Frerard One-Shots

The band My Chemical Romance one-shots compilation of the ship Frerard. Variation through the series.


1. Traffic Report

        "Bad news from the zones, tumbleweeds. It looks like Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid had a clap with an Exterminator That went all Costa Rica, And uh, got themselves ghosted, dusted out on Route Guano. So it's time to hit the red line and upthrust the volume out there. Keep your boots tight, keep your gun close, and die with your mask on if you've got to. Here is the traffic..." I turn it off slowly and look up at Party. The wind gently blows across his face and tangling in his mask. I don't know what Party looks like, just that he has the most vibrant red hair and eyes I could get lost in. So full of emotion, a green hazel holding back a storm. I can't find the words to speak for there are no words I can say to fill the still air. I've just lost half my team. Kobra was my best friend and my leader, Party Poison, he's lost his brother and best friend. There are no words I can say. I just look at him, my masked, red-haired leader and I look at his eyes. The seconds tick away and I feel my heart beating faster after each thump. 

        There's a lot of words I can use to describe Party Poison. Confident, valiant, sassy, mysterious, artist, loyal, a real spitting image of a Killjoy. He'll die to protect his team and he'd give his life up to defend art and creativity. I've seen one of his drawings and they might as well be photographs they're so good. He puts so must careful precision in his work. And I've also heard Party sing. It was out in the zones when he thought he was alone and no one would hear him. His voice was angelic and soothing, something that made me feel life within. "Cleaned up corporation progress dying in the process..." I heard him and all the times before I could convince myself I wasn't in love with him, but after hearing his voice, time stood still and there was nothing I could think over than "I love him." Yes, I'm in love with my leader but how could I not be. He treated me special. When there was no one around, I was an angel to him and he was so sweet. The caring and  gentle Party Poison always vanished when there was company but he still was kind to me. I never knew why that was but I'm in love with him. Many Killjoys fancy Party because he's so mysterious. I've never seen his face because he always wears his Killjoy mask and I don't know his real name. Kobra told me he was Mikey and I know Jetstar is Ray but Party Poison, it's still unknown and he doesn't know mine either. I want him to know but he won't let me tell him, he says it makes it easier, whatever that means. But I know what he means. It makes it easier to say goodbye if we must. 

        "Party?" I whisper nervously and afraid. It's not that I'm scared of Party Poison. I'm more so scared of what he is capable of. His brother is dead. Mikey, all these years or protecting him and all the memories shared. As fearless as Party is,  Mikey was the one person who reminded him he is human, that we are not gods and one day we will run out of luck, as Jetstar and Kobra had today. His brother kept him anchored to the world, that if Party were to go sacrifice himself and die, he'd cause pain to so many others. Mikey reminded Party that we are not immortal and his life matters and he would be missed if he was gone. Mikey reminded Party that he was alive and loved but Mikey is gone now.

        "What?" he says with a hollow voice. I didn't really think about what to say to him. I can't tell him it's okay because it's not. There's nothing I can say that can capture what needs to be said. No words are strong enough to say what I need him to know. I just stare at him in his eyes and he vacantly stares back at me. My mind races as I try to find words to fill the silence but I can't. There's nothing I can say without making this worse. No words I am able to arrange to make better of this. Nothing can make better of this. Maybe it's not something I need to make better but accept what it is. Mikey and Ray are dead, it's not the place to make it better but a time to accept they are gone and we must continue without them. Then I don't say anything. I just look at him in his eyes, taking in everything and as he stares back at me. The setting sunlight reflect the color of his iris and they are orbs, glowing and I feel my soul catch on fire as I look at him. But the fire inside my extinguish when they start watering. The ocean pools over his lids and there's a small twitch in his head forcing himself to hold back. I've never seen Party Poison cry before and he knows this. I'm sure he has cried before but seeing tears in his eyes is a very new concept to me, one I don't like. I stand unsure of what to do. If I didn't have such feelings for him, I would already be hugging Party tightly and comforting him but because I do care, I'm not able to do things like that without becoming too attached. I stand and I watch as the tears trickle from his eyes and stream behind his mask. I only stare at Party, watching him cry and slowly starting to myself. Mikey and Ray are dead. Maybe I'm in denial because when I first heard it, I did nothing. I only turned it off because I knew Party didn't need to hear any more. But seeing him cry, he tears up and break down from his sassy and fearless attitude, it just proves it's real and that denying won't change the fact they're gone. 

