Frerard One-Shots

The band My Chemical Romance one-shots compilation of the ship Frerard. Variation through the series.


3. Have You Heard The News That I'm Dead?

        It’s been abnormally warm this week. Usually, it doesn’t get warm until Gerard’s birthday but it was in the 60’s today and I had to go for a walk. So far, today has been a nice Sunday. I got to sleep in and then lie in bed with Gerard enjoying each other’s company and warmth. I love the way he smells, his scent is so comforting and when his arms wrap around my waist, I feel so safe and guarded. Then Gerard said he needed to make a quick stop at his office but he’d be back before lunch and I told him I would go out to enjoy the weather. It’s going to snow a few inches come Tuesday but that’s weather in the Midwest for you. Who knows how long it will be until it’s nice again.

        I met Gerard years ago at a friend's party. My friend Ray also knew this one dude named Mikey and Mikey was a funny guy, the two of us have talked before. Then one party, Mikey brought his brother with Gerard. I could easily tell Gerard didn’t want to be there. He was sitting in the corner of the room by himself not making any conversation and on his phone doing his best to remain invisible. I could also tell he desperately didn’t want to be alone so I joined him on the couch. The two of us were talking about music and laughing until he asked me if I wanted to go with him to the comic book store down the block. Of course, I said yes because I was enjoying our conversations. 
        When the night was coming to a close, I wanted to get to know him more but I took the hint this was a one-time interaction since he said “It was nice talking, thanks for the memories,” as he smiled and waved goodbye. I was a little down that was the end of that. I found Gerard so nice and interesting. He had a lot to say and I wanted to hear all of it. And maybe it was a little gay of me to say I could get lost in his eyes and I adored the way he pursed his lip to the side when he spoke and the way his dark hair fell around his face made him look flawless but whatever. It’s 2017, I can do as I please. Besides, it was no big deal, I just had a good time. Okay, maybe I was a little hurt I didn’t get to talk to him more so I started going to the comic book store more and more in hopes I’d run into him and sure enough, a week later on a Saturday, while sitting in the front reading about these noble heroes known as the Killjoys, Gerard comes in.

