. I also have an older sister but she moved out and is in college. I live in Rhode Island. I'm in high school. Tenth grade. I have like three friends. Sam, Abbi, and Ryan. Sam is like my go to person when I'm having a panic attack. Abbi is the tall skinny one that everyone likes. And Ryan. Oh Ryan. He's short, chubby, hasn't hit puberty yet. He squeaks when he talks. But he's cute. And when I say cute I don't mean the cute I would date but the kind of cute you would use to describe a baby. My house is kinda small but I have to deal with it. I have to share a room with my brother. Luckily I'm almost never home so I don't have to deal with it. We live pretty close to Sam. I can walk to her house. If I'm not to lazy. I usually take the train. I don't really know what else to say but uhmm...I'm on the train right now to go home considering it's Saturday night and my mom has to drag me to church. She's very religious but I'm not. Well me and Abbi made up the "religion" called "liquidest". It's when you worship the great lord Poseidon the God of the Sea. Yep. We're super weird. But other than that I'm not religious. I have to go to church to please my mother. That's the one day I have to spend time with my stupid family and not be drunk off my booty. Oh. Yeah. And I don't swear. I mean you would think I do but I'm not like that. I'm a smoll little bean. So I either swear the 'good' version of a swear like frick, heck, or dang. Or I swear in the form of the liquedest like "Holy Poseidon" or "What the dripping waterfall?" because, once again, I'm a freaking weirdo. Fight me. I'm super tired but sleep is for the weak. And even if I wanted to fell asleep I wouldn't be able to because that's the perk of having insomnia. I have insomnia, depression, anxiety, ODC, and a lot of other insane mental issues. The train stops at my stop and I get off the train going into the little gas station down the road from it. 

"Hey Alex." one of the cashiers said from behind the register.

"Hey Jules." I say back giving her a small smile and a curt wave. I walk to the back of the store and grab a small bag of chips and a bottle of flavoured water. I walk to the desk and pull out the same amount as always. Six dollars and thirty-two cents. I hand it to Jules and she gives me smile.

"So are you going to that dance on friday?" She asked me making small talk. I lean against the counter opening the small bag of crusty potato slices. Well that's what they are, don't get mad. Anyway, I take out the crunchy goodness and pop the chip into my mouth.

"Nah, I'm hanging out down at the pier with Kyle and some of his friends." I say still chewing the chip. I tilt the opening of the bag to Jules offering her to take some. She reaches into the bag and places the chip on her tongue crunching it between her teeth. She nods her head in understanding. I crack open the bottle of water and take a sip. We continue this cycle until all of the chips are gone and the water is drained from its bottle.

"Alright," I say dusting my hands off on my ripped jeans.

"I better get going. See you on monday." I say waving to Jules before walking out of the small building and walking down the road in the direction of my house. Friday is the last day of school for this year and I am so excited to finally get out of that place for three months. 

As soon as I walk into my house I immediately B-line it to my bedroom. I walk into my part of the room which is sort of this loft thing that's really aesthetic. I have posters and fairy lights. It's pretty lit. I throw my backpack onto the floor and pull out my phone. I plug in my headphones and turn on my most recently listened to playlist. "My Chemical Fall Out Boy Panicking(!) at the Falling Horizon" turning it up all the way. I pull my sketch pad out from between my matress and box spring. I turn on my bed side lamp and grab a charcoal pencil and start fixing up a drawing I started last week. It's a realistic drawing of this couple I saw holding hands looking out at the sunset and the pier. I thought I was so cute and pretty so I'm drawing it now and it looks like crap in my opinion. I can't draw crap. I hear a banging on my door and I look up from my drawing. 

"What?!" I yell already annoyed with whoever was trying to bother me.

"Mom wants to have a family meeting in the living room." I hear Spencer start walking away and I stand up from my very confortable bed. I slide the sketch pad back under my matress and walk to my door. I kick the back pack that's right in front of it, out of the way before pulling the door open and walking through my brothers part of the room which is an absolute mess. I step over dirty clothes and crushed up energy drink cans. I kick books out of the way and his back pack. Abandoned shoes, blankets, pillows. Even posters that either fell down or that he was just to lazy to put up so they now live on the ground. I swear I saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. "Spencer clean up your fricking room!!!" I yell to him where ever he is in the house. This is disgusting and it makes me want to vomit. I swear one of these days I'm going to come in here with a trash bag and some medical gloves. I walk down the stairs and turn to my right and stand in the doorway to the living room. I raise my eyebrows at my mother who is sitting on the couch next to my brother. Out dog is in the floor right at their feet, the cat on the back of the couch, and my father sitting in his reclining chair. 