        "Do you want me to give you some privacy?" I offer. I would say 'leave you alone' but I feel like hearing that would reinforce the fact his brother and best friend are gone. 

        "Please don't," he trembles. Two things wrong: Party never pleads and he never has a shaking voice. It's always very clear and empowering. It's all gone, he's a small child that's afraid now. "Please don't leave me alone because when I'm alone, my mind won't shut up. When I'm alone I think and remember, When I'm alone, I feel pain and I cry and if I start crying, I won't stop. Please, Fun Ghoul, don't leave me alone."

        "I-I won't if that's what you want. I'm here, okay?" Party gives a small nod looking to the ground and his shoulders start shaking as he breaks down. I can't help myself, it's cruel to leave him there. I run over to him and hug him. As my arms wrap around him, he collapses and I hold him tightly so he won't fall to the ground. He starts crying and I feel the shaking of his body. "I've got you, Party, I'm not going anywhere." I lower him to the ground and we sit, hearing him cry, though, it kills me all the more inside. Party never cries, that means Kobra is really dead and Jetstar is really gone. 

        "He-was-my-brother! And-and Jet, my.. my best friend!" he sobs out and my heart starts breaking hearing the agony in his raw voice. "I'm supposed to look after him and protect him. Where was I?" My jaw quivers because I don't know what to say. I know he doesn't want an answer to his rhetorical questions, he just wants his baby brother and best friend back. "They're gone! Why am I still here?" 

        "Party," I quiver, still not sure what to say. What can I say that would get through to him in this state of hysteria? 

        "I'm so sorry," he chokes out through his sobs gripping me tightly, clinging to me afraid if he lets loose, I'll slip away from him and he will be alone. "I'm so so sorry." I run my fingers through a strand of his hair. His face is resting on my shoulder, which means he thankfully can't see me. If he saw me crying, it would make matters worse. The worse types of crying are the silent ones. The ones where there are others around so you can't make a sound or they'll know. The type where your throat is so dry and swollen and your eyes are puffy, blurry from all the tears. The type where you want nothing more than to scream out but must refrain it all deep inside. The type where you have to keep one hand over your mouth because you can't figure out how to be quiet so you must physically muffle your sobbing breaths. The type of crying where you've forgotten how to breathe and you can't tell yourself it's going to get better. I can't tell myself things will be fixed because my best friend is dead. There's no coming back from that and the person I love, I don't know if I can get him back after this. 


        By nightfall, Party has cried himself to sleep so I have my turn to mourn. He was right to say being alone isn't good because my mind won't shut up and I start thinking. When I think, I feel pain and I cry. And if I cry, I can't stop. My best friend is dead. Mikey was the only one who thought I mattered. To everyone else, I was just there. Party Poison, I am only convinced he cares about me because I want him to. The only people that matter to him is his brother, his best friend and Dr. D. Everyone else, we're just a life, nothing personal and unfortunately that probably includes me. I wouldn't say I don't matter to Party, but he has others, well used to. He doesn't need me around, he wouldn't notice if anything were to happen to me. If we make it back to the base, he'll forget about me. The lonely technician that would sometimes stare at him a bit too long and always be the first to break away my gaze when we made eye contact. He thought me peculiar, not important. With time, he's going to forget about his dead brother's old friend. But me? I would die before I forgot about Party Poison. 