        “Frank? Is that you?” he asks. 
        I look up and a smile spreads on my face as my plan to finding him again has worked. “Hi, Gerard,” I say eagerly. “How are you?” 
        “I’m doing good,” he says cocking his head sideways. “You’re reading the Killjoys?” 
        “What? Oh, yeah. They’re pretty cool, you know them?”
        “Yeah, they’re my favorite,” he says with a smile. He opens his mouth to speak but he fails to find his words. 
        “Um,” he stutters. “I-I don’t,” he laughs awkwardly. “Well, it was nice seeing you out of the blue.” He starts heading down to the shelves. 
        “Wait,” I call out. He turns around and raises an eyebrow and a hint of a smirk. “I um, seeing you wasn’t out of the blue. I’ve been coming here every day since the night after the party hoping I’d see you again.” 
        “Oh,” he whispers taken aback. 
        “It’s just, I liked talking to you and was hoping we could some more?”
        Gerard smiles at me so it must be a good sign. If he found me as a creepy stalker, he would have run, not smiled. “I’d like that.” The two of us walked out of the store together and had lunch at some diner down the street. Gerard was just so incredible and we were so deep in conversation, he walked me home and didn’t mind it being late when I invited him in. I made dinner for the two of us and he helped me. I made a comment how I love cooking but I cannot for the life of me making myself pancakes, which sucks because it’s my favorite breakfast. Gerard said he’d buy me frozen pancakes but I laughed and said it’s not the same as homemade pancakes. We ate dinner and then we watched a movie on Netflix he was telling me about: Nonstop. I was trying to follow along with the movie but I was more so freaking out that Gerard half way through rested his head on my shoulder. I tried to keep my cool but I ended up resting my head on his. The movie wasn’t boring it all, but considering it was after midnight when we started it, I understand if he was a little sleepy. My back was becoming sore so as much as I wanted to keep still so he wouldn’t shift away, I had to lie back. But Gerard must have been really out of it because he laid down next to me curling up and snuggling. My heart was beating out of my chest as my brain processed this as really happening and I didn’t care about my feelings getting the better of my choices at this point, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close. Either he didn’t care or didn’t realize that I turned the TV off and threw the blanket on the couch back over the two of us. 
        When I woke up that morning, I was sleeping on the couch by myself and I was very confused. Did Gerard leave in the middle of the night? Am I going to talk to him again? That’s when he comes back in the room. “Gerard?” 
        He smiles at me. “I hope you don’t mind,” he says. 
        “Mind what?” I rub my eyes and give a yawn. 
        “I raided some ingredients in your fridge to make pancakes. I found a recipe and decided why not?”
        “Are you serious?” I ask getting up. I walk over and look at the set table. “Oh my god, you did not.”
        “That a good or bad ‘you did not’?” he asks with a hesitant smile. 
        I look at him happily. “Very good. That was really sweet of you,” I say smiling. I just want to hug him and maybe kiss his gorgeous face but lucky god gave me self-control. Unfortunately, a limited amount. So no, I didn’t kiss him but I was unable to stop myself from glancing down at his lips. 
        Then Gerard gives a smirk. “I take it you’re not hungry for breakfast food, are you?” he says mischievously. I look up at him and feel my cheeks burning, which only proves his point. He starts laughing and I can’t help but turn away embarrassed. “Oh, I’m sorry Frank, I was just joking with you.” I don’t move. “Hey,” he says in a gentle voice, putting a hand on my shoulder “Frank? I was just kidding”
        “I wasn’t,” I respond and I feel him take his hand back. I look at him and he’s confused. “Look, worse case scenario, take it as flattery? I think you’re rather interesting and I like talking to you and sure, the fact that you’re very attractive plays a huge role in it. I like you, a lot.” He doesn’t say anything, just stares at me unmoving with his mouth parted. “Bet you didn’t see that one coming, huh?” He still doesn’t say anything. “Forget it, you can leave if you want. I’m sorry I wasted your time.”
        “No.. no, it’s just. I didn’t expect that?” he says. “Um, like you said, worse case, I take it as flattery? I mean, I don’t really, I don’t know.” He’s tripping over his words. The fact that he is means he’s thinking about what to say. Well, he doesn’t hate me because if he did, he wouldn’t feel the need to carefully word what he says but he doesn’t feel the same way otherwise he would have said so. So I take it he either doesn’t know what to think of me because he’s never been in this situation or he doesn’t know what to feel because he never thought about it. I can handle those two options. I mean, I would have preferred if Gerard took this as an invitation to kiss me or whatever but I’m not going to get mad at him for feelings he can’t control. 
