Werewolf Lodge

When Roa, a elf, arrives at Werewolf Lodge, she is bitten by a wolf in the deep woods. Now, a half-breed, she struggles to survive in the harsh new world...where all kinds of creatures dwell.


1. Roa


The small elf girl shivered in the deep woods. She had black hair, blue eyes, and wore a tattered white gown. She glanced at the glass window. As a full moon glimmered in the Midnight sky, Roa heard the eerie sound of howling wolves. It wasn't her fault that her parents told their daughter about the creatures of the darkness. Roa stared at the dwarf.

"It's your fault, Payton". The dwarf grinned at her.

"No it's not, Roa. My kind isn't used to fearing for our lives during the Final Battles". Roa shook her head. The wars of two thousand years' ago, was told by families every generation. Roa, who was eighteen, was of marriage age. But, to her, love wasn't on her radar. It was something that cleared her of the rage she felt afterwards when Briar Longstreet died in the war last year.


Lady Francine Montague glided towards the raised arches. She saw her daughters in the green garden. She wore a long, red, gown. As she stepped past the archway, several guards bowed to her.

"MY LADY!", Skeeter said.

He gazed at her.

Then she sighed.

"Not everyone is safe here", she said. Skeeter stared at her. He thought for a moment. Then he nodded. He waited for her to smile. Lady Francine gazed at the moon in the night sky. Then she saw a young girl staring at her. "My Lady. We must protect you from the werewolves who stalk the dark woods each evening". Lady Montague shivered. She saw there was a full moon in the sky. As the sound of howling was heard, she hoped that the werewolves would be dead before dawn.


Roa was asleep. She stared at the window. Then she watched several figures walking towards the woods. Suddenly she heard the sound of footsteps. She opened her eyes. "My Lady...Follow me". Roa yawned. "I don't want to be awakened". She watched him. Payton gripped a lamp in its right hand. Roa, who wore a black nightgown, left her chambers. She gripped her lamp in her right hand. When they opened the front door, she saw three hungry wolves. "No...please...no". Before she could do anything, she was bitten by one of the werewolves; she screamed as she knew that she was now cursed. Payton grabbed hold of her. He took her towards the chambers. "It's going to be fine, Roa", he said. She shuddered. Before she could do anything, she collapsed on her bed...and knew one thing was certain. She was now a she-wolf.



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