        I take out my green blaster from the holster and stare down the barrel, evoking an unusual feeling. You're not supposed to know what the inside of your own barrel looks like. That's something only your enemies get to know, always as the last thing they get to know. Would Party notice? Hell, would he even care? If I had the guts to put this actually to my head... No, Party would care, he'd hate me for leaving him. But...does anything matter if I'm already dead? What would happen if I pulled this trigger? What would become of me? In all honesty, I'd rather go to hell than be in purgatory that we call life. My hands are shaking, holding his gun aimed at my face. Why can't I just do it? Come on, Frank. Damn it, just do it. What's the matter wit-

        "Fun Ghoul!" Party exclaims and I snap my attention to me. "Fun Ghoul?" he says softer, his shock factor fading away as he knows what I'm trying to do.  "Please... put it down," he says, new tears coming to his eyes. Goddamn it, Frank. If you had gotten it over with you wouldn't be caught in this mess. I wouldn't have to look at Party's eyes, vacant and stained with tears. Technically, there's nothing stopping me, the gun is in my hands, my finger over the trigger and the barrel aimed at my head. There is nothing stopping me, Party physically can't- "Fun Ghoul," he pleads for me desperately. "I love you, don't leave me alone." And in saying you loved me made things harder at best... Why do you have to say such things? Because I want to believe them as he's in love with me and he feels how I do. But that's not what this is. He's saying he cares about my well-being as a comrade and nothing more. "Give me the gun."
        "These words are changing nothing!" I cry out angry. Not at him but angry. My best friend is gone and I feel empty. I feel incomplete and I just wanna... What? What do I want? "There's no room in this hell," I mutter.

        "Fun, there's no room in the next," he tells me. "Please, don't." Slowly, he crawls over to me and I start straining, trying to get myself to do it when it's too late. Party carefully places his hand on the barrel of the gun and lowers it, then he takes it away from me completely and I start sobbing. "Shh, I've got you," he coos and lifts me up holding me. 

        "I don't know, I'm sorry. I'm a coward."

        "No you're not, you just don't want to die," he says. I shake my head vigorously. "Fun, you don't want to die, you just want to end the pain." I break down and cry. "What's your name?"

        "Uh-Fun Ghoul," I hiccup. 

        "No, silly. Your real name." 

        "I-" I'm taken aback. Party Poison, so secretive suddenly cares to get to know me? To know my name? "Fr-Frank," I whisper and I can feel him smiling. "Uh, yours?" I ask nervously, hoping he will tell me. 

        There's a pause before he answers me. "Gerard." Gerard, that's... That's a good name. Of all the names I've given him in my head, that one's never come across my thoughts but all the names I've thought of have done little to capture his essence. Gerard, however, defines him perfectly. 

        "I know they're gone but their memory will carry on, believe me. You and I, we're going to go after the Exterminator and avenge their deaths."

        "And then what do we do?" I ask like a little kid. 

        "I guess we'll figure that out afterward," he says casually. "In the morning, we're going to Route Guano and find some answers to lead us to the Exterminator. For now, come here. Let's go to sleep."

        I nod along and crawl over to him and lay back. "Gerard?" I say, trying out saying his name for the first time. 

        "Yes? Frankie?" he says and I crack a small smile.

        "Why did you want to know my name?" I ask. 

        He looks down and gives a sigh. "I guess, I don't know..." he mutters. 

        "Like, you were so persistent about keeping our identities absolute secretive, even from each other. Why suddenly care?"

        "I just...wanted to know. It dawned on me we can be taken away at any given moment and well, you're my partner. If anything were to happen to you, I may never know your name and that would destroy me. I don't expect anything back to happen but I didn't expect Mikey and-" he catches himself when he realized he said it but sighs seeing there's no point anymore, "Mikey and Ray to run into danger." He starts playing with a strand of my hair and gives a smile under his mask. "There's no point in keeping secrets from each other, I trust you with my life and I'd die for you, it's stupid to refuse to know your name. Besides, I like Frank, it's very suitable for you."