        “Let’s just forget I said anything, okay?” I put on a warm smile. “Thank you for breakfast, it was really sweet of you.” 
        “Yeah, no problem,” he says. The two of us sit down and we eat. I have to say, this is what I meant by pancakes are my favorite food. Gerard and I forgot about the awkwardness and we continued to talk about the stupid things we did in high school but never got caught. He apparently his sophomore year of high school found a janitor key set and used it to access the teacher edition textbooks to get the answers and he also could access the roof. One Friday, he and his friends were running around up there screwing around. And Gerard never got caught. He kept the key set until his senior year then gave it to Mikey to enjoy. The Mikey gave it to one of his underclassmen friends and he’s started some hand-me-down tradition. 
        Gerard told me he works in an old record store and I told him I would go to visit him sometime. He wants to be a composer and I think that would be a great job for him. He took interest in my job as a tattoo artist, which explain my numerous tattoos. Jokingly, I suggested he stop by if he ever wanted a tattoo but I found out he would love to have a tattoo, he’s just deathly afraid of needles. He said if he wasn’t scared, he would be thrilled to get one. That’s when I took some of my gel pens and started drawing on his arm. At first, it was just a doodle but then I ended up created the Killjoy’s Black Widow spider on his arm. He watched me in awe drawing on his skin painlessly and admired it when I finished. 
        By the afternoon, he had to go home because he needed to run a few errands and then he had work tomorrow. He hugged me goodbye and didn’t bring up what I said earlier. I had to ask him if we’d hang out again and he told me he hoped so. Of course, I took his word for it. 
        On Wednesday during my lunch break, I went down the record store and found Gerard idly standing behind the counter. He mentioned how it was usually dead around lunch, meaning he had time to eat something. He was sitting there wearing his ripped jeans and leather jacket and a name tag clipped to the front pocket. “Excuse me, is there a Gerard Way here?”
        He looked up concerned but when he says me, he laughed. “Hey, Frank!" he says excitedly. "I don’t know why my first instinct was to think oh god, the FBI is here for me when the most illegal thing I’ve done is go five over the speed limit,” he says. I laugh out and walk over to the counter “What can I do for you, sir?” he asks. 
        “I'm just stopped by on my lunch break to say hi. You said it’s usually dead around now, which you weren’t lying about,” I say gesturing to the vacant store. 
        “Yeah, hey, I’m sorry about early with the whole…” he trails off and my smile washes away. “It’s just that um…”
        “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. I shouldn’t have brought it up.”
        He looks up at me, his hazel eyes peeking through his long, ebony bangs. “What? No, no I was um. I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything about it.”
        “What do you mean?” He looks down and clearly is struggling to find his words again. “Gerard, you shouldn’t apologize to me about something stupid like that. It’s okay-”
        “Frank, do you still like me?” he asks slightly distressed. “Do you still have feelings and are you still interested in me?”
        I look at him slightly worried. “Um, no,” I say. “It’s fine.” Gerard looks down and nods. “Is that a problem?” I ask. 
        “I don’t want you to tell me what you think I want to hear. I want you to tell me the truth,”
        He looks back up at me and seeing his eyes stare at me manages to dig the truth out. “Yes, I still like you,” I whisper. ashamed. “I’m sorry,” I quickly add. 
        “Don’t be,” he says. “I should have told you upfront that I liked you too.” I start choking suddenly hearing him saying that. “Frank, you okay?” he asks concerned. “Oh god, you want some water?”
        I wave him off and cough out a few times then rubbing my watering eyes. “You-what?”
        “I…you heard me. I can’t say it again. The reason I didn’t say anything is because, I don’t know, I didn’t want to come to terms with it but it’s been bothering me and I just hoped you didn’t change your feelings about me.”
        “Not at all,” I smile. “So...dinner tonight or tomorrow?”
        “Yeah,” he says nodding. 
        I wait. “Yeah to which?”
        “Oh,” he laughs realizing. “Um, either or both.”
        “We can do both.”
        “Really?” he asks, happy like a little kid. “Cool, you pick tonight and I’ll pick tomorrow, deal?” I nod in agreement with a smile plastered on my face.