"Sit down please, Alexandria." my mother says in a sweet tone I know she only uses when she wants to tell me that I'v done something wrong or to tell me something I'm not going to like. I hesitantly sit down on the other couch which is empty of all family members. I cross my legs and pat my knees as a gesture that I'm ready to hear what she needs to say.

"So...your father and I have decided...we're going to move." she says with a straight face. I shrug my shoulders. 

"Will I get my own room?" I ask. That's all I'm worried about really. 

"Well. Sweetie." She takes a breath in her nose and breathes it out her mouth. "The house we're moving into, it's in Ohio." She says and my face falls. 

"What?!" I scream standing up. "You're kidding! We can't move halfway across the country! What the hell mom?!" I screamed. I pull at my hair and scrunch my eyes up. 

"Calm down Alexandria! Your brother is going to college out in Ohio and we just wanted to be closer to him." my mother tries to explain.

"Of course! Of course it's because of Spencer! When do you ever think about me and my feelings?! Oh yeah! Never! Why don't you get your head out his long enough to look at me for a second?!" I yell stomping up the stairs to my room. I grab my bag and shove my phone, earbuds, phone charger, sketch pad, pencils, and a beanie into it. I zip it up and throw on my sweatshirt and go to lock to door. Once it's locked I shove open my bedroom window. I throw my bag onto the slanted roof and jump the fourish feet into the hard surface. I grab my bag and throw it onto my back and walk over to the other side of the roof. I jump down off the roof and start walking to the library. I open the door and walk into the back room of the adult fiction section. I throw my back pack and sit at the little desk in there. I take out my sketch pad and continue the drawing until I came up with something that actually looks decent. I can't move. I can't up and leave. Half way across the country. Leave my friends, my family. My boyfriend. No. This can't be happening. It can't be.

I was at the library until it closed. The lady that was always at the front desk shushing people to be quiet came over to me and asked me to leave. I packed up all of my things and walked out the front door down the ramp and onto the street. I walked down the street until I was walking along the bridge. I stopped about halfway across and looked out at the sunset. It was so beautiful. I took out my phone and snapped a picture of it and saved it to my camera roll. I shoved my phone back into my pocket. I reached into my backpack and pulled out the beanie. I shoved it onto my head and walked back to the safety of level ground. I ran to the dock and sat down. I put in my headphones in and went to spotify. I turned on my Panic! At The Disco playlist on and laid down closing my eyes. I must've fallen asleep because as soon as I know it I'm waking up and it's dark and freezing. As soon as I stand up I realize I've missed 8 calls and got 23 texts from various friends and family members. I looked around and saw a person standing in front of me. It's dark out so I can't tell who it is.They wave and start walking over to me. As they walk into the light I see that it's Abbi. I smile and she hugs me. Without thinking I hug her back.

"Hey, what's got ya down?" Abbi asked me pulling away from the embrace.

Oh, you know. I'm moving halfway across the country because my mother's head is shoved so far up Spencer's that she can't live without him for one fricking day. I have to just up and leave to fricking Ohio. Even worse, we're leaving on Monday. I can't face anybody and I just want to stay because it's so hard to make new friends and meet new people especially with my anxiety and I just really love you and Sam and Ryan and Kyle but my stupid mom can't see how painful this is going to be for me.

"Nothing." I say simply walking past Abbi and onto steady land. She doesn't buy it for one second.

"I don't buy it for one second." she says grabbing my hand pulling me over to a bench. She sits down and gestures for me to sit down as well. I obey her and sit down on the hard wood. It's full of splinters, I'm sure.

I sigh and give in.

"I'm moving..." I tell her without going into too much detail about what's happening.

"That's not to bad." she said trying to cheer me up.

"To Ohio." I finished.

"Okay, that's a little worse. But we'll keep in touch. I mean you're 16. You get your driver's license in like a year and you can move out in two." she said sounding unsure about what's going to happen.

I shook my head.