        I smile back at him. "Gerard's a pretty rad name too." Gerard hums softly while running his fingers through my hair. I've always loved it when he would do that. Some nights where I'd wake up, Party would always be up for some reason, he never slept. He would comfort me and hum while playing with my hair to help me fall back asleep. The gentle, loving side of Party was unseen by anyone else. I could count on my fingers how many times he's treated me like that but I cherished those moments. He'd never do it if anyone else was awake or around, only when it was just us two. Now it's always going to be that way and I shiver. However, Gerard soothes my tension and I fall asleep. 

        When dawn breaks, Gerard's sitting next to me singing softly to himself while hunched over working on something in his lap. "And if you stay, I would even wait all night or until my heart explodes. How long? 'Til we find our way in the dark and out of harm. You can run away with me anytime you want." 

        "That's great," I say. 

        Gerard snaps around and he looks afraid, shuffling some sort of book behind him as a reflex. "Oh, hi, Fun Ghoul, sorry if I woke you."

        "You didn't, and it was the best thing to wake up to," I tell him. "What were you working on?" I question. 

        "Oh, it's nothing," he mutters. I sense he doesn't want to talk about it so I don't pry. "We uh, should get going. Route Guano is a journey ahead," he says and I nod. I pack up our little camp while Gerard puts his book away in his bag and then helps me carry our little amount of supplies to the car. Gerard gets in the driver seat and I get in the seat behind him. He tenses up. "Fr-Frank?"

        "What is it?" I ask.

        Party sighs. "You...sit in the front, with me." I look at the empty chair. I'm used to sitting here because Mikey would ride shotgun next to his brother. "Please?"

        "Yeah, yeah." I get out of the back and crawl into the front sitting next to him and he smiles. "Alright, let's go."

        We start driving ahead, my hair whipping back from the wind. If we run into the Exterminator, this could be the end. I don't want to believe it's going to happen but deep down, I have a gut feeling. Those sickening stomachaches that caused you to feel physically ill where you knew deep down no matter what you told yourself, something terribly wrong was to happen. And you were afraid as well as panicking and you just want to cry because you know something is inevitably wrong. That's how I felt now.

        We don't make it to Route Guano before we see a fleet of Dracs up ahead. Gerard stops the car behind a hill and we get out. Guns ready and masks on, although Gerard's never been off, we get our barrings. There are dozens of white suits clustered and among them, the Exterminator. A chill runs down my spine seeing him. He's responsible for the deaths of my comrades. Gerard puts his hand on my should. "It's going to be okay, Fun," he says. 

        "I know, I know," I say. "I'm just scared. Something bad is going to happen, I can feel it."

        "Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise." I nod. "Fun, I need you to believe me. I will not let anything bad happen to you."

        "I believe you, but I'm also worried something might happen to you," I comment.  What Gerard does next is appalling. His actions aren't anything wrong but the fact HE did it this is earth shattering because it defies the exact morals of Party Poison. Gerard takes off his mask and looks at me and I see his face for the first time. His cheekbones distinguish his facial structure and his skin is flawless. He has the most adorable nose and thin lips, lips I spend an unhealthy amount of time staring at wondering about. By the time I snap my gaze away from his mouth, Gerard already knows where my attention was drawn to and the look in his eyes, that gazed over smirk, he knows. I turn away from him staring at the ground embarrassed when I suddenly feel those lips against my cheek. I look at him in shock, my heart fluttering anxiety. "Did you just-" 

        "Yes," he answers unashamed. "Did it bother you?"

        "What? No, it was just unexpected," I explain but my cheeks are burning a bright red, red like his fabulous hair. He raises an eyebrow at me. "I mean, I liked it but I just. I didn't think you'd do that. It was out of the blue but not bad," I ramble trying to keep the silence gone by filling it with my nonsense because I won't be able to endure a silence.