        We’ve been together these last few years and the only change in our relationship is our love has grown for each other. Gerard started writing music and I love hearing his pieces. He quit the record store a few months ago and now works on his music at an office. He never got over his fear of needles but he buys me gel pen sets so I can draw on him something new every day. I love Gerard more than anything in my life and I don’t know what I would ever do if I lost him. Turns out, I wouldn’t lose him, it was the other way around. 
        I glance at my watch and realize I should probably start heading back to our house now. Gerard will be back shortly and I should start making us lunch. The sun warms my skin and it’s a rather nice day. I wish it was like this more often. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are outside now. They’ve all gone inside somewhere to eat but they’ll be back outside in an hour. Right now, it’s just me enjoying the fresh air on this spontaneous warm day. 
        The back of my hair snags and I cry out in pain as I’m violently yanked back and dragged down a side street. I don’t know what’s happening until I’m against the building in a deserted street with the barrel of a gun pressed against to a back. “Give it to me,” the person says, gripping both my hands behind my head. 
        “Front pocket,” I groan. “Take whatever you want,” I say. They dig their hand in and yank out my wallet before throwing me to the ground. I don’t feel the pain from smacking onto the asphalt when the gun fires. It wasn’t an accident, the attacker meant to pull the trigger. My head hits the ground and I cough out. With double vision and ringing ears, I see them running out of my line of sight. 
        I’m stunned for the most part trying to wrap my head around what happened. I was just mugged and they shot at me. A metallic taste tickles over my tongue. I put two fingers in my mouth and when I pull them out, their red. They didn’t shoot at me, they shot me. Pulling myself up against the building side, I noticed the pool of blood already accumulating. Panic sets in. I’m bleeding, I’m shot, I’m going to die. But then the panic fades away and it’s replaced with dizziness. I am going to die here in this filthy alley. They took my wallet but I still have my phone. 
        I turn it on with shaking hands and tears flooding my eyes. I’m in the middle of nowhere, and I don’t even know where I am. I can call 911 but they’re not going to rescue me in time. I’m going to die and I have minutes. Calling them would be false hope that I can’t afford. Instead, I click on Gerard’s name. “Please pick up, baby,” I murmur and spitting out more blood. It keeps ringing. “Please, pick up. Come on, Gee, answer me.” I start softly crying.
        “Hey, I know I said before lunch but I’m leaving the office now. I’ll be there soon, okay, Frankie?” I hear him. 
        His voice calms me down and I want to burst into tears. “Okay,” I say as I start wheezing. 
        “You home yet?” he asks rustling around. He must be getting in the car. 
        “No, not yet,” I tell him. “I was planning on making lunch, what do you want?”
        “You,” he jokes and I give a weak laugh. ‘Um, phh. Let’s see, I don’t know, we can decide when we get back?”
        “O-okay,” I reply.
        “Is everything okay, baby?”
        “I just,” my voice starts breaking and I can’t stop myself from crying. I’m going to die. “I love you so much, I hope you know that.”
        “I love you too,” he says, “but is everything okay? Did something happen?”
        “You made my life so great, I need you to know that. I don’t know what I would do without and I just, I love you so much. Please don’t ever forget that, no matter what happens, okay?”
        I don’t let him interrupt me. With one hand, I trembling holding the phone in a death grip against my ear, the other hand firmly against the gunshot wound trying to stop the bleeding but it’s all for nothing. “I need you to know that. I love you so much, dammit. You’re going to do great things and you have so much talent. Everyone will love your music, it’ll be the top charts and you’ll be everyone’s idol. You’re so amazing and I love you so so much, Gerard Way.” I hear him breathing heavily on the other line trying to cut me off but I don’t let him. I feel myself running out of time. I’m dying. I know it. “Listen to me, please I beg of you, don’t ever forget I love you…” I start trailing off.
        “Frank, what’s wrong? Answer me, are you crying? Baby, please, you're scaring me."
        “What happened?” he asks. “Frank? Frank!”
        “I’m sorry,” I mumble. “I tried to stop but-I just. I couldn’t do anything and it’s too late now. I’m so so sorry.”  My grip on the phone weakens and I start trailing off, slumping over.