Even if we do text and call each other everyday I know you'll still find other people to replace me. I'm sure you'll get to busy with work or friends that you'll never reply to my texts, never pick up my calls. Eventually I'll just give up on trying to reach you and stop texting and calling you and then we'll never talk again except for at our super awkward high school reunion where that guy that always smelled like cheese grew up to be an alcoholic and then he starts hitting on you and not me because nobody remembers me. And then you'll be hanging out with Ryan and Sam and I'll leave early to go see my fat husband and my two hyperactive children. I'll still be living with my mom and I'll be seven hundred pounds and not even be relevant enough to be on "My 600 lb. life" so I'll just die sad and alone in my chair that had to be custom built for my giant thighs and gaping hips. My husband will have left me by then and my children will be with him because I'm an unfit parent because I can't drive little Timmy to school because I can't even get up without breaking a sweat and my electric scooter imploded due to the amount of weight I'd have put on it. Nobody will notice I'm dead because I don't venture off into society and I have no friends but lord knows I always have enough food. Just ask my fat filled arteries and my clogging heart.

"Yeah." I said softly. Truth be told I was nervous. I don’t want to lose touch with my friends. But...maybe it’s for the best. What?! No! I’m talking non-sense. I need to get home. I stood up quickly and straightened my clothes. I began walking down the road to my house.

In a matter of minutes I was standing in front on the old building that I called home for so many years. I threw my bag onto my back once again and climbed up onto the roof and slithered my way into my bedroom. I closed the window and threw myself onto my bed. I sighed into my pillow.

“Groan!” I yelled into my pillow. I heard footsteps outside my bedroom door. There were soon three soft knocks on the door. I stood up and unlocked the door before opening it to reveal my older brother. I looked at me with sympathy. He held his arms open as I fell into his arms. He wrapped his arms around small frame. I cried softly into his plain black tee shirt. He rubbed circles on my back trying to sooth me. I sank to the floor Spencer slowly falling with me. He held me until I stopped crying. I wiped my face on my sleeve sitting back from the comfort of my big brothers arms. This is going to be a long night. I don’t really remember how this conversation went but I think it was something about him knowing why I’m upset and me saying he doesn’t understand me at all. That’s when he told me to get some sleep because it was super late. As soon as he fell asleep, don’t worry I checked, I snuck out of my bedroom and down the stairs to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a bagel and cream cheese.

After I put together my bagel I sat down in front of the T.V. and started watching American Horror Story. Oh my God. Evan Peters is too fricking beautiful.

After I finished my bagel and seven more episodes of AHS I stood up. I, of course, immediately fell over because I was sitting down in the same position for over four hours. Those episodes are freaking long. Just like this DI-

“Alex? What are you doing up?” I heard my brother say interrupting my thoughts.

I jumped at the sudden sound.

“Having a hard time falling asleep.” I replied truthfully. I looked up and saw Spencer nod.

“Why is that?” he asked. I shrugged.

“I know as well as you do, insomnia.” I said plainly.

“You don’t want to leave.” he said matter of factly.

“Yeah no shit Sherlock.” I said without thinking.

We sat there in silence for a while until I broke the barrier of sound with my apology.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking. It just slipped out.” I said quickly trying to patch up the whole I had most definitely ripped in this metaphorical blimp. He shook his head and ruffled my hair. I giggled and stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed and did the same. We goofed off a it more until I stood up.

“I have to go take a shower. Then I’ll get some sleep.” I said walking into the bathroom. I brushed my hair out and quickly undressed. I looked into the mirror and stared at the hideous scars of my past mistakes.

I stepped into the shower and as soon as I was finished I dried off and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked up the stairs and into my bedroom. I got dressed in some pajamas and laid down in my bed. I got my phone out and unlocked it going to the messages.I pulled up my conversation with Kyle and laughed at the last conversation we had about which was better. DC or Marvel. Obviously Marvel was way better but he could have whatever opinion he wanted even if it’s so very wrong. I’m sorry but I think Marvel is better. Like yes I do like Batman and Wonder Woman but like...Tony Stark...Captain America. I mean like, it doesn’t get better than that. Anyway, I’m rambling again.

I sent a text to Kyle.

“I can’t sleep and I really need to tell you something.” is what the text said. He replied back almost immediately.

“I’ll be right over.” he said with a winky face emoji. I giggled slightly. I clicked the power button on my phone and the screen turned black. I set my phone down on the comforter and sighed a deep, cleansing sigh.

About 15 minutes later I heard a soft knock at the door.

“Come in!” I yelled because I was honestly to lazy to get up and open the door myself. I saw the door open slowly and Kyle’s head pop in. I smiled and he walked further into my bedroom.

“Hey baby.” he said quietly.

“Hi.” I said back.

“You needed to tell me something?” he asked sounding slightly concerned. I nodded slowly.

“You’re not going to like what I have to say and before you ask, no, I’m not breaking up with you.” I paused and took a breath. “I’m moving to Ohio.” I said and he was silent.

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