        Gerard just sweetly smiles and when I pause to take a breath and that's when he leans forward to kiss me again, this time on my lips. He moves in and leans over my face. Closing his eyes, Gerard lifts my head up to his and our lips meet. Adrenaline rushes through me and I come to life. I feel whole and no longer incomplete, his touch healing my emptiness. At first, I don't move. I just sit there trying to wrap my head around the fact this is happening. But then it dawns on me THIS is really happening so I react and kiss him.  His fingers reach up and hold my face as I raise my arms over his shoulders. Gerard pulls away and opens his eyes. He looks down at the ground. "At least once, I had to," he says rushed and his voice quivering. "Just in case." He looks up at me and bites his lower lip. He turns away again and starts moving away from me. "I hope you don't think less of me."
        "I don't. I could never think less of you," I say. 

        "Good, let's go make some noise." Gerard puts his mask back on and the two of us run to the seeing, blasters opening fire at the Draculoids. They start falling rapidly before they return shots at us. We take cover behind a cluster of boulders.  Every few seconds, we take a few rogue shots. I can tell the difference between the blast hitting a person or not clearly. The person's body absorbs the blast and the sound while a miss lets the blast resonate the sound. We lean against the boulder ducking down for 4 minutes. We might have hit 10-12 on our surprise attack before they could respond. By now we've killed a majority. They will eventually all get shot. I am not going to let it happen any other way. I peak my head out briefly and fire. I hit a Draculoid in the shoulder. I take a moment before firing again. When I turn to shoot, I immediately pull back behind cover as a blast flies passed me. 
        In my peripheral vision, I see the white uniform on my right, the Exterminator. They aim the gun at me and I freeze up. I knew I knew something bad would happen. Gerard instinctively grabs my vest and throws me to the side out of the way and I tumble down the incline backwards. Gerard tries to get up but the man grabs him by his neck and he lifts him up, his feet start dangling off the ground and he chokes for air unable to pry his grip off him.
        The man smiles a cold, heartless smile. He sticks his white blaster up against his chest and a blinding flash explodes from the barrel of the gun. A great force strikes him in the head and he flies back, slipping out of Korse's grip and his body crashes to the ground with a huge thud. I stare in horror seeing Gerard. He can't breathe and his arms thrash around, managing to strain his hands long enough to cup his fingers around his wound as his blood pours out. His body convulses on the ground, legs kicks, shoulders jerking, chest heaving, and the blood seeps between his fingers, pooling onto the floor.

        "You, bastard!" I scream out. He snaps his attention back to me who witnessed what he's done and he fires his gun twice at me as I softly whimper and pull back the trigger. I fire at the Exterminator over and over and over. I shoot him at point blank range. His head whips back and body jerks, absorbing each blast and toppling over to the ground. He lets out a weak groan. Tears roll down my cheeks as he collapses to the ground, the front of him turns and pressed against the floor with traces of smoke rising off him.  I am afraid. I am afraid. All that I can do is let the pain in my heart consume me. The Exterminator is dead, but Gerard might be too. I get up and I'm suddenly out of breath and oddly sore in my stomach. But that doesn't matter, I need Gerard to be okay.

        I run over to him and fall to my knees, gently holding him in my arms. He's a mess, "Shh, shh. I-I got you," I tremble crying. He's blood runs down his clothes and pool over his neck. His breathing is raspy and shallow. I run my fingers through his hair. "Oh god, Gerard." I take off his mask and continue to cry while stroking his hair looking at his face. There's so much pain and he's dying and he can't even speak because he's choking. His hand reaches up and I take hold of it, grasping it tightly afraid. I place his fingers against my cheek and cry as his grip on me loosens. I squeeze tighter, desperate to keep him here. Olive green and honey hazel. The color of his fantastic eyes fade away becoming disenchanted and slowly his eyelids flutter shut. "G-Gerard?" I whimper. His hand goes limp as I still clutch him and his head falls back as his last breath empties from his lungs."No..NO! Party Poison! Please, don't leave me. No, you can't leave me alone!" I start sobbing and clinging to him. "Don't do this to me, no! I love you!" But he doesn't hear me, He's dead and I'm just left with his body and all the words I never said. All the things that I never ever told him, all of his smiles that are ever going to haunt me, and all the ghosts that are ever going to catch me. 