        "What do you mean? Stop what?" His voice is shaking and he's crying down. "Frank, I love you. I love you, please tell me what's wrong? What are you talking? Answer me! Please, baby!"

        "It's too late, please forgive me."

        "Oh my god, what happened?" he cries. "I-I just, need you to tell me what happened. Talk to me, Frankie, come on!"
        My vision darkens as I slide over and Gerard is practically screaming and sobbing my name on the line begging me to talk to him and explain what I mean and if something happened. Someone runs towards me in the alley. “HEY, YOU!” they scream at me. 
        “Frank? Goddammit, answer me,” Gerard hollers. “What the fuck happened? Are you okay?”
        The person runs over to me. “I love you, please remember that,” I whisper into the phone before the stranger grabs hold of me and take the phone out of my hands. 

        My nose is cold and that’s when I remember it’s supposed to get cold again soon but the rest of me isn’t cold. My feet and are, it’s just my nose that’s cold. I find the strength to open my eyes and I find a breathing respiratory over my face delivering oxygen to me directly. I’m in a hospital bed. I look around and see Gerard curled up in the chair next to my bed. His eyes are swollen and cheeks puffy red. His hair’s a fright and I think those are the same clothes he wore on Sunday. I open my mouth to speak but I have no voice. With a shaking hand, I remove the mask from my mouth and let go of it. There’s a clip on my fingers which I guess is monitoring my heart rate. I lie back down and close my eyes to rest. I’m not dead, I hear my own heartbeat. I start messing with the clip on my finger, controlling the frequencies the monitor picks up. Eventually, I take the whole thing off altogether, disconnecting me from the machine. The monitor doesn’t pick up a beat and it makes a steady flat line.
        “No, NO!” I look over and see Gerard frantically waking up and stumbling out of the chair to my side. “Please don’t die,” he mutters.”Don’t die. Frank, oh my god!”
        “Ger-” I have no voice so I can’t speak to him. I cough out trying to clear my throat but it only aches my chest. My lips are moving my I make no sound.
        “Frank?” he asks taking hold of my hand. I fumble with the clip and show him I took it off and I’m still okay. “What?” he asks looking at it, wiping his eyes. I slide my finger back on the clip and the monitor returns my heartbeat. He sighs relieved and sits back. “Don’t do that to me,” he mutters while crying. "Don't scare me like that."
        “Sor-ry,” I croak. 
        He holds onto my hand while wiping his eyes. “When you called me, I didn’t know what was going on. At first, I thought you were leaving me and then I heard someone else on the line and I thought you were cheating on me and I was panicking. Then that person, his name was Bob, he asked if I was 911 and when I said no, he immediately hung up. I was then panicking because why on earth would 911 matter? Then I couldn’t call you back because the line was busy. I got home and you weren’t there. I kept calling you but you didn’t pick up.” He keeps wiping his eyes but more tears come anyway. “Then at 4, the hospital told me you were on life support and… I just lost it. You were shot in an alley and oh god. I couldn’t lose you.”
        I squeeze his hand and start crying myself seeing him so distressed. His eyes are bloodshot red and his lip quivering. “Gee,” I whisper. 
        “You kept saying how much you loved me and I didn’t know what was going on because I kept asking you what happened and you wouldn’t fucking tell me.” He buries his face in the mattress and cries. “You can’t die on me, Frank. You don’t get it. I love you and I need you.”
        “ yo- too,” I wheeze. I gently run my fingers through his hair trying to straighten out his bangs. 
        He looks up at me. “Can I kiss you?” he asks.
        “You don...need t-ask,” I manage. Gerard gingerly meets his lips with mine and I kiss him. I thought I may never get to kiss him again. I thought I was going to die but I didn’t. 
        Gerard pulls away and gently breathes. “I love you so much and I realized that I can’t live without you. I told myself if you woke up, I was going to ask you something,” he whispers. Gerard reaches into his leather jacket and pulls out a small box. 
        The monitor starts beeping faster as my heart rate increases. It speeds up again when he takes out a gold ring. “Gee-” I look up at him in shock. My eyes stare widen into his beautiful hazel eyes and the monitor beeps at a rapid pace. I stare at Gerard and he's on one knee in front of me holding out a ring. He's actually...
        He gives a smile. “I love you, Frank. I realized that I don’t ever want to lose you. I just want to be with you and love you and take care of you. That’s all I want so I ask you, Frank Iero, will you marry me?”
        Tears well up in my eyes but not because of fear or pain. Because of joy this time. I nod my head and Gerard smiles brightly at me. He looks down and takes my hand to gently put the ring on my hand. I look up at him with disbelief laughing crazy unable to stop smiling. Gerard stands up and leans over my face kissing me. As his lips reconnect with mine, all my pain fades away. He embraces me and I feel all my broken pieces falling back into place. I wasn't dying anymore. I was alive and I knew that I was going to be okay, I was going to be better than okay. I was going to be Gerard's husband.

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