Outlander Love Woven In Time

"Shutting the door on the past was the hardest thing I have ever done! You asked me to leave behind everything that every truly mattered to me, and I did. I left behind my heart on the bloody moor in Scotland! I am not going through that again!"

Leaving the past in the past was the headrest thing the Claire has ever done. Her love for Jamie though, never died. Now, upon hearing that he is alive, Claire, prepares to make her journey back to the past which she so long ago shut out.


3. ~ Will Ye Take Me As I Am? ~

{Jamie's P.O.V}

I awoke not long after my fall in a pool of ale and wine. I rubbed the back of my head instinctively and looked around the small shop. In the corner by the window, I saw a women standing with her back to me, looking out to the streets. Could it have been Claire? Or was it all just a dream? I did not know. It was such a shock. And after such a fall as that, it just might have been a figment of my imagination. I stood up and began walking to the door. She turned and looked at me.

"Jamie," she said softly. Her radiating the beauty within her.

I stood there shocked and dumbfounded at the sight of the women I let go twenty years past. But she here, standing before me. "Claire!" I whispered. Running towards me, we embraced tightly. "Your here! Your... your real!" I stammered in slight disbelief  

"Yes. Yes, my love. I'm here. I'm real." She said laying her hand with a kindly touch on me shoulder.

"But how?" I asked with the shock still visible in my voice. It had been so long since I had seen her last, right before marching off to the fields of Culloden. So many things happened. So many new faces came into my life. I had almost forgotten hers. I remember when I was in prison, and later as a indentured servant, I would try so desperately to sketch her on paper. To trace the outlines of her hands. I tried to capture the soft river like ripples of her brown hair. The gleam of her hazel eyes I could never seem to reproduce. For could I encapsulate *Mo nighean dubh? Yet here she stood, gazing at me.

"The moment I found out you were still alive," she said, recalling me to my senses. "I couldn't stay away. I would hate myself for the rest of my life if I did. I love you, Jamie."

"Sassenach, I've missed ye with every fiber of my being. I dinna ken how ye got here, nor do I care. I am so happy to see ye." In the moment, I took in every part of her. She hadn't changed a day. Her hair was still the beautiful rich brown that I recall it always was. Her face was still the same, gentle and kind. I saw her soft brown eyes searching every inch of my face and studying it. Surely, it is I who have been the one to change in appearance. My body I is broken and scared from long battles. My spirit was weak, for could I wish to continue to live after she had left? After that day so long ago, life became empty. A bottomless pit, dark and void, yet filled with sorrow. "Oh Claire," I breathed with a sigh. "Ye dinna know how difficult these past years have been with ye here. How much I longed for your presence, your company. So much has taken place. I don't know where to begin. How do I compress these past twenty years into a few words? What words can I find to tell you how I loved you and how much I still love you? I can't seem to-" Before I could finish, I found her lips pressed against mine. The sweet enrapture of the moment, gave me more joy then I had felt in twenty years. She pulled away, her forehead rest against mine.

"Don't speak. Don't talk." She whispered with her eyes closed. "Let us just be together in each other's arms. I never want to leave your side again. Never."

I pulled her chin up and looked into her eyes. "But will ye take me as I am, forsaking the man that I was?" I asked.

"Of course I will. Now ow and always!" She said leaning in to kiss me again. I pulled her close to me. Closer then I had ever held her before. I could never let her go again. She was mine, and mine she will always be.


* The Gaelic translation for; "My dark haired lass."

Hello Outlander fans,

I want apologize for taking so long to update. I try to take my time writing, because I wanted to make sure to capture the love and emotions of Jamie and Claire. Especially, after they have been apart for long. I hope that you love this chapter, as I put so much time into it.

All the love,

V. Kingsmen

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