        I scream out hysterically. I'm alone now. My team is gone. I just had Gerard left but he's gone now. I let go of Gerard and gingerly place his mask back over his face. I try to stand up but my head is spinning and my breathing has only gotten worse and the aching in my stomach hasn't improved. I glance down and gasp. The Exterminator shot at me but I didn't know he actually hit me. My own blood, and possibly a lot of Gerard's too stains my vest. I stumble backward. I look around but there is only Gerard and his bag. I snatch is and my fumbling hands start searching through the contents. A few bandages but nothing that can help me. There's also a black book, what Gee had earlier. I know he didn't want to show me but he's gone now and I want to know. 

        Inside there is a watercolor painting of a sunset. The sun's rays fade over the zones and a blended arrangement of hues spread on the stationary. There is a total of 5 watercolor sunsets, each one enchanting and beautiful. It's as if they are a real sunset and I'm stuck mesmerized by the colors. There's a pink sky, a red sky, a purple sky, one over a lake, and one with a city skyline. After the 5 paintings in a black and white photograph of Mikey. I look at it again and realize it's not a photograph. It's a drawing of Mikey. I can't believe the realism behind it. Mikey stands on his left leg and his right leg is kicking up at chest level. He's poised and balanced on his toes and his bleached bangs fall over the side of his face and his eyes are squinted. The shadows are unreal and the amount of detail is astounding. The way he shaded in his clothes and the ground. Everything is incredible. Mikey's eyes squint as if he's concentrating and his lips hint at the slightest smile, which is hell of a lot for Mikey. Again, I'm stuck admiring the drawing. Next is another fantastic drawing that looks like a black and white photograph. This time, it's of Ray with his shades and leather on holding his blaster. It's incredible. Gerard drew Ray's gun as if he just pulled the trigger. The way Ray holds it shows he's just getting the kick back and the incredible about of detail showing the bullet blast leaving the barrel of the gun. It makes it seem almost real. Like it's actually illuminating off the paper but it's not. Just Gerard's talent for art. The next one is a sketch of me sitting on top of a counter with my messy black hair and the biggest smile I have ever seen. My eyes are so realistic. Gerard drew every detail, the way I squint my eyes when I grin like that and the reflection of the light. It's utterly insane. I want to touch the sketch but I don't want to ruin his work. I would hate myself for tainting his art. Looking at the drawing, it's almost as if I can hear my own laughter. I have my older converse on instead of my combat boots and a hoodie on that's a little too big for me when I realize why. It's Gerard's hoodie I'm wearing. He drew me wearing his hoodie. My jeans are worn with scraped up knees and frayed cuffs at the ankles. The work is flawless.

        On the back, there's some of his writing. His handwriting is small by flourished in a messy aesthetic manner.

        "If someone is reading this, it means I've died and was unable to come back to destroy it and here you are, reading my famous last words I guess. I'm not writing this because I think I'm going to die. I'm writing this in case I do. The days ahead are full of danger and these next few days, the most dangerous ones. When people find out what we've done, they will ask ourselves why did we risk everything. I'm telling you why. I hope that I'm the only one that suffers and Frank makes it out safe. I am not a perfect person but I don't think I am a bad person. I have made a lot of mistakes and I am sorry to everyone I have hurt. To whoever is reading this, it means I never returned. Hopefully, my death was the only one on the mission. I refuse to believe that anything will happen to Frank. If anyone is getting hurt or killed, it will be me and me alone. Frank. I don't even know where to begin with him. To keep it short, he feels like summertime and he's a heart attack in black hair dye, the broken glass in the morning light, my burning star late at night. None of it makes sense but when I see him, it's the only way to define him. I guess it's impossible to make any sense when trying to explain someone who defies description. I love Frank and I trust him with my life. 
        To whoever is reading this, I hope I can make my last statement clear. Living isn't easy. I learned that the hard way. These last few months have been the worst of my life but I've kept it to myself. I don't want to dwell a lot on it but I've been running from my demons and sooner or later, they catch up to you. They hit me hard and they hit me all at once. It became so overwhelming that something inside me broke. I was falling apart faster than I could catch myself. The bottom line, I was an utter mess and I was so addicted to self-destruction I think more than anything else. There's something very romantic about it. There will always be challenges, some more difficult than others. Some will make you want to just scream out and fall over crying without even knowing why. I come to realize why we Killjoys always say 'keep running'. We don't mean from our demons. We mean to keep running and moving forward, to not get trapped in the past, to never stop fighting. I realize that now. To whoever is reading this, it means I didn't make it back and you have already gone through my work. You have seen my drawings of my team. It's something I've kept in privet but if you're reading this, I guess I can't really hide it since I'm gone. You have seen what my passion is and who I love. I guess my last note on this letter is find your passionate and what you love. No matter how bad it gets, don't give up. Keep running. When all you can think about is the pain and wrongs in your life, think of the rights. The kind people you would have to say goodbye to, the things you love never being able to do again. Never able to hear your favorite song again or feel the rain on your face or take a glimpse of the sun. When there is bad, there is always good that will make it better. We will always be there for you for we are Killjoys after all. We are fighting for art so just draw as if you make no mistake, paint as if the colors are always right, singing as if no one's listening, dance like no one's there, and live as if there is no tomorrow. Just hang in there Killjoys and keep fighting. I am living proof that no matter how bad life gets, it gets better. I am Gerard Way and I survived; you will too."

        Tears stream down my eyes and my hands tremble as I hold his work. My fingers graze against the writing. Oh, Gerard... I love you so much. You told me that and I never got the chance... Slowly, my breathing slows down and my head gives one final spin. As I fall back against the ground, my chest rises and falls quickly breathing shortly. The Exterminator got me, there's nothing I can do about it.



        I stare into the empty space and mutter confused. Where am I? There's a haze over this place. I'm not in the zones, this is somewhere different. I rise up and see a phantom, some skeleton figures with a black and white marching uniform. I don't feel threatened but as it starts moving, I follow it. After a moment, it leads me to a valley and below there is some sort of celebration in the streets, a very goth one, a..Black Parade of some sort. I direct my attention back to the phantom but it's gone. "What the..." I mutter. I glance down at myself. My vest is still blood stained but I have no wounds. I sense a movement behind me so I turn around and bump right into someone. Yelping out and stumbling backwards, I let out a curse as the person catches my arm and he steadies me. I look up relieved and my eyes meet Gerard's. "You good there?" he chuckles.
        I stare up at him in awe then wraps my arms around him tightly and breaking down into a crying mess again. "I am now," I whisper. 
        Party strokes my hair like how he always does. He's back in my arms and I don't know what' happening but I feel like I do understand. Below in the Black Parade, I see two familiar faces. Ray and Mikey are here with us, as well as all the fallen Killjoys from over the years. "Did you miss me?" he asks. "Because I missed you."
        I wipe the tears off my face. "Yes!" I shout, crying happy tears. "Yes, I missed you!" I let out a warm laugh as I cry uncontrollably. 
        "It's okay. Shh shh. Why are you crying?" Gee asks.
        I sigh, still beaming. "I won't explain or say I'm sorry. I can cry if I so desire, Gee. I'm unashamed."
        "You shouldn't cry; instead, give a cheer for who we are." I laugh and hug him tighter.
        "Don't worry," he tells me. "Nothing can stop us. We'll carry on. Believe me."
        I take a step back and rubs my whole face again, then I gaze up at Party Poison grinning, doing my best not to start crying again. "I mean this, I'm okay. Trust me." Gerard smiles brightly. I reach up and lift his mask off of his face and he shoved it out of my hand. As it falls to the ground, he embraces me tightly, our lips crashing together and I feel magic and fireworks bring me to life as if I always have been alive because they were right to say Killjoys never die.

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